Aaron Rodgers Discusses Final Preparations Before Sunday’s NFC Championship Game – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Eric S

123 dominate

Mitchell Hare

Go Pack Go!!!!!

Dj Diddles

Love this team and everyone is confident coming into this game! We have a chance and I believe in my packers to best the niners. Bring the lambardi home boys! Go pack go baby!

    Harrison Kotlarek

    Dj Diddles My prediction 27-23 Packers

    3 piece With the soda

    24-21 pack


Brian Gutekunst MVP

Clone Cone

When was the last time anyone saw Aaron this happy

    ambi ven

    He loves the big stage games. It brings the best out of him…touchwood

    x lPat

    I think the offseason

    Daddy D

    Smile ain’t going to last past Sunday I can’t tell u that

    Albert Robinson

    The last I remember was the divisional playoff win against Dallas in 16

    C HB

    @Daddy D does your team have a game this week?

Sharon Ayers

I was born & raised in Minnesota but never liked football until I moved to Wisconsin!!! I LOVE OUR GREEN BAY PACKERS!!!!

    Daddy D

    Sharon Ayers bandwagon, to a rival team NOne the less

Jeremy Harris


James Allen

Love yah Aaron!
Go get those 9ers!

James Allen

We’ll show them how great being an underdog is…

    Daddy D

    James Allen no

peter macura

Love how many people underestimate GB, I can’t wait to see the 49ers lose this Sunday.

    Andrew Stevenson

    peter macura Aaron Rodgers is a baaad man!!! They forgot


    I’m going to hand out cheese 🧀🧀🧀 after the game to go with their wine. Go Pack Go!

    ambi ven

    Watch the GB 9ers game from week 12 carefully…you guys will see what Aaron is talking about that the plan was there but execution failed. We wont repeat the same mistakes and play harder.

    J. FILL

    Never happen

Weston Morgan

So cute😍😍😘

Joseph Scaduto

Not a fan of either team but I got Green Bay 20-16.

matt bertrand

Go Pack!!! Show em all!

SL Grimp

Aaron Rodgers is a baaaaaaad man

Leonardo Puente


Tony Chavez

I love your Butte Strong hoodie Aaron! I love that you represent and support our community here in paradise. Your success didn’t go to your head coming from our small community. I feel lucky to have you as my quarterback for my packers.

KyuRo D3

Let’s go homie get this W for Wisconsin and all yo fans. This team is crazy talented and you gotta play your hearts out.

Ask About Socialism/ Ask About Inequality

I love the idea of talking about “the plan” like any of us know what it was lol

Kiasia Johnson

His smile is so cute at the beginning ❤️

Robert Bish

I believe in you, Aaron- make us all proud!!🤝

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