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A Message to All 2020 Graduates – From Sean McVay

Head Coach Sean McVay had a special message for all of the students who graduated during this unprecedented time.

Congratulations to you all!

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InfiJoker Reply


Kevin AL Reply


Mike or patty Rhoades Reply

Love it!! GOOO couch!!👍👍💗💗

    ojas siriseni Reply


    Heather Estes Reply

    Go rams !

    Joshua Bulahan Reply


Arnold Strickland Reply

Yeah but computer froze after 3 hours and I have to reduce due the last part again tomorrow at 12 but it looks goof

B Easy Reply

I hated Sean at first. But I’m proud to be a ram fan with him as leader. The main thing we have in common is we need to be more precise and to the point when we speak.

    B Easy Reply

    Precise and concise. That long winded stuff makes you look dumb.

    B Easy Reply

    That’s why I didn’t get hired at Edward Jones because they asked me tell me about your life story. N I rambled on for 45 minutes about how slick my life was.

    Daniel Coronado Reply

    Bruh nobody was chatting with you 😂😂😂

    B Easy Reply

    My bad I just didn’t want to take up a bunch of room in the comments.

    B Easy Reply

    I wish we had Issac Bruce or Brandon lloyd on the coaching staff. London Fletcher or Will Witherspoon on d.

Ec Cola Reply

Damn, not a graduate but dang this message resonates with me.

Not KDH Reply


Dennis Kirk Reply

Mob Squad!

Candice Catone Reply

Whose house 🏡 Rams 🐑💙🏈💛

Daniel Coronado Reply

Class of 2020 got lucky they all got passed along.

Nate Zaz Reply

How can u hate on him

    B Easy Reply

    Because he spends too much time spiking him hair when we got ship to win.

    Not KDH Reply

    @B Easy can u stop hating or we will sweep ur favorite team

Noah Goat Reply

The student have responded by saying, FIX THE LOGO

    Not KDH Reply

    New logo kinda fire ngl

Chanella pea Reply

💞💞💞 Sean McVay… All the way 💞💞💞 Amazing speech 🙌🙌👌

Caleb Molina Reply

Thank you, Sean McVay, just the right words I needed! Best coach!

    Not KDH Reply

    Sean mcvay best coach I agree he will get coach of the year

Ctorres.TTVsaucey Reply

Rams house

G.B Coronel Reply

Amen 🤝

Diego Martinez Reply

Let’s go RAMS!!!!!

The Glorious Reply

Love this guy. “ Use this set back – as a set up for a COME back. “

Boss of the Bosses Reply

Congrats to my Son, the class of 2020 🎊🎉🎇🎆🎈

Good job Lil King!

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