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A Season for the Ages | Seahawks Stories

running back ran his way into the record books during the season. As part of the ' Stories' series, take a look back at that special season.

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Darth Soldier

There are only two certainties in life…. Death and positive yardage when running behind Walter Jones


    Darth Soldier and your moms box sliding up and down my shaft after she tucks you into bed!!!


That 2004-05 offense was simply a well oiled machine. O-line and d-line, matt, Shaun Alexander…

Big Tings

Don’t get it twisted… if we had beast mode with Walter jones we’d have superbowlS


    Dont forget about steve Hutchinson when steve left to vikings adrian peterson had an amazing year

Alex Saucedo

Mr Alexander. Boy was he a good one. He was special. Hell of a running back
Needs to be in the hall of fame

Devil Kid Productions

Alexander the Great, good watch, HOF bound this year, get in there you deserve it


Steve Hutchinson had a lot to do with his success . Then steve went to vikings and adrian peterson had an amazing year

    Matt Brown

    Walter was better but the team really fucked the offseason up not franchising him. Fucking transition tag man.


It’s cool hearing the story’s of the past players. Getting to know their personalities and what they are, super cool.

    Devil Kid Productions

    I grew up with this team, trust me it was special watching Hasselbeck, Big Walter, and The Great Shaun Alexander play, they were a special group, one that proved winning was sustainable in Seattle, it set the culture for a franchise that is in its prime now.

Zadok Yasharahla

imagine us with the o line we had back then now…..


Shaun a great athlete and much more he is just a great human being. Go Hawks.

Peter Sherman

Love the upstanding guys we get on this team. It remarkable how good teams are when you have people like Alexander who focus on up lifting other people. The credit he gives his line and his focus on loving others. That’s a good man, not just a good player.

Appa Yipp Yipp

Can we get walter jones at right tackle

Clewerton Danyel

Real one! Sometimes people forget how good he was

alan armitige

Shaun Alexander was beast!! In those daysπŸ’―


Great watch.
I loved Shaun, still one of my all-time favorite Hawks

Flag Bearer

Brian W. Pepper passed 8/13/05 a Hawks Nester. Much Love Hawks of History, Amazing Shawn Glory Be To GodπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ™


I love these series, hope to see more!

Paul Rider

One of the things I always loved about Shaun Alexander was his ability to switch gears and accelerate. No doubt: he had a phenomenal offensive line but 37 had a nose for the end zone, too. Alexander looked like a Mercedes in cruise control. He just hit the line and in two or three steps was pulling away from everyone.
For me, two games jump out at me and really highlight his game-breaking ability: the 266 yards against the Raiders at Husky Stadium in ’01 and the five TD’s in the first half against the Vikings in ’02.
And then, for all the naysayers that said he was soft and couldn’t handle the hard yardage, there was that Monday Night game in the snow in ’06 where he ran for over 200 yards on what seemed like 50 carries.
And just one more highlight, again for those who questioned his toughness: the TD run up the middle against the Bears in Chicago in the playoff loss at the end of the ’06 season. He blew up two defenders at the end of a 13 yard run and still found the end zone…accelerating right into them.
I think it could be argued that his five year run between the 2001 and 2005 seasons is among the greatest stretches any running back has ever had in the history of the NFL. If Gale Sayers and Terrell Davis can get into the Hall of Fame based on what they accomplished in shorter career windows I think it so should Shaun Alexander.

don trotter

Yeah i remember when we got him.I didnt like him because he came from alabama. but the first time i saw him run i was hooked. fast and liquid smooth. he was a beast when you got inside the 30. not so much outside there. he said he didnt want to get punished, and in those days i saw so many promising rushers get crippled out. still have his and matts jerseys. fight the wife all the time because she says they are old and time to go. stupid woman.

Frankie Green

I would love to see this Guy as a running back coach. Positive, and patient with a lot of great insight. Also hope he coaches for the Seahawks, it’s always nice to see our former players sticking around.
Wishing him the best.


Shaun thanks for being such a large part of my childhood πŸ’™πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’š

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