Adam Gase Press Conference (9/13) | New York Jets | NFL – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Joe Signorino

Why does Gase calls guys by their number it’s a little strange

    Mike Pelligrino

    He doesnt know all their names.

    James Paolini

    How come only us Italians are interested in this LOL

    Joe Signorino

    James Paolini 😂😂


    @Joe Signorino To be honest, Trevor is the kind of guy to be on a first name basis with anyone he’s known for more than 20 minutes. He’s a slow heartbeat kind of guy, but definitely has a knack for collecting pals. He was literally on a first name basis with every reporter here in Denver. Press conferences were just him talking to people, not really answering questions lol.

    Joe Signorino

    MSTRCHIEF143 lol I get it but we’re talking bout the starting qb on the team not some backup special teams player

Trent Sharpe

Gase sucks

Mr Sunn

He does a good job at hiding his eyes.

    Robert Lytch

    Mr Sunn : After all of the noise made about his eyes in the media wouldn’t you ?

Horace Fisher

No quarterback, no offense line, 26 is gonna get killed! 😕

Hiesenberg Walt


Tony Pettit

Gase already looks like he knows the season is , over, and the Jets cursed continues,you can’t see his eyes and his body language looks done ,nothing new for the Jets because they will never be a winning team again let a lone a super bowl team,sorry too say but the truth hurts and I’m a Jets fan since 1981 and they always let me and everyone down


    Next year

Manny Reyes

That on to cover the googly eye is great…The Jets Qb will be amazing and there are literally the only growing threat for the Patriots in that division

    Josiah McCallister

    Bills too

John P OConnell

He will get a pass for this season. So frustrating. Same old Jets. Going to be a long, lost season.

John Telldo

All that talk about gase being a mastermind calling plays, they looked like same old jets. Every year is the same, but I’ll die a jets fan.
There has to be light at the end of the tunnel.
Joe Douglas hopefully will fix it.

Mike Pelligrino

Its unfortunate that he will have excuses for his poor performance.

Jonny Goodrich

I think gase thinks really really high of himself comes off overly confident… I hope he rights the ship asap

Mike Pelligrino

Was he tested for cocaine?


The only reasonable thing to do now is beat the dolphins at their own tank.

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