Aaron Rodgers Throws 2 TDs for 2-0 Record | NFL 2019 Highlights – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Grant Phipps-Miller

Arod though

CGM Rugrat


Kevin Pawl

Kermet won the position over Ryan Fitzpatrick! Ryan has moved to Ireland!

Kevin Pawl

Kermet the frog just ate another frog! He is a canable!

Demarcus Curry


Jay Scott

Are u ready for some fooooootbaaaallllll!!!!!!!!

Sam Co

Packers O in the first half: Destroys Vikings

Packers O in the second half: Imma head out now


    @Cj Williams not gonna count those 12 seconds of 2nd quater it took to get it to 21?

    Tony Preston

    Still got the win tho

    Isaias Gonzalez Noguez

    That’s because the defense adjust


    @Tony Preston yep, Packers got a W, Kirk got an L, but the Vikings are still undefeated. Only Kirk lost that game.

Tony Preston

Hey Vikings fans, if you want to cry about the refs, how about not going down 21-0 to start the game and expect to win.

    Cj Williams

    Everyone knows the refs are typically sorry.
    I put the blame on Kirk Cousins and Stufanski.

    Zachary Valentine

    Woulda won if they didn’t take the Td away

    Sergeant Poppins

    @Zachary Valentine no they wouldn’t have


    @Sergeant Poppins Wtf are you tripping on? Yes, they would have. Would be 14-21, Diggs wouldn’t have been so frustrated and wouldn’t have ripped his helmet off like that, 21-21. And the way the game was heading, Vikings would have 100% won that game. Packers offended suck for 44 minutes straight.


I broke my TV on Twitter @Saturn_Wagner1 go retweet if you hate the refs

    Tenno Tube2

    I’m a Vikings fan but jeez that’s too much

Rowan Fernsler

Did his highlights just disappear for the 2nd, 3rd, and most of the 4th quarter or something


    Rowan Fernsler nah they just didn’t show it mostly because the Vikings started to have longer drives and Rodgers was going to have a bit more but Allison fumbled the ball and so did Rodgers each once


Kirk cousin’s is not worth 80 millions lol. I’m a loyal vikes fan too.

    Foe Moe Years

    He’s traaaaaaaash!!

    because reasons

    @Foe Moe Years Cousins is worth every penny, he had every packer fan sweating.

    GrayThe Dill

    GarbageDanks yeah I’m a packers fan and I think teddy or even case Keenum had a better chance for 80 mil than cousins and tbh y’all would be top tier contenders if u guys had a QB who’s kryptonite is teams with winning record

    Val's Whitewolf Media

    Like our Pack quarterback but do not believe anyone is worth millions there are so many Americans in poverty.


Why did we give up on Keenum? He deserved a longer tenure, did he not?


    I’d assume because the guy he succeeded with got the HC job with the Giants. But still, I get what u mean

Hector Rodriguez

The Packers were winning all right but I got so nervous and a second-half the Packers offense in the score more touchdowns while the defense takes care of business

Parker B

Packers win the north- from a raiders fan

Edit: of course ima pack fan #gopackgo #thenorthisours

    Javier Hernandez

    Parker B no surprise there

David Jackson Jr.

Packers Did Very Well Today I Can’t Wait For The 49ers To Face Them

Demonta Seward

Smoked them vikes😌we run the north go packers💛

tae johnson

Just wait till the Packers offense click on all cylinders. Already showed a glimpse of how explosive it can be. Started last week with that 4 play 70 something yard drive in 95 sec against the best defense in the NFL and was able to explode here against another good defense. Still a work in progress though gonna be growing pains for a little while.


I know all teams do it but those TD dances are embarrassing.

Craig Gambles

What else is there to to do in Green Bay, Wisconsin..ya know…other than getting drunk?

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