Aaron Rodgers believes team chemistry to be difference-maker in win over Cowboys – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Alien Gamer77

Aaron Jones is a BEAST

    t- milt

    He scored 4 touchdown’s in a single game at polk high-i mesn dallas stadium.

    Reesey Racks

    t- milt 😆😆😆

    Jeff Reed

    Be4 tgis year started i wasnt sure about Aaron Jones even during this season i said Aaron Jones wasmt very good im man enough to admit what i said i take it back Aaron Jones is a good running back

    aaron berhane

    V. T. He stole his lunch money and used it to buy food and eat 😂😂😂

    Nothing for Granted

    4 on the floor baby! He beasted!!


Go Pack Go Rodgers the best QB in the NFL



    Similac Aristide

    Let’s goooo!!!

    Twitch F1lyerzz

    Packers fan but brees is the best in the league rn

    aaron berhane

    Twitch F1lyerzz I like Brees a lot too

    Baskin Robbinson

    Wisco Simple Go pack Go

Ainz Ooal Pwn 229

Great win. Skip eat your heart out. Lol.


The refs baby every qb in the nfl besides the jets QB and aaron rodgers. Hes only had 1 roughing the passer call since 2016. It was against the eagles on Monday night

    Lupo Borracio

    Cam Newton, too.


    @Lupo Borracio nope. Last year he got hit late and the guy got ejected dont try that

Wisco Simple

Packer wins in Jerry world are just so sweet

    Wisco Simple

    @Jeff Reed thats a much better name

    Jeff Reed

    @Wisco Simple i live in Texas i love it being a Packers fan went to work around alot of Cowboys fans last weei all heard was Zeke is going to eat the Packers alife an Packers are done an Dak was going to have a field day well thats not what happen Dak put up yards with 3 INTS but truthfully if it but that was when it was 31-3 if Packers wouldnt of took the foot off the gas the Packers would have put up more then 34 points all them points an Rodgers threw no TD passes an didnt have him number 1 WR

    Wisco Simple

    @Jeff Reed its nice to know not everyone down there is cowboy crazy

    Ana R.

    @Jeff Reed that’s the same exact thing I heard too 😂😂😂😂

    Baskin Robbinson

    Wisco Simple mr Rodgers neighborhood or Rodgers world

Bud Binner

That question at the 7 minute mark is one to remember!


Finally We Ran The Table, I hear Crickets from the cridicts. Thank you Packers and Aaron Dis Count Double Check Rodgers , GO PAC GO!

Karen Hardie

Skip has to eat his words. Ha, ha. Skip Bayless on suicide watch.

    Dontrail Tyson



    @D SAL SAME!!! ROFL!!!

    Cleanest Best Pleasure

    He just made every excuse for Dak.

    Karen Hardie

    Yup, gotta beat the good teams and not just the bad ones. Similar to Cousins. Can win the easier games and not teams over .500

Levi Anderson

Love winning in Jerry’s World! Go Pack!!!!

    V. T.

    The look on Jerry’s face is priceless! Go Pack Go!

    Ana R.

    @V. T. same here too

James Kanney

Aaron Rodgers distributing his Packer City Lightning to all his Buttonmen is the greatest quote of all time.

    Wisco Simple

    @Joshua Bergner thanks for explaining, that’s hilarious

    Greg B

    Laverne Dilweg grandson is Anthony Dilweg….. former Qb for the packers in 1989

    D’Juan Juanson

    1310 am the ticket in Dallas

    Erik Berg

    There’s some real knowledge in this thread lol I’m learning something here

    7HE W0LV3R!NE

    “All-Decade torpedo”😂

Richard Collins

Cant wait to watch undisputed in the morning! Lets hear all of Skips excuses and everything Rodgers did wrong or got lucky with.

    V. T.

    That’s jus the icing on the cake! Go Pack Go!


Does anyone have any idea what on Earth the guy at at 7:20 was talking about?! I think he was trolling LOL

    Emmy Q

    I think he was partially trolling, but he was I guess talking about LaVern Dilweg who played for the Packers from 1927-34.

    Goated23 X

    I heard he’s a troll that asks players about really old players lmaoao

    Emmy Q

    @Goated23 X Ellen DeGeneres was at the game, I wonder if it will show up on her show later. I know she likes to do pranks…

    Goated23 X

    Emmy Q your right lol


    I found out it was a prank by a guy called Scoops Callahan haha! search him up on YouTube, pretty hilarious

Paul Kaehn


Matthew Aleman

I want Rodgers to go on a tear and throw hella tds so everyone can stop hating and bring home a super bowl

    Jon Marsh

    all i care about is the W

    Delusion is an Illusion

    He will. Trust me it’s coming. He’s close. Once Adams gets back he’s gonna go on a tear

    Delusion is an Illusion

    These morons saying he’s not the old Rodgers are just that, morons. All these flavor of the month guys are not better than Rodgers. Sorry, just aren’t and probably never will be.

    Baskin Robbinson

    Matthew Aleman the W is all that matters

    Mike Marin

    You mean get back what belongs to us we were the first ones to win it

Matthew Rhode

The way Aaron was talking about Aaron made me happy

    aaron berhane

    Matthew Rhode and the way he was talking about Zadarius and Preston


Love seeing Aaron’s reaction to that one guy….”what the hell?” Hahaha

    Colby Renfro

    what did he even ask? I heard “lavernon delway all decade tight end of the 1920’s” but no such person exists.

    Samuel Nehls

    @Colby Renfro https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/LaVern_Dilweg

    He does exist but I don’t know how it has anything to do with the game or today’s packers.

Master King Lee

“What the hell….?! That’s a Skip’s question? Hahaha”

-Aaron Rodgers


“I just wanna win now”

I love that.

    Aaron Osborne

    Me too, what else does he have to prove? It’s time the team steps up

Eric Masters

Rodgers muttering “what the hell..” after that one question might be the best quote ever from him 😂

William Walker

On Aaron Jones – “Hes good at direct snaps as well now” lmao

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