Aaron Rodgers Throws First TD of 2019 Season – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

When you realize you traded up to get Trubisky when you could’ve waited and got Mahomes😓

    Ravenlife 1372


    Ravenlife 1372

    I would fire my scouts


    I got Mahomes 😃

Aaron Rodgers #12Hunnit #Clutch #2019MVP #GoPackGo

Our secondary looking nice af ain’t even gonna cap, we just gotta pass the ball and get it out quick running ain’t working


    You never used to say cap

    Myles Garrett

    Aaron Rodgers #12Hunnit #Clutch #2019MVP #GoPackGo I think he’d be a better 3 tech tho but hey dont force the rook

    Yo Yo

    Shadow9220 doesn’t matter who’s throwing the ball cause the DB’s have the receivers well covered

    Ex- Men

    Yo Yo Bears offense isn’t that good though


*jimmy graham catches first touchdown of the year

    Larry Legend is a GOAT

    @MRTUPAC 28 you’re a strange guy. That’s all I van reay say

    MRTUPAC 28

    @Larry Legend is a GOAT 😂😂 you as well and I remember talking to you last season about some games. You’ll see and hear from me again.

    Spider Man

    @MRTUPAC 28 I won more and went more. I might have lost but I came back with a vengence. Also the superbowl is not the only game lol. Way more conference appearances. Stats are better. What more could you ask for.

    MRTUPAC 28

    @Spider Man You still lost so let that sink in.

Ka Kjj

How quickly they forgot how good Rodgers is

    Brady Krueger

    thedarkemissary clearly you don’t know who davante Adams is.

    Ex- Men

    thedarkemissary Lies


    @True Colors Just making sure everybody understands that was all Rodgers. He stitched together the ball, threw it and caught it. He has absolutely no help and never had and never will have help. He is making these garbage receivers look like superstars all on his own. He is scoring, and winning in spite of his defense.

    So at the end of the season, if he loses, it’s also *ALL* him. Cause if he’s winning now with “no help,” he sure ain’t losing later *BECAUSE* of “no help.” I just wanted to make that clear, cause I don’t want to hear “no help” or “no defense” or “bad coach” bullshit later. If he gets *ALL* the credit for this TD, then it’s clear right now that he don’t need nobody. He can win all on his own.

    Dre Pryor

    Rogers play horrible dude holds the ball way to long and how many times did he throw in the dirt on out routes he lost it

    pablo rios

    Cost 1 bad season

Nehemiah Howard

Nbc gotta chill with these weird camera angles😤😤

    Nehemiah Howard

    @Savage Brick Sports oh dang its the actual channel love your vids bro


    Jordan bruh there’s always one of you Skycammers lurking in the YouTube comments. They test ran a game with skycam the other year (Titans vs Steelers) and, news flash, it’s disgusting! Lmao

    Nehemiah Howard

    @EveryDaffodil53 Like if i wanted skycam i’d play madden lmao


    Nehemiah Howard hell yea, I was watching the game and I couldn’t even see where the ball was going.

Yo Yo

Wanna read a funny joke?

Dakota Prescott believes he’s a $40 million a year quarterback when he can’t even hit wide open receivers and can’t make accurate passes that exceed 20 yards

    Jack Trippin777

    That’s not a funny joke that’s just…a lie🤔

    Americas Team Best in the NFL #DC4L

    Yo Yo Wanna hear a funny joke?

    Your opinion is irrelevant


    @Yo Yo You can in fact have Dak and good in the same sentence. It just wouldn’t be describing him!🤣
    In all seriousness though, he’s okay, but I would rather have Trubisky than him.

    Americas Team Best in the NFL #DC4L

    me Your joking right?

Loyal Philly fan

People were talking about the packers not being able to move the ball early but the bears offense ain’t doing much either

    RC RACER 88

    @Simple X. yes you are if you are too stupid to understand that i am right


    @RC RACER 88 L

    RC RACER 88

    @AGK927 takes no skill when its rigged you imbred moron


    Bears havent been known for having an offense in years

Xhale Avise

Only ogs now this was uploaded 40 min ago


    Ogs *know how to correct themselves too 🙃

シB O I

Finally football season is here

Zeter Pwegat

Wow, strong catch by Jimmy, Looks like rodgers trust him


    What does this video have to do with nike? This isnt basketball


    AGK927 bruh he meant like


    AGK927 also u know Nike makes stuff for all sports right lmao

    Tyler G

    Zeter Pwegat he wasnt even throwing it to him lmao

    Goku Black

    N i k e

28bLaK Music

Better catch than throw lmao….Rodgers is ok


    @oTaco he got the W right? so stfu 🤡 lol.


    @oTaco he didnt even play the whole preseason. Dude rusty asf tho and when he get his rhythm back, dude is killing

    Dre Pryor

    This was a horrible performance from Rodgers hopefully he plays better throughout the year

    Treefrog Johnson

    @Dre Pryor Didnt play pre season and played against the Bears defense in Chicago.

S.D. H

And sadly that will be the only touchdown for both these teams. I’m calling it


    Nostradamus! Ugly win but we’ll take it


    S.D. H you were right

    The Breacher

    An old school defensive showdown, nothing wrong with that!

    S.D. H

    The Breacher hell yea. Defense wins games 💪🏾

    Sean Fulmer

    Wow that’s crazy

Benji B.

Not a Packer, but I wouldn’t mind seeing AR put that stone on his finger

Nur Ariesta

🔴 Live now here 👉 « telegra.ph/Green-Bay-vs-Chicago–USA-NFL-09-06 »


Congrats to Green Bay for the first win of the season.

    Antonio Griezmann

    Thanks, man!

    The Breacher

    @RC RACER 88 Rigged? There were plenty of phantom penalties that gave the Bears opportunities that they couldn’t capitalize on, it really came down to who could get the most stops on defense

    da'ved velazquez

    Congratulations to Washington
    Being 1-0
    Cause philly going down next

    Tim Jong Un

    X_FlySuperEaglesFly92_X First of there 5 more wins

    RC RACER 88

    @The Breacher
    1 rodgers intentional grounding no call

    2 trubisky 50 yard bomb obvious bs offense pass interference

    3 bad pi call on bears


Green Bay Packers clinch NFC North after week 1 win

    pablo rios


    Diego Alvardo

    @edgar torres Wow 202 yards 1 td 38QBr yeah no that wasnt a good game for rodgers

    edgar torres

    @Diego Alvardo 1#defense vs Rodgers and won what about Wentz , he’s made of paper because he always is injured

    Diego Alvardo

    @edgar torres Brady hung up 38 on that same defense


I think alittle more emphasis on preseason for starters next year 🤷‍♂️🤪

Brian Scalabrine

This Bear team would be scary… If they had a good QB

Daniel Rodriguez

In the 2nd quarter ⁉️😂
Ezekiel Elliott:hold my beer 🍺


The GOAT Aaron Rodgers back to work. 🐐🐐🐐🐐

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