A Tru teammate | Desmond Trufant mic’d up – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Pepper 526

Lol he got burnt at the end of the game🤣

    John Smith

    He did get burnt but he caught the WR in the end zone. He still has good speed to be able do that

Reese Dog

Lmao 53 points!!!! 😂 😂

I'm That Guy Eddie

Post When U Win😒

Jaai Fromatl

Even doe he gave up dat touch down he still doing good dis season

    S0UTH3RN H05T1L1TY

    Are you blind, him and oliver are one of the worst cb tandems in the league

Matty Ghost

Yep yep yep pure asss

Keith Rush

Can we stop showing these when we lose?


please do better


Thanks Dez for all you done but, it’s time for a change.

Nick bagnulo

Trade him

    James Lee

    Nick bagnulo nah. Let’s trade you for a new converted falcons fan.

John Smith

Trufant served the falcons well over the years. Now it’s time for the team to go acquire a #1 CB going forward

    Anthony Wilson

    Served is responsible of you

    James Lee

    How is he at fault? He is one of the few players that bring energy to the team. If there is anyone that needs to leave, it’s Quinn and Beasley. And also Campbell.

Bonk Caesar

We should create a pension to get him to change his number

C Smith

Blah blah blah

Jimmy Wright

I’m glad he mic up, no talking , no crunkness/swag , quite and losing!

Country Boi Ross

What’s that smell🤔🤔🤔🤔 toasted Tru burgers 🥵

Trent Wade

They left out one major highlight

Diego McGhee

🤷🏾‍♂️ why y’all didn’t show us what he said on that last 3rd and 5

Antonio Kim

The score could be 49-0 and the Falcons could be with 0 and he still would scream “let’s go”

Michael Thomas

Showed literally the 4 plays we didn’t give up a big play on…..


Sound like y’all got worked true

Cards with Chris!

All that talk at the beginning of the video…and then the 50 points happened. lmao

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