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a s3 Reply

He the best receiver in the league.

    Evil Duck Reply

    Hopkins was better last season but Julio has a better overall career

    Scotty Robinson Reply

    a s3 You’re absolutely 100% correct best in the league period!

    King Afuola Reply

    Larry Legend is the GOAT dhop ain’t better sorry

Jose Puga Reply

Rodgers is top 8

Let that sink in.

    Smack Ish Reply

    @Lil Bill right cause u score with catch percentage and yards lmao idiot

    Smack Ish Reply

    @Lil Bill falcons missed the playoffs too lmfao Julio didn’t even have the most TD by a wr on his team 😂😂

    Lil Bill Reply

    Smack Ish lol ab isn’t better than Julio or Hopkins 😂😂😂 I can type a bunch of emoji’s too 😂😂😂😂. If you can double the amount of targets, I would hope you have double the amount of touchdowns hold this L 😂😂😂😂

    Dat Le Reply

    Smh best WR in the game

    YEAH IGHT Reply

    @Smack Ish Touchdowns don’t matter when u average 1400 yards a season I’m not sure but I’m positive he has more yards than any active receiver but A.B .

Evan R Reply

Aaron Rodgers is really bouta be higher than Julio Jones…

    c j Reply

    Do you not understand what this list is it’s Peersrank him is not about your opinion so obviously he gets respect stop hating

    salamipitza Reply

    as long as he is not higher ranked than brees and/or brady
    i’m fine

    Kevvgotdreads That’skevvwiththebush Reply

    DZsquid he’s number 8 idk how 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

    Brooks Orlando Reply

    They’re both all time greats. Aaron had 4400 yds 25td 2int in what was considered an “off” season. I don’t get what’s so aggregious about that

Emperor Palpatine Reply

Does anyone remember when he intercepted Russell Wilson lmao

    PrecyseTheWise Reply

    @A.HallReacts 2012 or 2016 playoffs. Cant remember

    EbkSaints Nation Reply

    Matt Ryan gonna play Safety and Julio gonna play QB

    tallmunchkin868 Reply

    I mean… it was a Hail Mary at the end of the game.

    BB Clover 2010 Reply

    KillerKhye yep what a great idea

Jerewy Reply

How is AB the best WR and how is Aaron Rodgers top 8, and imma packers fan

    Xavier Fragoso Reply

    @joshua berger what about julios entire career? I bet you cant even remember the last time julio had a double digit td season


    @Xavier Fragoso bro so one stat makes u a better player are u high like you do realize julio gets double teamed all the time in the red zone


    @Xavier Fragoso it was his second year and he wasnt forced fed the ball i cant remember the last time julio didnt have 1400 yards

    Xavier Fragoso Reply

    @RONNELL RANDLE you act like ab doesnt get double teamed all the time but ab still makes it happen are you sure your not the one on drugs?


    @Xavier Fragoso so he gets double teamed in the red zone sre u high

Jordan Davis Reply

This list is a damn lifetime achievement award. Julio was way better than Antonio Brown last year and so was Deandre Hopkins

    Jorge Cancel jr Reply

    @Jordan Davis 😅😅🤣 I just wanted to bring his name up. To see who would say something .

    Lyric X Reply

    I don’t take this list that serious but you’re right but just listen at what the interviewer asks Amari. “Whose the best at your position.” That tells you something right there. It should be who had the better season. I knew this was messed up when the MVP wasn’t the best QB. I can understand Donald being number one in the NFL because fact of the matter is a defensive player won’t win the MVP anymore so a defensive player of the year beats out the MVP makes sense but the mvp whose a quarterback not be the top quarterback is weird.

    Tafaimamao Tupuola Reply


    Tafaimamao Tupuola Reply

    AB doesn’t stand a chance against Julio Jones

    Dotlei Jeudy Reply

    @Z CiDDKaST Ab gets hit in stride by big ben who has a strong arm, while matt ryan under throws julio downfield all the time even when he’s open. Just looking at this vid you can see a lot of under throws.

Bryan Hu Reply

Welcome back Mike Daniels!!! True GOAT

Aidan Knight Reply

How tf is AB ahead of Julio 🤦🏾‍♂️

    MikeBNumba6 Reply

    @MJ713 HOU Julio don’t score TDs like brown

    MJ713 HOU Reply

    @MikeBNumba6 if you say so. So that’s your only argument?. Tell me one thing AB does that Julio can’t do. I’ll wait???

    MikeBNumba6 Reply

    @MJ713 HOU Julio can’t return kicks. They both have similar numbers, AB beats Julio in TDs. Meaning he actually gives his team a better chance of winning because he gets into the end zone.

    You acting like TDs not a big deal. JULIO had more targets and more catches yet AB scored more points. In fact Brown had double the amount of TDs then Jones. Brown was more productive

    Julio had only had 400 more yds and remember Brown missed one game.

    They both been in the league around the same time. Brown barely played his rookie year while Jones started and Brown still beats Jones in catches, yds and he absolutely smokes Jones in TDs. And Brown has the better career catch percentage

    MJ713 HOU Reply

    @MikeBNumba6 wow so how many times did Julio have more targets than AB in the last 5 years? I’m sure AB gets more redzone targets than Julio which isn’t Julio’s fault. When AB can jump higher than 3 defenders to catch a pass, holla at me. So basically you probably believe AB was better than Megatron as well?

    MJ713 HOU Reply

    @MikeBNumba6 we both know that AB has gotten more targets total over the last 5 years.

KillaRafael Reply

0:41 Matt Ryan drops completely out of the top 100 because of that

    Matt Knows Reply

    @Falcon BANE77 F

    Lalit Reply

    @Falcon BANE77 damn u stupid

    Big Serg Reply

    @Falcon BANE77 dumb asf lol

    Antonio Kim Reply

    KillaRafael I don’t know who they gave Patrick Peterson higher than Matt Ryan when Patrick will miss 6 games

    MainAttractionProductionz Reply

    That’s that “Get Out” fist bump 🤣

Zach Dragon Reply

How you gonna put Rodgers ahead of Julio Jones, are really just top 8!! If we going off last year then Rodgers shouldn’t be close to top 8

    LØRD MCD Reply

    @Michael Sawyer So you’re really going to say because he’s injured he could get away with shattering a sissified record

    Sherrell Banfield Reply

    @LØRD MCD ok

    Edmond Dantes Reply

    Completely agree

    Omni Pepper Reply

    ItsIcyFalcon Well since rodgers was injured he would be able to scramble that well. Tho I agree Rodgers didn’t play as well as his ranking says. I would put him at top 20

Pusha B Reply

First play is him rocking a DB. Legend

    Dylan Lewis Reply

    Livingthat Twelvelife you ever read his article he did for the players turbine then?

Thomas Isaacs Reply

Rodgers is in the top 8 but not Julio
That’s a good one NFL

    Joshua Johnson Reply

    Jacob Gomez How was Rodgers not productive? He had 25 TD’s, 2 INT’s, 4% completion percentage lower than Mahomes and top 3 in QBR, all while facing injuries all season. That ain’t productive?

    Jacob Gomez Reply

    Joshua Johnson umm holy i’m a packers fan who saw every game and it’s ar12 he’s bound to have those stats. but cmon saying he was a top 8 player in the league isn’t right. i love aaron and will continue to love the packers but he isn’t a top 8 player in the league at least this season.

    jdizzle foshizzle Reply

    @Jr 1674 yards with 8 TDs is better bro

    Jacob Gomez Reply

    Joshua Johnson and go check your stats again because aaron wasn’t in top 3 this season with qbr

    Smack Ish Reply

    @Jr has 2 interceptions cuase he played it safe all year lmao he had like the most throw away passes

Daniel Zylberberg Reply

Julio was so much better than AB last year. TDs do not tell the whole story.

    Chosen one Reply

    Kyle Tran they don’t even pass to him in the red zone anymore because they know it’s gonna be triple covered that’s why he gets most of his tds outside the red zone and Ab has juju to keep that from happening

    Kelby Smith Reply

    @samp _ 2 words. RECEIVING YARDS !!!!

    Izayah Thorb Reply

    @samp _ AB also didnt lead is OWN TEAM in rec. Yards. As in wasnt the go-to guy, that was JuJu.

    Slinger Reply

    samp _ Julio had 380 more yards with only 2 more targets🥴

Troy Boffa Reply

How is Julio number 9 he should be rank number 1 he is amazing

J R Reply

AB isn’t better than Julio in any category besides diva clout. How tf is he higher?? 🤡

    Deshawn Finley Reply

    Boogie Cousins isn’t that what you want ?🤔😂😂

    Baste GOD Reply

    @WE23anime Huh? Maybe you should expand on the question lol. Or did you just need to throw your 2 cents in without adding any value to the conversation?

    WE23anime Reply

    @Baste GOD ….yeah…that response further tells us u are clueless about the topic of football…

    Baste GOD Reply

    WE23anime Again, you’ve added nothing to the conversation lol. If you don’t know what you are talking about just say it. You are speaking in general terms and going in circles kid. What don’t I know? it’s simple lol.

Tosh T Reply

If the coaching staff had done a better job, Julio’s Super Bowl catch would still be talked about.

    dirtybirds2323 Reply

    That catch should have gon down as the greatest catch !! Or “ THE CATCH “!! But then Kyle happen

    Antonio Kim Reply

    Tosh T Kyle wanted to lose that super bowl so bad that he lost his playbook. You remember that? Some 49ers beat writer had returned it to him saying he found it laying around

    Apolonioman Reply

    Is that Sydney Harbor bridge in your avi broseph? Dang man, I miss Australia. I was backpacking there for a while.

AestheticsisLife Reply

I like how they interviewed Ha Ha Clinton Dix again for Julio. His response last year was hilarious😂

    UnlovedSenpai Reply

    What was his response last year?

    Ginga Reply

    @UnlovedSenpai He was speechless for about 5 seconds and asked what you can say about him. Real respect from a fellow Tide member. The video is on Youtube. Worth watching.

Avatar last niggaBender Reply

I like payers like Julio Jones that don’t cry for attention. He just about his business.

MintyBeatz Reply

Amari cooper: Julio is #1
Karim Jackson: Julio is #1
Luke Kuechly: Julio is #1

NFL: Julio is #9

    Martif Reply

    @John Lennon AB wouldn’t admit Julio is better, in his 2 year old mind he’s the best and would never do that even though Julio is really better than AB

    Falcons/Hawks/Braves Fan Extraordinaire Reply

    just blasphemy by the NFL 😡

    Elijah Newcomb Reply

    the players vote for these rankings

    Francis Avoce Reply

    ᎠᏒᎪx ᏆhᎬ ᎠᎬsᏆᏒᎾᎽᎬᏒ Numbers say otherwise

    Matt Pawlowski Reply

    @John Lennon I disagree. Antonio is so full of himself, that I don’t think he’d admit Julio is better, though it’s clear.

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