Aaron Rodgers on Week 2 adaptations: ‘We have to run the ball more effectively’ – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Aaron have my babies

    The British American

    Gaga Zaric he’s probably a salty bears fan😂

    Turkey Serpent

    Aaron is literally gay. Everyone seems to forget that a few years ago his ex lover came out publicly bashing the way Aaron treated him. (Which was to ignore him and act like he didnt know him) since then he has these fake “relationships” that dont even exist with various celebs.

Devin Cheatham

Ok I see you… So we sike’m out with them loading up the box while we throw the ball down their throats, then when they back up we run it down their throats. Nice one

Gaga Zaric

Aaron for a while doesnt look him old self,wondering is it going to continue


    None of it has to do with him having a broken bone in his leg all last year, or playing in a new offense this year or anything. 😉

    Gaga Zaric

    @BrettGB no excuses

    mi gusta

    @Gaga Zaric a messed up leg is not an excuse, try throwing a ball with a beat up leg


    @mi gusta I know, right? Frankly, I think he should be commended that he played as well as he did, not put down because “it wasn’t to his standard”. Because OF COURSE it wasn’t. People need to have some sort of patience.

    Mr. Vice President

    @Gaga Zaric you’ve obviously never played in sports if you think an injury isn’t going to effect your performance

Eddie Black

I say we push for Trevor Lawrence Rodgers is done he is washed up. He seems to think that it is easier for his wideouts to catch with their feet….he has looked awful for 2 years.

    Sebastian Diego

    There are bad takes, then there are real bad takes. This one takes the cake

    mi gusta

    @Eddie Black you’re talking about 1 throw in a game they won?? haha

    Eddie Black

    Im talking about a few throws from this year and a buch of throws from last year.

    william clementi

    That is completely false. Wtf are you thinking. Aaron rodgers playing injured most of the year still threw 25 touchdowns with 2 pics. He is still a top 3 qb in the league and arguably the best of all time


Nobody really knows the situation better than Rogers…He speaks from experience and wisdom, along with a positive hope for excellent play from the team! He is being realistic based upon what he knows about his team. Appreciate that! Enjoy his leadership on this team, enjoy his play while he is here!


People swear Us packer fans just want Aaron to throw 54 times and score 7 touchdowns. I mean it’s fun to watch but we much rather us run the ball and play defense. So many rings we could of had if we would of had a run game and defense


    If we would have just had a defense Mccarthy would have had 3 more rings and everyone would stop pretending he was a bad coach . I think everyone forgets how effective our running game was with Grant then Lacy and Starks . The lack of a running game has been since those guys left here . Mccarthy always used the running game later in the season but he did use it and he was successful . Lacy won rookie of the year because he was still in shape from the combine and Mccarthy used him . How he was about not using rookies later in his career was hard to take but you can’t blame him . The interview Brady Poppinga gave about the day he was cut is 100% the blame . Thompson was telling people he wasnt planning on signing good defense because “they planned to just outscore people” . Thompson went nuts after he had a stroke ! Blame that but it wasnt Mccarthys fault he had no talent ! He got teams that had no business deep into the playoffs time and time again and he is one of the best head coaches the Packers ever had !


    jesusoftheapes I agree it was Thompson who snow ball this but mike ain’t been the same since 2014 I feel like. The plays got kinda stale it felt like Aaron was just carrying us. He kinda just gave up in my opinion and the whole team Kinda knew , mike could fit in another organization but The packers out grew him.

Lamajay Williams

let’s go packers🏈

Steve mayo

Focus has been questionable!!

David Rodriguez

In Aaron we trust expect big game from offense Pack win 34 to 21


Corey Linsley and Billy Turner we’re getting eaten up like chew toys last week dog. What was up with that 😂

    JM T3

    They weren’t ready obviously. No worries, they’ll be better

    Aerport Wave II

    JM T3 And Linsley is usually pretty good


    Aerport Wave II I know but i rewatched most of those sacks and was wondering who was allowing all those sacks and hurried on Rodgers and it was almost all Turner and Linsley getting overpowered by those behemoth D Linemen I was like damn Chicago is physical as hell

TyRanT SoLDieR

I don’t buy it Aaron Rodgers. He’ll continue to miss wide open receivers. Always looking for a big pass play to help his qbr to be higher. Hence, why I always say he plays for stats.

    jahiem jenkins

    But he doesn’t fake fan

    TyRanT SoLDieR

    @jahiem jenkins
    I’m a Packers fan. I’m not a Aaron Rodgers fan. Haven’t been since he won his first Superbowl.

brayden finch

20 min interview woooooo!

Aniello Angrisano

Go Pack Go! Bring the Lombardi Trophy back home. 🧀🧀🧀🧀

Clint Greene

Talking about JK Scott, I thought last year Ron Zook looked like he was pressuring Scott waaay too much, like he was coaching to not lose his job, rather than coaching to win. It sounds like they just let Scott do his thing this year, and that has been much more successful.

Desharn Benjamin


stéphane A

So he put the blame on the run aspect now since his defense is better?

Zack Upchurch

We going 12-4 and making it to the nfc championship at least


you have to get the ball out of your hands quicker.
LOved what he said about Marcedes. i hope we can get him a SB and an expanded role cause hes a good dude and a great example of a football player.
“kept each other sane” lol shot at mccarthy

Sarah Pfarr

Go 💛pack🏈go💚 all the way

Penny Williams

This is OUR year! GO PACK GO!💚💛💚💛💚💛

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