Aaron Rodgers on the 2019 Packers: ‘It is a different vibe’ – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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JBeastGaming2018 Reply

This is looking great. I feel good about the Packers moving forward. It may take a while for the offense to gel but til then, the defense can help us win games.

    Julien Alexander Reply

    @stephen batchelor yup!
    Now imagine if we had that defense the past 9 years? Smh

    Jabren Harris Reply

    @Julien Alexander u mean 8 years. 2010 defense was top 10

    Julien Alexander Reply

    @Jabren Harris its damn near 2020 so essentially 9… same difference lol 🤦🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️

    Jabren Harris Reply

    @Julien Alexander No it’s not 2010 our defense wasnt bad. The next season 2011 that’s when our defense started to decline due to injury and career ending injuries

    Julien Alexander Reply

    @Jabren Harris i was saying the defense we have now, imagine if we had that past 9 years but yeah i guess if you want to be technical, our defense did start to decline in 2011 but our offense was so prolific that year you overlook it. So, yeah i know.

Ainz Ooal Pwn 229 Reply

Hell yeah. Sick pass to Marquez 🔥🔥

3lement2010 Reply

Not gonna lie I was one of the fans that were confused and a little upset we picked LaFleur as our head coach AND spent a lot on both the Smith’s, but it’s all starting to pay off. Offense needs some work and run defense, but I’m loving this new look so far.

    Dylan O Reply

    Awesome how it has turned out so far. The Smith pickups are certainly worth every penny so far. Game changers.

    Nick Reply

    Defense has a swagger and forming and identity but the offense is stagnant and kinda underwhelming. I enjoy watching the defense way more than the offense now.

    AlmightyyPack 1 Reply

    Nick that’s what we were lacking in the past years.. now we got it all . Size , speed , physically , and swagger

    beruckoo Reply

    Hey bro actually the offense is some what good because of the personal we have playing the position…I think defensive coordinator Mike deserve more appreciation then laflur…

Ian Oyler Reply

A-Rod goes off Thursday night

    Mike Hodges Reply

    BULLSHIT. Packers will kill the Eagles!!!! Go packers!!

    V. T. Reply

    @777d7777 777d7777 That’s still great tho, we gotta remember that defense wins championships. We’re almost there! Go Pack Go!!

    777d7777 777d7777 Reply

    @Overton Jones I expected more since Rodgers wasn’t sacked and was hit only once

    Overton Jones Reply

    @777d7777 777d7777 oh I was just correcting 24 pts comment yes they needed to do more

    Cartman Power Reply

    Alex Rodriguez went off on Thursday nights? So does Aaron JUDGE. That’s baseball. The Eagles lost to the Packers’ NFC North rival Detroit Lions who also beat the Chargers.

Scout 805 Reply

I’d love to know what Brand of Scotch he keeps on his shelf.
Cheers to you my friend!
Squash some Birds next week!

    stephen batchelor Reply

    I would love to drink with a rod

    James Barlow Reply

    It’s gotta be Johnny Walker Red

    Ryan R Reply

    James Barlow good old cheapskate like me

Lee86 Reply

7:10 I respect that kind of honesty. Determined to do better is what i like to hear.

    phaedris Reply

    I caught that too. The question from the journalist was rather stupid. What he was essentially asking him was: “Now that you have a good defense, do you find it easier to play mediocre?” It shouldn’t matter whether you have a good defense or not, you should ALWAYS expect to perform better. That’s what winners do.

    beruckoo Reply

    @stéphane A stats don’t come automatically…. when you are Arron Rodgers…

    Kenny W Reply

    stéphane A What Rodgers realizes is that his defense won’t be playing this well all year, especially considering the first few weeks tend to favor defense as the offenses adjust. If it was all about stats, he wouldn’t make half of the great plays he makes, which often involve taking risks. Also, he would run out of bounds/ take sacks instead of throwing it away, but you probably criticize him for that too 🙄

    beruckoo Reply

    @Kenny W bro he is trolling don’t elaborate to him…

Sanjeev Coorg Reply


    David Boucher Reply

    You can tell he took that question to heart and it bothered him.

    Anthony Perez Reply

    hell yeah man thats what im talking about. His teammates will play even harder for him now that he said that. Go pack go. And visca Barca. Just wish they woulda won this weekend mydude. Gotta get rid of EV

    Steve Moser Reply

    That’s the kind of thing great players say 🐐 so awesome to hear he’s going to be a monster come playoff time

Julien Alexander Reply

I respect his honesty man. Greatness!

Glo Gang Promoter Reply

I LOVE OUR DEFENSE 6 Sacks 2 Ff 1 Int

Dylan O Reply

A happy quarterback eqauls a happy me.

David Boucher Reply

You can tell Aaron is really feeling like he needs to step up what a great competitor!

Max De Ville Reply

Greetings from Serbia! Go pack go 🤘❤️

    Dan Jacobsen Reply

    Great to have packers fans from Serbia!!

    Joseph Price Reply


Jay Rock Reply

Loved hearing the O line kept him that clean!

Tyron Wells Reply

GB script 30 plus on the Eagles weak secondary

Jаке Reply

for us, the packer fan base, honestly is a very different vibe.

Alex Bendon Reply

I love Aaron Rodgers! But at 12:48 did he forget the names of the two rookie defensive players we drafted?!?! Lol

    Weiss Reply

    Alex Bendon He knew exactly who they were. Guaranteed he knows every player on the team

    Old School Reply

    He knows who they are but he is doing that so they can actually make a name for themselves . They are both rookies they will also get treated a little different 😂

GottaWannaDance Reply

“No. I wanna see greatness”

Amolak Bhullar Reply

Wr’s need to step up ! Way too many drops on 3rd down’s in first 3 weeks!

CobaltScout56 Reply

FWIW, Rodgers’ stats through the first 3 weeks this season are better than his first 3 games in 2014, his last MVP year.

Samuel Weaver Reply

He looks a lot happier this year and it is no surprise why. You can see in these press conferences. It feels like old times

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