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James In da house

Rodgers I love you

    Aaron Rodgers

    James In da house I love you too

    James In da house

    Thank you Arron

Andrew Kyle

Aaron Rodgers is amazing when he is healthy

    Aaron Rodgers

    Andrew Kyle thank you, man! 💥😎

    James In da house

    Agreed I like jones as well

    A.T X

    Andrew Kyle he hasn’t been playing amazing this year tho


    Jarrod Romanowski dude you’re actually an idiot for taking it serious LOL

    Pete Martinez

    And when they actually protect the guy

Tarantula Guy

Packers gonna be dangerous when the offense finally clicks.


    @Peter Kay Were not the Cowboys

    Peter Kay

    @johnstjohn1987 You’re right. The Packers and Cowboys have won ONE NFC Title in 20 years. Two most overrated, overhyped teams in the NFL. Every year it’s the same nonsense.


    @Peter Kay Overrated? GB is nowhere near that. KC and Rams are more overrated lol

    Peter Kay

    @johnstjohn1987 The Chiefs would beat G.B. by 21 on a neutral field. Rams might only beat Packers by 10. I won’t be surprised if Green bay loses 2 of their next 3 games.

    Evil Dax

    Rodgers was better off when he was running around. He is trying to hard to be a pocket passer


If Rogers stays healthy and the Packers defense keeps playing well who knows how far the Packers can go.


    Super bowl

    Dre Day

    The awnser is nowhere with out a strong running game

    Tobirama _Artz_

    Exactly and everyone is still sleeping on us

    Peter Kay

    They’ll do what they usually do. Choke in December and January.

    Kenny W

    Dre Day Let me introduce you to Aaron Jones

Juan El Bean

I was first i was first

Daniel Cha

Some kinks to work out, but rodgers missed a few throws today so the potential is there, 27 points doesnt mean our offense is bad


    Daniel Cha of course it doesn’t vro they only allowed 16 points today defense is top tier

    Anthony Arena

    Yea but aaron missing easy throws has become more and more common. And to be fair 1 TD was off a free play cuz offsides and another was handed to them at the 5 yard line by our defense.

    Daniel Cha

    @Anthony Arena its not a matter of skill or dwindling ability tho, against vikings he made throws backpedaling that no one on this planet can make. its just being on the same page as his receivers, he’s used to having many veterans but has just adams

Hector Rodriguez

Aaron Rodgers says he wants to play better and score more TD’s while the Defense takes care of Business

    Joe Conner Deck

    Shut up!!

island life 691

Rodgers is the Lebron of the nfl

    Paul Williams

    K-Real 414 Brady is clearly Jordan . The rings and Jordan and Brady are the goats 🐐

    Austin Gauthier

    @A.T X he has a ring

    A.T X

    Austin Gauthier ik but as good as Rodgers is I would expect more

    A.T X

    Austin Gauthier he has a really good team this year…let’s see if the packers can make a sb push

    Ricky zzz

    @A.T X the packers been having a bad defense for the last 3 seasons


AR12 is gonna shred defenses when the offense is clicking again but at least rn he doesn’t have to put over 300+ to win a game with this top 3 defense this is our year for sure I smell a Super Bowl

    ray ray

    @VONN HIPPSTER I get you dont let teams score on you , but teams who are better can easily drive and score on you if you have Vikings , bears and Broncos shoot down your field fast , imagine a team with better o line and poket protection

    Hassan Warsama

    @ray ray They are 1st in total defense and already have 5 picks and 2 fumbles.

    ray ray

    @Hassan Warsama Patriots are top 1

    ray ray

    @Hassan Warsama packers is set as top 13 total defense

    Peter Kay

    Rodgers hasn’t put up 300 yards per game in 8 seasons.

SJW Destroyer

Offense always starts slow first few weeks. As soon as he flips that switch this offense gonna take off like crazy.

Team Jesus

Flacco the same old flacco like he was in Baltimore lol. Thank God we got rid of him. Go ravens

C Cab

This man throws dimes

Corey Wade

We haven’t even seen that BAAAAAAAAADDDD MAAAAANNN yet..seriously, he’s just chilln rn wait for the catch phrase


This is basically the offense 3rd preaseaon game..


Best Quarterback in the league.

    stéphane A

    Did Brady and Mahomes died? Rodgers is riding Lafleur coattail. Shsh

    stéphane A

    Did Brady and Mahomes die?


    Rodgers no longer great but the D finally kicking in.

Victor Mhd

the way he effortlessly throws the ball with a flick of the wrist is amazing

toby vigil

My broncos just couldnt stop turning the ball over smh good game packers


I’m not near ready to talk smack, but it’s nice to see this team coming together. The defense has been so bad for so long, it’s amazing to watch this defense play. It’s pretty safe to assume the offense is going to start grooving and then we’ll see. A balanced team with some playmakers on both sides of the ball sure sounds like a winning formula.

To the Denver fans, I know it sucks. What is Elway doing? It’s like he can’t stop bringing in vets to try and squeeze a few more TDS out of them. It’s time to draft the QB of the future, Elway might have to go for that to happen. Look at how different things are in GB after Thompson finally moved aside

Mark Collins

I watched Aaron come in after Bret Favre left and he worked and made a name for HIMSELF it’s tough doing what he did playing beging a legendary Q.B like that watched Steve Young do it also. But Aaron Rodgers has the best swag in the game just cool as a fan.

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