Adam Gase Discusses the Jets’ QB Situation, Joe Douglas, & More | Eagles on the Phone – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Loyal Philly fan

Eagles gonna win 35-9. I feel this is the game our defense really starts to get its 2017 groove back. Fly eagles fly

Teo Strong

Gonna be an eagles dub whoever plays


One of the weirdest coaches of all time

    Matthew Fox

    He looks like Ricky Bobby with his hands he doesn’t know what to do with them.

Matthew Fox

This man is Ricky Bobby with his hands 😂

Chris Cobach

Crazy eyes leave some blow for the rest of us

Chris Cobach

“27 games with a backup qb” that’s a built in excuse for his career record of 23-29.

    Alex Smith

    @Chris Cobach Ok, but who is a really good coach then?

    Chris Cobach

    Alex Smith Doug pederson out coached the greatest coach of all time and won a SB with a “backup”. Adam gase is chip kelly 2.0.

    Alex Smith

    @Chris Cobach Eagles are my team or I wouldn’t be here, but why did you quote backup? Nick Foles was seen as a backup everywhere but Philly.
    And I just really don’t feel the need to trash everybody over every little thing. There’s propaganda on every person for every side, so it’s really ridiculous to look at things like “he’s a horrible coach” for having a slightly below .500 record for coaching the Dolphins and Jets. Name a coach that would take either to the playoffs for either of the rosters he’s coached.

    northdakota momma

    @Alex Smith Foles was a back-up in Philly, there was never a question that Carson was the leader of the Eagles. Looks like Foles lost his job to the rookie Gardner Minshew so will be a back up again. Sorry but Foles is not a starting QB.

Angry Birdz

I actually hope Darnold plays. I want our defense to keep being tested instead of being passive.

    MICOLE WHYTE#Oneplus6T, A20, LG G6

    Tested? Sam darnold’s not even that good

Lauren Libou

Giants still same hometown with jets played practice camp park New Jersey

steven lowe

Adam Gase destroys every team he goes too…. He trashed Chi, Mia, and now NYCJ. SMFH

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