A J Terrell | best plays 2020 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

A J Terrell | best plays 2020

Watch the best plays from cornerback A.J. Terrell's rookie season.

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Best db on falcons

    Jae Sibert Reply

    Debatable but I’m not mad at it.

    Flavor Stone Reply

    Best draft bust on the Falcons

    RebelATL Reply

    @Flavor Stone Deadrin Senat?

Connor Schoening Reply

Rise up atl

Seth Ammon Reply

I cant wait for next year!

    Family Lives Matters Reply

    I say that every year

BN Jay Reply

And people said my cousin was a bust

    RebelATL Reply

    CBS called him a desperation pick 😂

    Ghost -_- Reply

    Tell him I said he better stay in Atlanta

    BN Jay Reply

    @Ghost -_- Ok I don’t see him a lot but when I do I tell him

    SplashBoyJay Reply

    Lol Aj is my Uncle

Blitzu _yt Reply

Defense rookie of the year

Eurei Tate Reply

Best Rookie cb ever

    SplashBoyJay Reply

    Yup that’s my uncle

Alex Perez Reply

idk if he will win rookie of the year but he played great all season. also kirk got bodied on the first play of the video

Travis Perweiler Reply

Very Underrated

TheReal President2016 Reply

You do realize the second to last play wasn’t even AJ? Cmon Falcons… even the social media team blowing it

ATL Landen Reply

I think we could make the playoffs next year. We jut need to hang onto leads and finish games off strong and get good draft picks and we are going to the playoffs. To me if we make the playoffs that’s a win for me

    Brendan Hitchcock Reply

    If we had a good coach we would have been 10-6 and in the playoffs

    Jabari Cosby Reply

    We need to focus on drafting either a QB, CB, DE cuz if we bring pressure that makes it easier to close out games

    RebelATL Reply

    @Jabari Cosby you mention a QB but totally ignore the OL and terrible coaching and play calling we had this season. We should not draft a QB in the early rounds of this years draft. I would say a mid-round QB would be good.

Reggie Ruth Reply

That man has a future with us!

Jona Dittrich Reply

the sack which was called roughing the passer is definetly missing he just got robbed by the refs on that one

Nick bagnulo Reply

Draft patrick surtain

Flavor Stone Reply

32nd raked passing defense and yet Falcons fans claim this bum is defensive rookie of the year! Haha what a draft bust

Flavor Stone Reply

16 starts and they could barely put together a 2min video and some of these aren’t even him😂😂😂 ATL media team is TRYING SO HARD to sell this clown as not DRAFT BUST !!! Can’t fool me though I actually watch the games… I could put together a 1hour video of AJ blowing MASSIVE coverage and missing tackles!! Lol

Q&K Productions Reply

Next lock down corner and is a good Tackler

Eli Zapata Reply

Damn man really wish he would have caught that 2nd interception against the chiefs

I’m on YouTube Reply

Aj is a stud, cant wait to see him grow into the superstar he will become

Regular Black guy 1998 Reply

Future All-Pro

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