A.J. Klein Talks Rams Offense Ahead of Week 2 Matchup | New Orleans Saints – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Tyler Horton Reply

Whoever saying gthey’d take a rodgers in fantasy cmon man what about breesus before we had a defense he almost died for our sins putting up ridiculous numbers that a rod wishes he had the ability and skill of breesus h christ lol

Jason YT Reply

I hope Kiko can come in this game and switch out with Klein

    Young Nola Reply


    yoswebb Reply


    EbkSaints Nation Reply

    Klein can go. He’s ineffective he gets 2-3 tackles per game that’s not good

God Son Reply

Long as our secondary can make steps, I believe our front 7 show up

Joshua Walker Reply

Lmaooo at the guys shoot da shhhhtt in the background!! True locker room Spirit 🗣🤫😂🤣😂


Good interview…Butt.. who was paying more attention to the guys in the back?…LOL…. #THEREALBROTHERHOOD..WHO DATT!!

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