Adam Gase Film Breakdown: “Le’Veon Bell Is A Tough Guy To Bring Down” | New York Jets | NFL – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Jennysue - Miss Kitty NY Reply

Good Morning

Sean Johnson Reply

1 view. Ha go jets

Shawn101 Yeet Reply

Can I get reply I’m a huge fab

Shawn101 Yeet Reply


Nick Hunter Reply

Typical jets. Lead for the entire game and completely blow it in the 4th quarter. Being a fan of this team is beyond frustrating.

    Dark Demonik Reply

    Same they are a huge joke

    Milla S Reply

    Thn hop on to another team🤷🏽‍♂️

    Dark Demonik Reply

    @Milla S hop into the kitchen

Patrick Cardoso Reply

a ton of things went wrong, but if Sam hits that deep ball its 1-0

    Tom Rosenthal Reply

    Got to make that play Wtf Sam

    Hmmm What a flex Reply

    Tom Rosenthal it wasn’t necessarily sams fault. Robby tripped on his route. They probably ran that play a bunch of times in practice so he put it where he always does. If Robby doesn’t stumble we win

    SaintNick71 Reply

    Anderson is just a JAG. We need better WR’s.

    Sal Siegel Reply

    Tom Rosenthal thought same thing but i saw Robby trip up after watching the film

Redman Reply

Gase is a solid coach in the classroom and in practice. However, Gase can’t adjust during the game. Peyton Manning adjusted during games which made Gase appear competent.

    janice ginexi Reply

    Redman ,,,,,3rd and 1 and you got the best running back in the nfl and you throw deep ? Wtf? ,,,,,my take on this offense was , this is going to be the best 3rd down conversion team in the league , flush it .

    MoMoMyPup10 Reply

    If Sam hits Robby on that play the town would be singing a different tune. It’s also tough to expect Gase to make ice cream out of Maccagnan’s manure. Time shall tell. It’s one game. Now without Darnold and Mosley it’s just survival.

    Redman Reply


    What did Gase accomplish in Miami??? He spent multiple seasons as Miami’s head coach and he didn’t accomplish anything. What makes you believe he’s going to change now? A tiger doesn’t change his stripes.

    MoMoMyPup10 Reply

    @Redman nothing. If you gave up on a coach possibly learning and succeeding Belichick wouldn’t have 6 rings.

    Redman Reply


    The Jets don’t have time for a coach to learn because the Jets haven’t been to the playoffs in 10 plus seasons. That’s not fair to the fans, especially season ticket holders. 🤑🤑

Ramone Hill Reply

Let Sam audible when he gets back lol

arjl880 Reply

I think if he gives Sam more freedom during games, like he did with Peyton in Denver, we’ll be okay. A smart QB can make adjustments and bailout a bad play call

    bkjetsfan1 Reply

    Hey get out of here!

Aaron Brady69 Reply

im a dolphins fan but im an Adam Gase fan so i watch everything he does lol.

    Sports Fan Reply

    Aaron Brady69 remember 59-10

Quis 1on1 Reply

I feel like nobody gives credit to Henry Anderson on that defense people don’t see the double teams in gaps he opens up for other players to get easy pass rush mobility. Without Henry on that DL that Pass Rush is garbage. Another thing we need start doing is put a TE or RB as a spy blocker that’s why we got extra men freeing up on us sacking QB. stop pushing your RB and TE both downfield all time cause then you give the Defense a extra blitzer. Please just let meeeeeee take over playbook oh god smh coaches these days are worst coaching then normal people on street.

    Quis 1on1 Reply

    @janice ginexi I agree he did cost us the game but he is a awesome pass rusher. Like literally when they sub him out on DL I shake my head off cause I already know the other team going have all day to throw in there about complete for some big yards. I feel Henry has to stop hitting QB late i know he wants get hits in all but its going cost us games. He got away with another penalty when he went low on Josh Allen legs I’m like dude come on now lucky refs didn’t call it.

Horace Fisher Reply

One trick pony gonna get Bell killed! Have mercy trade him!

    2GUYS1GUN Reply

    What do you mean

    Horace Fisher Reply

    Now defense is going to play the run not giving any respect to any type of passing game, Bell is good but he’s not SUPERMAN

The Home Team NYC Reply

Robby had a few bad plays, Maye dropped a pic and Gase is anti #GroundAndPound or that game was a W. Probably will learn from that and be forced to do it late Monday night with the lead!

    HIGH-CLASS .5 & SCALE Reply

    The Home Team NYC that last play Sam overthrew that pass for a remarkable GW touchdown & that pissed me off & now he sick …he single handily fucked our season up

    janice ginexi Reply

    The Home Team NYC ,,,, sorry but I didn’t see any bad plays from Robbie Anderson , matter of fact he made an outstanding catch over the middle and taking a hard shot without dropping the ball .

    The Home Team NYC Reply

    You two should watch the tape. Kid played a heck of a game with mono. He had a few bad throws, but everyone had a few bad plays if no W basically. That’s last week though, Monday is coming fast! #JetUp #TakeFlight 🛫✈️

Benz Holmes Reply

Dont fkn wait til the end of the game to throw 10 yards down the field wtf … smh too much dink & dunk

    janice ginexi Reply

    Benz Holmes ,,,, yes , even though buffaloes Dline did a great job pressuring Sam , he should’ve went deep and wasted a pitch or 2 .


They still getting there pay check..simply tough day at work..The fans are upset. .players well tough day at work…are we gettin our checks day early since it’s a holiday 😂😂..

Marist Old Boys Reply

That final, missed TD was on Robby. Seen him make more difficult catches before. He could have concentrated bit more, stretched out and plucked it. Football is a game of inches on any given Sunday.

K T Reply

Fire him now. Please.

Robert Lytch Reply

Hey Gase offensive genius how about throwing a pass down field on first down ! I mean you do know that you can do that !


Sam had to hit robby on that throw perfect protection watching it again drives me nuts

explore 2580 Reply

just run the ball and play good d..jets can do something….but they must feed the hell out of bell…i would….bell is amazing…

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