A Huge Game in Kansas City | Ravens Report – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

A Huge Game in Kansas City | Ravens Report

Hear from John Harbaugh and tight end Mark Andrews, and look back on the Week 2 win over the Cardinals.

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Andrew Cotherman Reply

1st comment 👌

Right Left Paradigm Reply

I think we’re going to win. Tyreek Hill isn’t playing and he killed us last year. Lamar is obviously a lot better. We have Earl Thomas instead of Eric Weddle. Ravens 27 Chiefs 24.

    Keaden Wheeler Reply

    Lol don’t matter we deadass put up 40 and 28 points without hill and u guys don’t even have jimmy Smith soooo

    Mike Blick Reply

    I could see 27-24. I’m a Chiefs fan, I don’t think we’re going undefeated, this is definitely a matchup we could lose. Pumped for the game, couldn’t sleep! Lol

    Kelvin Reaves Reply

    Let’s hope so my guy. Our secondary can’t have a repeat performance like Arizona & expect Mahomes not to carve us up. It’s vital that we get constant pressure on him. That guys arm strength is out of this world. Also the OL needs to protect LJ by any means necessary other than dumb penalties

    Ryan Pennington Reply

    Nal we clappin

    Ryan Pennington Reply

    Infinty even

Danehh Reply

I feel like mark andrews will be talked about like Ertz and Kelce. Super talented. Hollywood’s got a shot to be a top tier receiver too. A good time to be a ravens fan. So exciting

    Raul Quirindongo Reply

    @Danehh Slight edge? Get serious!

    Mike Blick Reply

    Lmao Mark Andrews is a good player, but calm down. 50 career catches and he’s up there with Kelce? No lol

    Kelvin Reaves Reply

    Mike Blick Kelce is a problem no doubt but Mark could potentially be just as good as Travis fr

    Mike Blick Reply

    @Kelvin Reaves yeah I like him as a player, he was good at Oklahoma and he looks good this year

    Kelvin Reaves Reply

    Mike Blick I love that he’s built fast chemistry with Lamar so soon. You can really tell that he’s becoming his go to receiver but he’s starting to lock on to him & Hollywood. G.Ro needs to dial up some plays that gets Hurst, Boykin, Hill & others involved in the gameplan. It’s great that he’s been so reliable tho but I wanna see the them spread the ball around like he did in week 1 otherwise the gameplan of opposing teams will be to take away Mark & Hollywood

Gregory Campbell Reply

Erin Hawksworth is thick and sexy as hell.

    nygga lex Reply

    @Tevin Jones 😂😂 no Cap bruh she thick asf

    Mathew Lagueux Reply

    @Tevin Jones I was just joking man… playing with him

    Lion Thomas Reply


    Raul Quirindongo Reply

    You know she’ll be enjoying some K.C. BBQ until Patrick Mahomes gives her indigestion.

    Mathew Lagueux Reply

    @Raul Quirindongo goodluck to you all

Grady Willson Reply

Yes long content!!!!!!!


Raven Nation!!!

Dustin Platt Reply

Love the Ravens. My dad was a Balti Colts fan with his dad. I was born in Baltimore. Grew up at Memorial Stadium, went to games there with my dad every Sunday. So bear that in mind when I say I’m not looking forward to this game.

I’m not seeing us winning this one. Onto the next one.

    Daquan Eldridge Reply

    Dustin Platt what??? You’re not a loyal fan

    Dustin Platt Reply

    @Daquan Eldridge With season tickets I was there every sunday game when we had Testaverde, Harbaugh, Banks and Grbac. That’s like being a Browns fan. I’m more loyal than Lamar bandwagoners.

    Daquan Eldridge Reply

    Dustin Platt I’ve grew up near the ravens stadium born and raised. I feel like my boys winning this game without a doubt

    Drippy Reply

    Shuron Cromartie 😂

jamal Omar Reply

I’m sure Harbaugh has some tricks up his sleeves especially after how close it was last year. Plus It’s only game 3 we’ve only scratched the surface of the Ravens offensive and defensive capabilities.

    Raul Quirindongo Reply

    And you think Andy Reid isn’t doing the same?

    Kelvin Reaves Reply

    Raul Quirindongo well he’s one of the hottest coaches in the league with a top offense to go with it. With that said I think we could actually come out of KC with a win this year. Pass rush & secondary need to be on point though. Our secondary can’t have another performance like the one last week against the Cards. If Kyler didn’t get off to such a slow start we would’ve lost that game

BigShot Reply

The game of the week !!

hrs sk Reply

Baltimore all day

Buck Browning Reply

Go Ravens! Pound The Rock Baby!

atwilliams8 Reply


Ravens Review Reply

2019 Lamar > 2018 Lamar. Earl Thomas > Eric Weddle. No Tyreek Hill for KC… Ravens have a chance here, even in Arrowhead.

    Bro What Are You talking About Reply

    @Keaden Wheeler bro none of those players matter against us. We stop Tyreek we win. No Tyreek, stop Sammy we win 40-17 Ravens

    Raul Quirindongo Reply

    @rockman11309 Look at the Chiefs stats run vs pass. Then tell me does it matter? K.Murray 349 yards passing last week. What will the MVP do to that secondary?

    Mike Blick Reply

    2019 Mahomes > 2018 Mahomes. 2019 KC defense > 2018 KC defense. No Jimmy Smith. Lost your nickel in training camp. Earl Thomas is a good player. Humphrey is good. Carr is old. Baltimore doesn’t have enough good cover guys to stop the Chiefs

    Kelvin Reaves Reply

    Mike Blick if we can get constant pressure on Pat & our pass rushers & secondary are on point than I think we have a chance to come out with a W. You guys are great but this years Ravens & Lamar are completely different. May the best team win is all I gotta say

    Mike Blick Reply

    @Kelvin Reaves yeah I am not counting the Ravens out. I like Lamar Jackson and the offense is definitely hard to defend. Chiefs are better than last year as well. I’m just not sure how good Ravens D is….they have some good pieces but the injuries and guys they lost in the offseason….it’s gonna be hard for them to stop KC. Even if they do get pressure…Mahomes beats it all the time. He got hit a lot vs the Jags.

Chris O'Neill Reply

It’s gonna be loud in the kingdom tomorrow!! Hope it’s a great game. Good luck, Ravens!!

Joey Weisen Reply

Let’s go Baltimore the world is watching ! I have faith in you Lamar . This is history in the making .

James Brown Reply


JR_TheBeast Reply


SiXwas Here Reply

#BeMore 💜💛

clarence worley Reply

host is hot but annoying af

Just BlakSheep Reply

I’m just glad we let go Flacco’s cause last year was wtf moments when he was in the game, team LJ all day

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