Aaron Jones aiming to achieve more after Cowboys game – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Daniel Nazaryan

he looks happy to be on greenbay thats what i like to see

Drew Z

That lady definitely said “Nono go ahead” and then she went with her question????

    stephen batchelor

    On god

    stephen batchelor

    She was fast with it to

Literally Who

Keep feeding him. Don’t split his carries in half.

aaron berhane

Keep giving him the ball especially since Davante is out

    Austen Anderson

    They should but won’t. Rodgers needs a workhorse back that other teams’ defenses respect with more defenders in the box. They would be crazy not to give him 20:touches


Without Davante he is easily their #1 weapon

Zip Molly

Top 5 running back easily

#GoPackGo 💚🧀🏈🔥

Bryan Boria

Glad he addressed being over worked
he’s a man and can handle it


I love this guy cause he’s humble

thebull Devoe

Watch he does nothing against the lions

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