Aaron Rodgers: ‘It’s about peaking at the right time’ for Packers – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Hector Molina

I love you Aaron Rodgers you are the best


Rodgers = goat I hope we get him for at lease 4 more years


    Randy Moss u don’t know if he’s a bust yet😂 don’t make a fool out of yourself😂

    Randy Moss

    @E12zzz I’d bet everything I own he doesn’t live up to draft position just like year before with Gary 12th overall


    Randy Moss just because he threw 20 picks in college and rashan Gary played limited snaps you say they’re busts😂

    Randy Moss

    @E12zzz 12th overall pick should be starter. It was wasted pick. Just think if they would’ve got 1 of them top receivers instead.
    Something as the love pick instead of building off 13-3 season they going backwards

    Evan Shanley

    E12zzz Di you really think that they would trade up to draft a qb in the first round just to have him sit on the bench for 4 years? Look, as I said before, I love Rodgers, but we can’t let our bias towards Rodgers affect the realism of things.


Skip to 17:17 for the actual start.

Pack Attack

Not having a preseason game is gonna be really rusty and I don’t like losing Funchess with the group of WRs we have. I hope we can add another WR before the season starts. Drafting Love does not help Rodgers here in a long term situation.


    I think at brown will surprise you. And why does everyone keep forgetting about Lazard?

Troll of 229: Ant the variable

I know that’s right, Cap.

Wavy Yfn Williams


    hossein yousefzadi

    You mean Jordan love?


I love how Rodgers does his own thing during interviews. Nice to see such a natural improviser having fun!

Chadro Donni

Im so glad this guy is the leader of or team.
Ill always be a fan of Aaron Rodgers.
I hope he’s around for a while.

    hossein yousefzadi

    Nah Jordan love gonna replace him mid season

    D Brown

    @hossein yousefzadi bruh relax

    hossein yousefzadi

    @D Brown I’m not Jordan love’s better🤷‍♂️…. he’s Mahomes 2.0… unleash him

Hector Rodriguez

As a packers fan 2014 2016 and 2019 We’re so close but couldn’t get the job done But 2020 this is our freaking time Aaron Rodgers needs another Ring

    Justin Bell

    I hope so

    Dan Petersen

    Lol defense was so exposed against 9ers so let’s go and trade up for a rookie qb, it’s over packers never fully helped Aaron Rodgers

c gomez

Yeah! A real qb!! Luv u man!

Michael Echols

Well he just keepz it real and simple and mateur a lot over the years AR12 the best thrower of the 🏈 of all timez I’m just waiting list him to become the greatest of all timez i know it’s coming. 3 super bowls in a row and he goin to be the greatest and the best of all timez go pack go

Randy Moss

11:30 into this terrible questions

Keith Cousins

“I’ll be the first one to talk about Aaron Rodgers all day, the guy’s a freak but uh…” – my husband at Super Bowl LII in Minneapolis on February 2, 2018.

Steve Rivers

Love this guy

Sund Incubus

I love this guy but every time I read his name, it always reminded me of how f*cked up the English language is. I still don’t get how S-E-A-N is pronounced “shawn” and so as S-H-A-U-N. So, is A-A-R-O-N pronounce as “air-ron” or “A–Aron”?

Lucius Malfoy

Aaron I love you, you are such a chill guy

moises sanchez

Aaron Rodgers , He is number #1

moises sanchez

They’re really trying to bait him but Nice try .


I’m like 98% sure I saw Aaron at Starbucks in Hudson Wisconsin the other day!

Rodriguez Manuel

Mannnn he sounds like he is done with Green Bay … he gone 21 that’s crazy
I don’t understand why not just draft him help or spend the money in free agency
Hope Jordan can play we gonna see 🤷🏻‍♂️

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