A.Q. Shipley on NFL Longevity and Reunion with Bruce Arians | Press Conference – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Kevin Knight Reply

I feel like after a while Chris King should say “ok next question about Tom Brady is from Jenna Laine”.

    Steve Munoz Reply

    Hahaha seriously it’s so annoying and inevitable

Ismael Rodriguez Reply

Every player says the same thing about Brady, what else she wants to hear, woa 😕

mkiffinfan Reply

There it is. Jenna with the TB bomb. Never fails.

    bowlchamps37 Reply

    What is it. 3 things are certain. Death, taxes and Jenna asking about Tom.

    Orange County 714 Reply

    @bowlchamps37 death for sure, but i thought there’s no tax in Tampa Bay?

stéphane A Reply

I’m torn about Jenna Laine. I find it funny she always had a question about Brady but at the same time, i’m curious to know what the players will say about him.

Mattmattmattmatt Reply

Great move. I love AQ, great leadership presence.

Allan Hernandez Reply

I thought I was looking at Mike Alstott when I opened up YT.

    Floyd Halby Reply

    Lol..me too. No hair though.

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