Aaron Rodgers believes next step for offense is getting veterans involved – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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David G Reply

Aaron and Matt matching hats, so cute.

    INTOtheVOID11 Reply

    Jaire was also wearing that hat

    Majik0715 Reply

    Imagine that, people on the same team wearing matching hats. What will they think of next, matching uniforms?

    Silver Neos Reply

    @Majik0715 Maybe they will wear the same colors on Sunday as well

    Majik0715 Reply

    @Silver Neos wouldn’t that be cool.

Scout 805 Reply

Jeez quit asking the same ol questions, let the man leave practice and go home to take a few laps around Danika Speedway!

    Goated23 X Reply


    Frank-o04 Reply

    Scout 805 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

mrkeitt Reply

It’s only a matter of time before this man catches πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ The league will be on notice by week 6 #GoPackGo

    Washington DC Reply

    I can’t wait πŸ‘€

    Dylan .M Reply

    I’m a huge fan but come on you cant see that hes more afraid of getting hit now days. But then again you cant blame him with the abuse the pass three years. Idk he just isnt the same thrower and it hurts to say it

    mrkeitt Reply

    @Dylan .M I agree 200% However he’s had no preseason reps and a whole new scheme to adjust too. The flashes I’ve seen from the offense so far have me excited. Our 3rd down conversion is horrible. Once we get going then the Rodgers we’re use too seeing will reappear. I’m grateful for a healthy undefeated team with a top defense. We’re in a great spot. Trust me , it’s gonna get nasty. Thursday night it’s gonna pop off πŸ’ͺ🏾πŸ”₯ #GoPackGo

    Aaron Rodgers Reply

    Dylan .M stop it bro he still that man he just has to throw it faster but go pack goπŸ§€πŸ§€

    Weiss Reply

    Dylan .M He’s at the point in his career where avoiding injury is a must. Being more aware is different from being afraid

Mgtow Farmer Reply

Aaron did a better job towing the line, while pumping his boys

    Ed Kratsch Reply

    Love your πŸ• he or she is so cute ❀️

Jacob David Reply

β€œHis focus and PrEpErAtIoN”
-Aaron Rodgers

Herman Enterprise Reply

These reporters are ridiculous…they should just pick some knowledgeable fans from Green Bay to interview him, like me.

    Richara Gonzales Reply

    Green Bay media has gotten more aggressive in their persuit of “news” ever since the mainestream media cycle featured A Rod hate for a week straight

    They want the next big story

    Luckily there are still a few who want to ask football focused questions
    And not looking to bait him

Lesk Reply

Isn’t it illegal to thrink and thrive?

CRS Donchaknow Reply

Objectively, Aaron is trying not to get hurt while trying to fulfill his huge contract!

Fly on the Rod T.V. Reply

It’s nice seeing more 5 reciever plays. I never understood why they got away from that with McCarthy.

    packers12to80 Reply

    Cuz McCarthy was a horrible play caller. He never evolved with the league.

    Fly on the Rod T.V. Reply

    @packers12to80 I dont disagree with your comment, but after their 15-1 season they pretty much stopped running 5 wide receiver plays. They were running them before, it was a conscience decision to stop.

    Richara Gonzales Reply

    McCarthy’s idea of freeing up the run consisted of using an RB and TE on every down, and then not running it.
    Im sure he believed it would better sell the run pass option
    But that only works when you run it more than 15 times a game

    Therefore the less 5 receiver sets was purely a negative effect
    It shifted way more coverage on to specific receivers, making it more difficult to get space

    Dont know how this wasnt clear

    Fly on the Rod T.V. Reply

    @Richara Gonzales the results were clear, good things tended to happen, but they wanted to do something different I guess.

Official Penguin Reply

His beard lookin a little grey there

    Elder Maxson Reply

    Official Penguin scary how fast the time goes

John Paul Rodriguez Reply


packers12to80 Reply

I haven’t heard a locker room like this probably since Woodson in green bay. It’s so refreshing to see them being a solid unit. Actually enjoying each other’s company , this is what winning teams sound and look like.

John Wayne Everett Reply


ThisIsTobis Reply

I think I like this feeling the defense is carrying the packers not making rodgers do it all himself!

SCSA Reply

Isn’t that common sense since the beginning of sports? LOL

Zack Upchurch Reply

4-0 and a little bit of rest baby that’s the goal

Rick Morrow Reply

Packers lead the NFL with 3 and outs.

    Richara Gonzales Reply

    3 and O baby 😎😎😎

Evan Lusmann Reply

We need to get jimmy Graham more involved. Especially in the red zone. 6 ft 7. Give it to the big man

Austin Steifel Reply

It’s nice to see Aaron smile so much when talking about the team πŸ˜„πŸ’šπŸ’›πŸˆ

No Chill Reply

#BearDown nfc north is getting stronger

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