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Anthony Wise

Kellen was setting Zeke up for the rest of the year. Proving to everyone we can throw the ball, while Zeke gets his legs back under him. Already loving what I’m seeing from our new OC!


    @Phillip Ellis He only threw it 32 times. That’s not a lot. He actually connected almost all of his deep passes.

    Phillip Ellis

    We threw 26 times in first half


    @Phillip Ellis And that’s a bad thing? The Cowboys are a running team and we all know that. But if the passing game is working, then why not stick with it? I’m sure once Zeke gets back to full strength, they’ll be back to normal. But I like the fact that they were able to win with the pass. Even if it was against a “not so formidable” secondary. They did what they were suppose to do. I see it as a good thing.

Guitarslingin Zombiekiller

Dak is on a mission and so is this team.

    Ali Muhammad


    Polo G



    That means Dak and this team shoving their cleat up this league’s azz.

    Stone Cold

    I love the Cowboys but don’t get too excited, overall its a very middle of the pack ‘D” and a uber inexperienced secondary.

    jose garcia

    @Stone Cold ur right its the first game but the defense is a lil banged up I think Quinn will compliment d-law very well , I agree defense looked a lil rusty but we are missing a few peaces and that one handed catch deep ball by the gmen was well defended, besides saquon is tough to defend and the giants oline and runstop defense looked decent


Video actually starts at 5:04

    Chris Christenson

    Thank you buddy

    Alfred Cavazos


    ranny tapiwa


    William Sprake


Francis Washington

1-0 #Go Cowboys

cory hawks

I liked Beasley, but he wouldn’t have been able to stiff arm the guy for a first down like Cobb did.

    Canelo Alvarez

    Maybe they wouldve ran an inside route instead of outside

    jeremy x

    Cobb straight manhandled ole boy
    Slung em out of the way!!!

    Cole couldn’t have slung dude’s shadow 🤣

    Nintengo 1985

    Yea sir it’s definitely a upgrade. That play is what sparked this team. Hairs stood up on my neck when he pushed through that db.


    Meanwhile, Cole had a catchable ball bounce off him into the defender’s hands for an int, 🤦🏻‍♂️.

    jeremy x

    Didn’t see that game

Franklin Evans

Getting Jason witten back brought way to much spacing to. They have to much spacing on the field. Randal cobb was the best move ever.

Marcus Moore

Man even a Cowboy satiation still giving Dak no respect smh

Kei Francis

Linehan Who. 😂

billy heaton

Good hope they stay focused and get ready for the Redskins next week #cowboysnation

Brian Waller

For all the talk about the defense giving up over 400 is pathetic

    Bob Adams

    Yes, but an important part of the reason for the better execution came compliments of a more diversified offense.

Brian Waller

Disappointed in the defense. It was hyped all offseason and they didn’t play well

    Craig Manning

    Two turnovers 2-10 on third down conversions. Not bad.

    King D

    It’s kool to have high expectations based on reports and interviews and stuff, but let’s keep it simple. Things like that happen. It’s how you respond the next time that matters more. But I have confidence in them. And here’s another confidence booster for me at least: last year the defense carried the offense significantly through a number of games. It’s nice to see the offense show that it can do the same. One game at a time.

    Brian Waller

    @Craig Manning 470 yards of offense, 1 sack on a 38 yr old immobile quarterback, and preached stop the run all week and Barkley could of had 200 yards if giants ran him enough. Bad defensive effort

    Justin Quarles

    Defense was a little rusty and missed some tackles but not worried 1 bit… Kris Richard and Rod Marinelli will fix it.


    Mazer Rackham

    Yards don’t mean jack , yards don’t win games. They held them under 20 pts just like they did most teams last season. Yards only mean something for fantasy football which isn’t real football.

Andy Jones

Michael Gallup star in the making

    Bob Adams

    You betcha!

    jose garcia

    That kid I ball in and dak is taking it to the next level, good bye young rookie years!!!!! But one game at a time , hope the defense gets Quinn back soon and some of our dline man !!! We officially look complete props to Moore w the play action disguises and the way we spread the. Ball baby!!

Buck Norris

Great Game! My word, turn off that obnoxious background music. Hard to listen to what you are saying.


Megatron and Dez hid the fact that Linehan plays stunk. If you dont have a wide receiver making highlight catches down the field.. it didn’t work. Everything was long…or check downs. You see what happens when you run runs and slants. Now….You can go down the field . Moore…MVP

DrStephen H

Looked good, let’s remain positively optimistic. Not Over Confident. Humble yourselves Cowboys Nation!

Kaptain KoRn

Cobb is the man!

Chris Fiefia

Defense will show out next week against the Redskins

Mazer Rackham

The giants thought we were going run heavy. Surprise mutha sucka’s!!!!


Travis Frederick is the true MVP of this team. The affect he has on the protection schemes is massively underrated.

Rmf 22

I don’t wanna get too hyped but our offense looked very different..lots of motion and different route combos and getting everyone involved so the defense can’t just focus on 1 guy..Dak looked much improved throwing as well..he was very decisive on his reads and made quick decisions

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