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Feed the Fat Rabbit

Sam should just relax. This season is shot before it began. Better for him to heal properly than risk anything for nothing. Staring 0-7 in the face.


    No he needs live reps. That’s the only way he is gonna grow. Get him in week 5 and let him run the offense.

    Feed the Fat Rabbit

    @Anthony You want him out there week 5 if his spleen is still slightly swollen?

    I wouldn’t gamble w/it man. He’s going to grow regardless, and his return is inevitable, but I wouldn’t wanna rush it back for a wasted season.

    Jets look like a 5-11 team, and that’s my optimism and fandom sbowing.

    Gee Andrezzi

    If gase was calling good plays, yea I would say sam could risk coming back week 5 if he’s legit ready. But the way gase calls plays?…………not really. Gase will be setting up sam for failure

    The Home Team NYC

    We’re going to Falk them up in Foxboro. Fickin right! #JetUp #TakeFlight 🛫✈️

Dark Demonik

Gase looks like he wants to go on a rampage…. What a awful hire by the New York Buttfumbles


Just a simple question coming out of WNY via CNY: why does this fellow refer to Sam as 14? Is there some inside baseball here?…seems rather dismissive & disrespectful….

    Genghis Khan

    He randomly chooses between name and number for every player. Not just Sam. I’ve seen interviews where he’s only spoke in numbers


    @Genghis Khan Thanks man; I just thought it was a running joke from camp or something; he’s a different kinda dude! DB

Vibz shop

How is this dude an offensive minded coach, yet we can’t SCORE?🤔 I think he ISN’T our guy.

Vibz shop

I dont think we are winning this year. Gase and Douglas have to rework the OL BEACHUM and WINTERS are awful. Corners are BADDDDD also🙄

    Quis 1on1

    All he has to do is make a OL man a FULLBACK get creative. Last year it worked with Dozier at Full back in help our Running game in Sam out a lot. Be different put Edouga or whatever his name is at Full back so it make 6 OL men and X the TE out in the protecting be better in pass game in run game.

laurence scott

Used car salesman that sells you a lemon and wont return your calls…that’s your coach folks..


    No he loves his job terrible analogy

    laurence scott

    @Eonick he should be selling snake oil

Billy Mark

I hate these NY reporters.

Jon Jonson

The Jets, No quarter back & No coach!!!!!

Nicholas Antonicello

Why does this guy not look at people in the eyes? There is a mental deficiency here that is obvious and disturbing. I feel for these season ticket holders who have invested thousands of dollars for this mess. Is he a better coach then Todd Bowles? No. Is Sam Darnold a franchise quarternack? No. Can the Jets protect the QB or get to the QB on defense? No. Do the Jets have a reliable kicking game? No. Do the Jets have a featured and reliable deep threat? Maybe in Robby Anderson. The whole thing is just a hot mess.

Mike Pelligrino

Gase’s teams are always near the top in penalties. A clear sign of poor coaching.

Mike Pelligrino

Gase is pathetic and Darnold has shown nothing.

Chris Cobach

The good ole cocaine hat tilt

Gary Rahemba

This guy was not good in Miami and has shown NO signs of being good in NY. Most Miami fans say he was predictably conservative. Predictable in offensive alignment and the play is snuffed by defense.

Gary Rahemba

Jets never put together a team of smart players.

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