Aaron Rodgers believes defense can close out games – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Meanwhile, the refs just gave the game to the Bears vs the Broncos on a imaginary roughing the passer call.

    Dunder Mifflin Regional Manager

    Julick me too

    fire lord azula

    Julick the Broncos got a same call and it let to Joe Flacco marching down the field and kicking a FG to cut the lead

    Saul Guillen

    Terrible call smh

    Hector Gomez

    The game was over trubisky cant call a time out

    Mitch The god Trubisky

    Soo what about the Floyd and Goldman Flags???

Hector Rodriguez

Aaron Rodgers & the Packers are on fire somebody call the the department woohoo! #GOPackGo

    Matt Balderrama

    @Nolen Glonek Congrats on the win

    Hector Gomez

    Matt just keep watching your favorite player AR12 you came to see him talk after lead the pack to W

    Pedro Martinez

    Rodgers is playing as poorly as he did last season. 24th in completion %. 22nd in yards. 26th in yards per attempt.

    Brandon Wilson

    @Pedro MartinezOh yeah and what was the defensive ranks of those divisonal matchups? It’s not him, it’s the staff because of the learning and play-calling. Go ahead and look at his stats through the first quarter when they took that 21-0 lead when they wanted him to pass (before the heavy run game).

    Pedro Martinez

    @Brandon Wilson The Rodgers fanboys have a long list of excuses.

Jon 66

Offense played better than last week. Thatโ€™s good enough for me.

    Matthew B.

    Against an amazing defense too. Jones looks like he is gonna be a top rb in the league again. He doesnt get enough credit, he runs hard

    Pedro Martinez

    @David Rodriguez That is what happened last season. He never got out of his funk.

    David Rodriguez

    @Pedro Martinez hes ok remember he was playing injured knee coming back from rehabbing collarbone jordy left .He needs to build chemistry with his new weapons especially jimmy Graham and scantily. Adams is the only receiver he trust.like he said R-e-l-a-x.

    David Rodriguez

    @Matthew B. if jones stays healthy with Williams as the 1,2 punch Packers gonna be great

    David Rodriguez

    These 1st 4 games of season is like the preseason for most of the offense i rather have them play there best nov,dec,January instead of now and there still 2 and 0 despite playing bad on offense against division opponents and 2 top defenses

Scout 805

An extra finger of Scotch! LOL
Cheers my Friend ๐Ÿบ

Varaz Gharakhanian

Opening statement lol… thank you Jesus for this critical win. Go Pack ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

Ryan Kothrade

I thought that 4th and 1 was on matt l

Eddie Black

The offense needs to get it together we wont beat the top teams until we can play good on both sides

    Derrick Mccullough

    we won’t play defenses this good every week either

    Matt Balderrama

    That’s what I said but I’m a vikings fan so automatically I’m “throwing shade” even though I’ve admitted we played like crap and congratulated the fans for the win but you guys should’ve smoked us by a lot more than 5 points we were horrible today.

matthew parker

Offense wins games, Defense wins championships. We finally got a D baby. #GPG

    David Rodriguez

    Yas we do this season gonna be one to remember

    Jamie Nolastname

    That right!!!!

    JM T3

    Idk, they were suspect imo

    Daniel Severson

    To early to crow! Lets see a few more game’s first! They are better than the last several seasons! But giving up way to much on the ground!

Steve B.

Back to back wins over Bears and Vikings this feels fantastic. Go Pack Go!!!


One thing that might help the O is not having to play two of the best D’s in the league.

Just a guess.

    skyler harnish

    Denver has a pretty good defense that can get to the quarterback so hopefully that packers o line can protect Rodgers little but better and running the ball like they did against the vikes helps aswell


    @skyler harnish I don’t think the Denver D is at the same level as the Vikings and Bears.

    Gucci Memer

    @IHCTerra I agree the Vikings and bears d has a lot of stars that make really good plays

    aaron berhane

    IHCTerra true but are offensive line has to stop Von Miller we canโ€™t let Rodgers get sacked


    @aaron berhane they stopped Mack.

Darr Darr


Matt Balderrama

Congratulations on the win but that’s just Rodgers being classy the defense looks good but Rodgers was great in the 1st half and my Vikings had no answer

Christian Juarez

Anyone else hear the worlds best Typer?


This is the year our defense shows up to help Aaron. On to Denver lets get 3-0

Jeff Reed

Both the Smith boys is making defense look better i hope they keep it up

Johnny Yang

That’s my QB, Super Bowl Champion and Super Bowl MVP, Aaron Rodgers ……..

    Cloud Strife

    Johnny Yang To the promised land, he will bring us.

Ryan Petras

“RoDgErS dOeSnT tAkE bLaMe” *Rodgers takes blame for the 4th down play*

Johnny Moxon

Hey look Aaron is taking responsibility for his mistakes…..

I bet this won’t make the sports station…..



Malonprowl66 Hec

Good start of the season , Just like to see G B make the super bowl .& win it .

Tony Waters

Aaron Jones looked great. Aaron Rodgers is awesome, when the offense catches up with the Defense wow sky is the limit. Much props to J.k Scott. His punting has been Awesome. Then the BREWERS hit a Grand slam in 9th to beat out arch rivial Cardinals. Something special is Brewing in the great state of Wisconsin……

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