Aaron Rodgers dismisses trap games, focused on maintaining momentum – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Boppin Reply

Duuuuuddde, Rodgers is GOATED on the sticks bro. He’s GOATED πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ’€

    Aaron Rodgers Reply

    Boppin 🐐😎

    CallMePumps Reply

    Underrated console player!

Aaron Rodgers Reply

Most talented Qb ever

    Aaron Rodgers Reply

    Jacob Martinez I am better than your qb 😎🐐

    Aaron Rodgers Reply

    Aaron Rodgers 🐐😎

    Pat Willin Jr Reply

    @V. T. Das fax

    Misthios Reply

    @Jacob Martinez you’re* you fucking moron.

    Otherworldly Burrows Reply

    Easily. And don’t give me these new guys who have played one season on offensive powerhouses. Rodgers is the most talented qb I’ve ever seen and when he was on, no one was close.

JJ Lahey Reply

That’s my quarterback 😭

    Aaron Rodgers Reply

    JJ Lahey 🐐😎

Greg Miller Reply

Is it me or does it feel like whenever Rodgers shaves, his facial hair grows right back to what it was the next day.

    Ja La Reply

    @Aaron Rodgers hmmmm.. .😁

    Nolan Randall Reply

    Favre was known for that

    Otherworldly Burrows Reply

    Haha right? Didn’t he just fucking shave like yesterday?

    sputnikalgrim Reply

    Alfa male athletes are descendants of Asgard. It’s Odins beard he grows.

Caleb Bartles Reply

“Bad idea”

Fernando Chavez Reply

Bring back the mustache boss

    Cooper Johnson Reply

    Fernando Chavez noπŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™‚οΈ he looks like a pedo with just the stacheπŸ˜‚

TheWopper78 Reply

Aaron is different. He seems happy. That is a good thing packer fans

johnstjohn1987 Reply

You can tell Aaron is excited about this season. Our defense is absolutely balling. I’m fucking stoked for this season guys. Aaron Rodgers is GOAT. 🐐🐐🐐🐐

The Big Oof Reply

The thing with the packers is that most teams that are 2-0 played really easy teams(i.e the ravens), while we played 2 difficult division rivals

    CallMePumps Reply

    2 top 5 defenses.

    Misthios Reply

    We played 2 top defenses. Not great teams, just defenses.

    Nolanator7 Reply

    Misthios bears were a playoff team last year, Vikings were like one or two games short. Those were good teams. However, neither of their quarterbacks know how to throw a football at all so you know…

    Misthios Reply


Jon Kozlowski Reply

One of, if not arguably the greatest signal-caller in the league. Is this man Aaron Rodgers. One game at a time Pack Attack! I like what I’m seeing and the team as a whole is getting better! Continue to build and grow stronger and lets see what Thursday Night Brings! Always Faithful! GO PACK GO!!! πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸˆπŸ§€

Jay M Reply

Got that one salty Vikings fan dislike this video πŸ˜‚

    Josh Blake Reply

    They’re always watching our videos and commenting. They must be worried lol

NAHX Reply

Good to see the locker room in such high spirits this week. Let’s go Pack. Bravo.

Matin V Reply

Converting on 3rd and Short is a problem for this team

    Freddy Tapia Reply

    I said it last week. IF Aaron can get a little bit more time to throw, this team will at very least win the division

Jeromepkr Reply

I like what he said about Aaron Jones being a slashing back who doesn’t take many squared up shots, but when he took that full blown hit stick and just bounced back up I was impressed.

Dez Bryant Reply

Aaron gets a lot of flack but he gives the best interviews. So honest, rather than the cookie cutter repetitive bs

Nolanator7 Reply


P.S. if you don’t get the jerry Kramer quote, when u go to the games they’ll play a short clip of jerry Kramer on the field talking about the ice bowl and another historic games and then he goes, today could one of the days where you say, β€œyeah I was there”

Packersfan 12 Reply

I hope we don’t take the Broncos lightly they have some talent on their team.

    Juan Soto Reply

    Packersfan 12 and they hungry like being at the beach all day hungry

    Aidan Lilley Reply

    Packersfan 12 I doubt we will. Previous press conferences Matt LaFleur has stressed that the team need to take it a week at a time. My guess is that they will be just as prepared on this game before looking into the weeks coming.

heli0s2003 Reply

I have a feeling Aaron Jones will soon start putting up some serious numbers. Just a feeling.

Robert Donelson Reply

GOPACKGO!!!! Let’s keep this up take it one day at a time and always have the man next to you back and we will be great this year!

Blk Pig Reply

44 Starks nice shout AR. Bottom-line “This one’s NOT for John”!

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