A Champion’s Journey: The Drew Brees Story | New Orleans Saints Football – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

A Champion’s Journey: The Drew Brees Story | New Orleans Saints Football

A Champion's Journey: the story, is a condensed version of our nine-part video series on Brees – – that culminated in 2018 with his record-setting performance against the Redskins in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. While condensed from , A Champion's Journey is 87 minutes long so give yourself plenty of time to watch Brees' journey from an overlooked high school quarterback in Austin, Texas to his years at Purdue, his time with the Chargers, his decision to sign with the and how he led the franchise to triumph in XLIV.
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Tyler Kaya

Drew reminds me of a young and more accurate Peyton Manning.

Tyller Calvert

Just found tonight’s entertainment

Trent Lewis

If you love Drew and the WHO DAT NATION leave a like!

    Mr psychometrics

    How about half a like

    Alex The wombat

    #WhoDat I’ve loved the saints since the day I was born, I’m ready to feel that Brees!

Chozen Kingston

Been Waiting on something like this for Drew Brees to drop WHODAT !!!

1 like= WHODAT

Carlos Alberto Vermejo

The Real Greatest! WHO DAT

Dville On the map

Did this just come out?? About time something like this was made for the greatest quarterback in NFL history!


    Came out last year this time. They got the chapters in a playlist. This is first time they have the full cut

    Dville On the map

    @behinddoornumber1 ah I see that now lol thanks for the response 💪

André Leon

We will take this Super Bowl for Drew, for Tom Benson and for the whole Who Dat fanbase. WHODAT from Brazil!!!

    Swaggy Man_Man

    You already know 😈

Pablo Wilkano

Drew Brees story helped me get my life straight. I was a drug addict. He inspired me after reading his book, Coming Back Stronger. That was at the beginning of 2016. February 21, I’ll have 4 years clean. Thank you, Drew!

    Connor Bergeron

    I read that book in 8th grade and I’m actually reading it again right now!! It’s sooo good!!

    Pablo Wilkano

    @Connor Bergeron I can’t give Drew all the credit. God played a big part. But Drew set the example of faith for me, and February 21, 2016 was the day I accepted Christ.

    Connor Bergeron

    @Pablo Wilkano that’s great man! This honestly brightened my day lol

    Nashville Saint

    Pablo Wilkano God bless you man. That’s awesome


    Thanks for sharing your story, don’t forget to give yourself credit, keep believing in YOU!

luke wilson

Brees IS the saints and hopefully plays for 3 more seasons.

    Micah Heard

    I hope man, or atleast as long as Brady


i haven’t even started watching and already know i’m finna be crying ..

Danger X

My man Drew Brees…! The true goat in quarterback, in life, and as a good person. You just don’t get a better combination of a man. Congrats and I’m so proud to live down here and who dat Nation. Now continue groom the next great quarterback for the depressing day when you leave… Because he emulates you more than anyone I’ve ever seen and as many extra tools in the Box… Taysom Hill


    and Teddy too, gotta love them both! 🙂

Talkin Bout Nawlins

He is the Stir in our drink! Much Love from the Black&Gold Nation


just watched this whole video straight through, so happy I did! Who Dat!!!

Moe K

Best hour and 26 minutes and 31 seconds of my goddamn life


Just imagine being on that High school football team with Drew, and knowing your playing with the G.O.A.T The best All-time QB imo

cats and critters

LOL…..Drew’s eyes when he talks about “AMBUSH” priceless.

Ru sh

This our year guys we gonna win in Miami again.


    Man wouldn’t that be something, ultimate story of perseverance

Jacob Yong

Who Dat!! ⚜️⚜️⚜️
Love from Australia 🇦🇺

S Ready

Touched my heart 💜 Drew and Brittany have such big hearts…God bless them

Andrew Gennaro

Can’t wait when he gets back from injury

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