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Christopher Curtis

Why all the hatred for Gaze, 1st half we were class against the Bills! The Texans did similar against the saints no one’s bitchin at them! 2nd half Darnold showed his inexperience but his options were rarely open, has anyone though of utilising a Full back to give Sam and le’veon more time, space and blocks as our edge protection seams weak. But I’m English so what do I know!


    your comment shows why gase should be criticized. how many passes were blocked from the edge? after one or two blocks if you don’t make an adjustment for this, then yes, that IS bad coaching

    The Home Team NYC

    Only 3 or 4 teams even have a FB on the roster! Love this guy but he needs to take a page out of Rex’s playbook and #GroundAndPound with a 16 point lead moving forward! #JetUp #TakeFlight 🛫✈️


Prayers for Quincy Enunwa man 🙏🏽. Tough break. I met him, he’s a humble cool dude. Get well soon.


    yeah man it’s always messed up when injuries don’t allow a player to reach his full potential. with two neck injuries in a row, i don’t think he’ll play football anymore

    Ronnie Acerra

    Sucks! The N.Y. Jets are cursed. We have another future star’s career cut short by injuries…..We are with you bro but there is life after football. The neck area is nothing to fool around with. You were special!

Big Money Smith Jones

jets 13-3

    Nick Hunter

    Not with our shitty corners

    Daniel Roberts

    In what universe?

    Robert Papalia


    Hiesenberg Walt

    5 wins

    big green

    Not happening

young kobe

Another starter out for the season….sad news….get well Q tough competitor

EG Baby

Love you quince

Nick Hunter

Fire Dowell Loggains please

    Daniel Roberts

    And who would replace him.

    Trey Laynes

    Daniel Roberts literally anyone

    Joe Signorino

    Nick Hunter gase is running the offense dowell is just holding the clipboard

Bear 7453

Never forget the men and women who lost their lives 18 years ago today, RIP.


    He should hav opened up by mentioning that

Jets Fan TV

lol that exchange with Cimini about the kicker situation was gold !

laurence scott

Snake oil salesman


Gase knows the jets should have won that’s why he was so angry after the game. The Bills were lucky to win the game. 6 turnovers and you still win is pure luck.


    4 turnovers, but yeah still agree.


    @MoMoMyPup10 true lol

clash man

The questions i would liked answered, is Adam Gase going to OPEN the offense up this week vs the Browns? Or is he going to keep playing “conservative”? Because the offense looked almost worse then Bates’s offense last year, & that was the whole reason why the jets brought Gase in, was to help Sam Grow & to add a far more electric offense & not the gerbil on the wheel out back type of offense that we’ve seen so far! Is the reason why Gase was so conservative with the play call this past week, because of how crappy the O-Line was playing, as well as the rest of the offense was too or No? Thank you✌


    clash man I’m reading your comment and saying the same about my Browns! At least you guys did not get beat by 30! You guys have a young team too! Good luck Monday to you guys.

    clash man

    @TDKDSD thanks, the same to you guys as well too.

    Moritmer Moriardi

    i like the way john morton called plays he showed no team respect and went at them! he did great with a unit people said would not score a touchdown all year! and the god damn jets fired him!


Mad love Q 🙏🏾🙏🏾


It looks like Chris Johnson probably reprimanded Gase to play nice to the press😃😁😋

Matt N

Gase. You are pathetic along with your resume….

MacDonald Grazette

At this point we know what they can do .Jets are not thinking..The first 6 weeks they will have these injuries and losses..Classroom and no physical contact..

Matt C

Browns fan here. Good luck guys, even though I hope we clap your asscheeks to get the stink of the Titans game off this team. Sucks about Quincy. Hell of a player.

Moritmer Moriardi

mike mccarthy would have won that game! the god damn jets/same ole jets!


If the Jets can’t beat Cleveland this Sunday then season is a disaster.

Nicholas Antonicello

Boy is this team in trouble Monday night. There is something wrong with this guy. The hat over the eyes, the body language, the weird voice. It’s just scary how quickly they are off the rails. How does a guy who never played at the college level become a head coach? It’s just scary how bad they truly are. They were exposed by a bad team on Sunday. So other then beating the Dolphins twice, who are they going to beat on this schedule?

Chris Cobach

How does bell’s shoulder go from being ok Wednesday to no practice and MRI Thursday?

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