A Lesson In Perseverance: The 2004 Rams | Rams Yearbook – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

A Lesson In Perseverance: The 2004 Rams | Rams Yearbook

The Rams 2004 season was a lesson in perseverance, one that didn't end until the Rams made history.

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O Knows52 Reply

First one

O Knows52 Reply

I’m first

    Beardedsoul78 Reply

    Finally in life huh

Sonny Rodriguez Reply


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Yahir Marcelino Reply

6th for the best team


I’m sure you guys are working hard on a goff highlight tape for what he has done for this new era rams team

Christian Yancor Reply


pam0077 Reply

I’ll never forget that insane comeback win in week five over the Seahawks. Watching the Rams score 17 points in the final minutes of the game to send it to OT was amazing. Sweeping the Seahawks by beating them three times in the same season was fun to watch too.

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