Aaron Rodgers returns for 16th season in Green Bay | Packers Daily – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Kayden Karr


Mr. Booby Buyer

Snow pack snow



Ehh Makaio

Can’t way for this season

Jayvionne bogan

Gopacksgo 💚💛💚💛💚💛💚💛💚💛

Garrett Jacob

What is the host wearing a mask? He is old enough. He needs more oxygen. Save that guy.

Zion’s gaming Channel

Let’s go arod!!!!💚💛

Big B

I miss football 😢

    Hector Rodriguez

    Me too we need football since the NBA NHL and MLB are playing we need this for so all of us in this world can get our minds off from the coronavirus and racism

Pinguu D


Gustaf Gardtman

Great news. Go pack go!

jorge de zamakona

The head coach is a disaster and so is the g.m. pair of amateurs who will ruin the pack. They had soft schedule last year not this one the offense numbers were down. Look how Tennessee improved when he left.

    Lil L

    First year in the system and one game from the super bowl I’d say that’s not too shabby

    jorge de zamakona

    @Lil L No shabby for a soft schedule things change this year when they meet division Champs Rams did the same the year by with their “genious”coac when schedule got tough they didn’t even made playoffs. Rodgers look mundane and got no help from these morons in the draft.
    We’ll wait and see, won’t we.

Hector Molina

Yes yes let’s go pack i love you Aaron Rodgers

    Eric S


    Hector Molina

    Eric S what

Nikola Djukanovic

I hate our GM.


Why are you wearing a mask when making these videos?
I love GBP.
Wearing the mask when filming is a little over the top.
Go Green Bay

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