Aaron Rodgers thinks Lions will be a good test for the Packers – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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This feels like 2010 all over again I sure wish we win the Superbowl this year GOPACKGO

    videogame beer Reply

    Go lions go

    Packersfan 12 Reply

    Our receivers are not as deep and talented as in 2010

    Packersfan 12 Reply

    @zamfambam 2010 teams is way better

    Jason Patterson Reply

    @Ricco Patterson Detroit vs the world!!!!!

zamfambam Reply

At this point we’re playing for home field advantage throughout playoffs, on our way to the SB!!!! #LambeauField#Noonewillbeatus

    Delusion is an Illusion Reply

    Yeah boyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    Adam Albright Reply

    It’s still early guys let’s not get over confident, but I am loving our team more so than any other years past. Go Pack Go

    Andra Glenn Reply

    Lol… nah

    efogg3 Reply

    lol ok.

    Miguel López Reply

    You’re right if we didn’t have all these damn injuries!

Deborah F. Reply

Really love listening to Aaron’s interviews! He seems really happy with so many aspects of this team! Great to hear!

Trouty Mctroutface Reply


    Kevin Rogge Reply

    Trouty Mctroutface just hope he can start hitting some of these deep throws. Idk if it’s timing with young guys or Rodgers just under throwing them

Brandi Lewis Reply

It’s 2019 and I cannot hear the question being asked.

    Cris Reply

    They need to have a mic of their own or get closer to it

    Kevin Rogge Reply

    Turn subtitles on 🙂

    Kevin Rogge Reply

    Or captions as YouTube puts it

    my_name_is_desh! Reply

    turn on subtitles

    Jay M Reply

    Turn on subtitles 😂

Jr nu mex Reply

a “can’t hear the question” vid

mrkeitt Reply

I just read he’s on the injury report with a knee issue 😞 We need you healthy AR12 🙏🏾 #GoPackGo

    Carnivore For the animals Reply

    @Chad Fletcher he is still a better man than you.

    Joe’s Glasses Reply

    Chad Fletcher your name is chad LMAO stfu

    Joe’s Glasses Reply

    Not serious bro most likeky a inner bruise or soreness

    Aaron Beyer Reply

    My knee!

TehDK Reply

When I say “this is a good team,” I’m not explicitly talking about what we see on the field.

    Thomas Pick Reply

    TehDK A team sport. Players must get along together and cooperate. Anybody who does not trust others, or not want to be here, get rid of them immediately. Ha Ha, #88. Also, a bad attitude, poisonous in the locker room, bad comments, get rid of them immediately. Demarious Randall, that guy they sent to Cleveland. A first round pick, but not good for people around him. The Lions have won the last 4 meetings. They are a good team. Best wishes for success Monday. Enjoy the game and be good sportsmen.

    Casey Wolff Reply

    Yall lost to eagles after we beat them lol yall done

    Carnivore For the animals Reply

    @Casey Wolff “we” lol you didn’t do anything but sit on your couch eating doritos.

    Dakobah20 Reply

    @Casey Wolff ok champ lets see if “we” can win the nfc north first. Sit down

Austin Voshall Reply

How can someone be so good at interviews

Djordje Petrovic Reply

4 straight losses vs Lions. We have to stop that streak on Monday

    Layth Alkahbi Reply

    And we gone make it 5 thats go detroit

    Jellysun Reply

    Nah. The lions are gonna destroy you lmao. I can’t wait till Monday. One pride

    Richard Trudeau Reply

    Djordje Petrovic Beat the Lions like a Drum and Do a.Couplenof Cheap Plays like Lions have the last Couple of Meetings

M H.G. Reply


    M H.G. Reply

    @guap1994 FTP

Don Bur Reply

LIONS fan here may the best team win hope for a good clean game without the refs determining the outcome!! DVE

    Urban Self Sufficiency Reply

    You too, man. All the best. GPG

    Duncan Darnell Reply


    Don Bur Reply

    @Duncan Darnell lol wow

Christopher Oslund Reply

The lions have had are number past couple years plus there playing pretty good this year

David Wright Reply

Stafford better then Rodgers especially this year Stafford stats wayyy better

    Overton Jones Reply

    But he falters vs Packers but if you have faith in the lions and a man who has never won a playoff game and has been in the league for 10+ years GOD Bless you oh and btw he has only had three playoff appearances and this was with Calvin Johnson and this fat face couldn’t do anything better

    The Philosophical Phil Swift Reply

    2 int for padd 1 for mr. Rodgers

guap1994 Reply

Def can go 2-0 against lions and raiders and then try and get a huge W over at arrowhead

    Darren Kastl Reply

    Lol! That’s alot of ifs for your dream to come true! Lol!

HeightenedZone Reply

I Think We Can Win The Division, And Ultimately, The Superbowl.

    Darren Kastl Reply

    So glad your a Lions fan! I thaught we all disappeared!!!! Lol!

Benziz 200 Reply

On Sunday** Aaron Rodgers scrambling left off his back foot heaves it into the air. Hail Mary!! Hail Mary!! Packers win it!

The2kgod 313 Reply

Lions fan here mad respect to what y’all doing this good luck Monday hopefully the refs don’t ruin another between staff and arod ✊🏾💯

truthseeker89 for life Reply

Im hoping we beat the packers very badly Monday im pissed we lost to the chiefs hopefully our players are to

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