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a s3

This m’fer ruined my fantasy season

    Jaylin Taylor

    I deadass lost by 2 points in the championship because he didn’t finish that last game

    Legend__ 21

    Yooo I’m crying😭


    a s3 your welcome 😁

    Tyler Jean

    @RanBelGaming he won me a FF championship with his week 16 performance against the Jets


    I had Rodgers and mahomes I thought mahomes was just gonna have like 3 good games so I kept starting Arod till he got hurt and I didn’t have any good receivers


This list is a bigger joke than Nathan Peterman

    XxAnthony GamingxX

    @Ken Sorry i offended you. Its Just the packers are so good they offend everyone

    Chewing Gum Channel

    XxAnthony GamingxX ummmmmmm have you been around the past two years buddy. It’s ok, you use those idiotic Xx things in your name, so lets take a wild guess…… your 6 maybe 7

    I mUsT CoNsuLt ThE eLdEr Gods! !

    @Zebula Wienandt it’s about popularity


    @XxAnthony GamingxX they didn’t even make the playoffs

Owen Raefield

I’m guessing Patrick Mahomes at #1.

    XxAnthony GamingxX

    should be aaron

    ThatBoyNeeds SomeMilk #HolEmDown

    Lmaoooo nope

    Don Mega

    Number 4 sadly

    Juan Armendariz

    Owen Raefield he wast even top 3 😂😂

    Will Ferkilinka

    Owen Raefield you guess wrong

Sir Weedle

This man is over Matt Ryan, Russel Wilson, and Phillip Rivers.. why?

    Benjamin Farias

    I’m still mad that Phillip Rivers is over Russell Wilson.


    Kaden Day This is not based on how great his career is this is based on how good they played in 2019 and Matt Ryan, Phillip Rivers, and Russell Wilson all played better


    Because it’s voted on by the players

_GunnerCapsAreOut_ ;-;

How is Rodgers in top 10 and how is he better than Luck and Wilson

    Revy's Bitch

    He’s always been better than Wilson and Luck. Stop it


    It’s voted on by the players

    Gerald Wallis

    Luck and Wilson 🤣😂🤣..

    Colts fan4 Life

    Luck is 3-0 against Rodgers and Wilson with much worse teams around him.


Rodgers is still a top qb. But cmon its supposed to be about the 2018-2019 season, not a lifetime achievement award

    Matthew Smith

    @Michael Murphy Quaterbacks Rodgers has lost to in the playoffs- Kurt Warner(hall of famer), Russell Wilson(Pro Bowler, and futuer hof), Colin Kapernick 2x(Pro Bowler at the time), Eli Manning(the 2nd time he won the Superbowl), Matt Ryan(Pro Bowler, and during his MVP season), Carson Palmer(Pro bowl, and mvp candidate season).

    QBs Brady has lost to in the playoffs not named Peyton Manning- Mark Sanchez 2x, Eli Manning 2x, Joe Flacco, Nick Foles.

    See how fun cherrypicking stats that really reflect team success can be?

    RaᏉaᎶe ᎯHЅ



    403 completions without an interception… shut up

    Michael Murphy

    @Matthew Smith EXcept for the fact that Brady beat 3 of the QBs who knocked out Rodgers and Rodgers beat ZERO of the ones who defeated Brady.
    Logis isn’t your forte Sparky.

    Michael Murphy

    @flamingobandit How mahy wins does that get you?
    I’ll wait.

Jalen Frazer

I love Aaron Rodgers and the packers but I can’t defend this


    @Christian Parker but this isn’t an all time list, it’s a list of the best players of 2019, and as a Packers Fan, I know that Rodger’s shouldn’t be in the top 20 let alone the top 10, based on last season.


    It’s voted by the players


    Yeah you can

Alfonso Montoya

I respect Rodgers, but there is NO DAMN WAY he is top 10 this year.


    He should be 100%


    @Anthony 71 On one of the lowest completion percentages in the league. Don’t leave that out.

    IStyx -

    thekingbradable lmao it’s ridiculous on how many people bring about the completion percentage man was playing with one leg, one consistent receiver in Adams with injuries to the main WR group with rookies and unproven talent at WR our TE graham was always hurt and our RB group was good but also not consistent and he still threw for 4500 yards with a 25-2 td/ int ratio on the season now how is that not top 10 worthy lmao

    IStyx -

    Not even mentioning going threw coaching changes mid season as well 🤷‍♂️

stereotypicalgamer '

Yea this is the worst top 100 list since it’s been out. Aaron Rodgers is top 10 and the Super Bowl mvp is 90🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️

    Tanner Urban

    Edelman is overrated he ain’t that good

    Bear Archambault

    @Flippity-Flops Yeah, truth is, Brady’s football IQ beats Rodgers’ by a hemisphere.
    I know, it was silly of me to suggest any different 😉


    @Bear Archambault If you think Bradys football IQ is higher than Rodgers than you’re stupid and have never watched football, At most Brady and Rodgers Football IQ are equal

    Bear Archambault

    @Flippity-Flops Phew, that was a wicked good burn. You’re a clever one, ain’t ya?

    Colt Dean

    Tanner Urban your stupid he’s the best slot in the game


He really higher than Julio and NFL 100 is higher than Wiz Khalifa


    @andrew reierson but who won against eachother? Aaron Rodgers

    andrew reierson

    @AGK927 yeah after losing to the falco s the last 3 times. Matt has out dueled rogers more in his career.

    Tyson Cannon

    DarkskinDelight_11 😂


    Wussup Tyson


    This list is made by his fellow nfl players, not the nfl

Da Bears

Imagine your team going 6-9-1 and your QB being ranked 8th, in the NFL?!? This isn’t a career award 😂😬


    Da Bears Did you not watch the video?

    Uso Penitentiary

    YEAH IGHT the entire team is responsible but everyone looks at the QB first


    @Da Bears The packers had so many injuries last season wtf LMAO, moron

    Cody Hanssen

    @Jarron um….. NO. Rodgers is completely terrible in the clutch and completely mediocre against winning teams, and completely bad on the road. All things Brady had to do to win the Super Bowl.

Grant Peebles

“Paul Pierce moment” Paul Pierce came out the other week and said he just pooped himself😂

    Big Mac

    Grant Peebles I was just thinking that 😂😂😂



    Alex Acosta


Jonathan Micka

Everyone keeps forgetting that the players voted on this. The NFL had nothing to do with the rankings. This list isn’t accurate, just players opinions…

    quintin alexander

    Monitors of Decorum & Decency do you think people who are getting paid millions care about what you think about their opinions?

    Monitors of Decorum & Decency

    @quintin alexander
    I dunno… who cares?


    @Monitors of Decorum & Decency you are so salty lmfao

    Monitors of Decorum & Decency

    As salty as the Dead Sea, mate… 😉

    Cody Hanssen

    How is the players opinions distinguished from the NFL? And how would the NFL have a better idea than the players who is better?

Sebastian Uriarte

Like: Nathan Peterman
Comment: Rodgers, Brady

    Thad Castle

    Larry Legend is the GOAT if u think peterman is good then why did I comment and give Brady a point instead of just liking



    Myles Garrett Ig & Twit is at symbol krjiiie

    Seeing Peterman and those guys names in the same comment disrespects NathGOAT

    Lions Bitch

    Super Happy Fun Times Brady is better then rodgers

Sergio Davila

*In T.O’s broken up voice* “That’s my quarterback, man.” #GoPackGo

Mr. Charizard

“He was about as flawless as could ever be”

Past Rodgers: am I a joke to you

    Banquet Meal

    He’s better than he ever was in the past. The team isnt.

    Omni Pepper

    Banquet Meal Nah dude his MVP seasons were way better. I live the packers but this year he wasn’t been making good throws that he usually did

    Banquet Meal

    @Omni Pepper Statistically they were better seasons because he had a more experienced group of guys at the skill positions. Mentally he is 20x ahead of where he was in 2011 and 2014. His hard count wasn’t a thing until about 3 years ago and it isn’t like his arm is getting weaker.

    Omni Pepper

    Banquet Meal I would say he is mentally weaker. His hard count wasn’t as effective and he was just only clutch in game 1. Physically injuries could be to blame because his deep ball wasn’t as great as the last few seasons and his scrambling wasn’t great either. He only scored 22 touchdowns which was pretty underwhelming for me. The team. Wasn’t good either since he had a weak WR group and the defense wasn’t great especially when Clinton was traded for a 4th rounder. But I agree his team was pretty bad too. If the team didn’t fumble against the Rams and Patriots we would have had a pretty good chance to win and that could have turned the tides of the season.

Joe Jones

Trust me ..players don’t give a damn about stats. They scared AF of Aaron Rodgers.

    Tray Wilson

    Junaid Mahmud He’s right I trust NFL players opinion 10x more than you bums that watch the game on your couch 😂 if they’re saying he’s top 10 knowing what it takes to continue to compete at the highest level how can you be mad? Or question anything they say?


    i mean hes overrated hes stats are just stats and hes made of glass unlike farve


    Tray Wilson yesss!!! agreed!!!

    Richara Gonzales

    @cortezmauricio56 favre lost us as many games as he clutched
    And Rodgers excels everywhere Brett struggled on the field

    Not 1 throw that Brett could make that rodgers couldn’t


    @Richara Gonzales ehh you believe what the media tells you huh

Luke Rochford

Davonte Adams: he had his Paul pierce moment.
He shat himself on the field

Sean Vang

Life-long Packers fan here and GB for life, (and don’t tell me I’m not a true Packers fan because I’m just seeing stuff realistically) but I’m not sure how A-Rod got here. He’s definitely one of the top qbs in general for sure (at least imo) but 2018 was an okay year for him. As a Pack fan, I’ve seen his best years and those years definitely outdone his 2018 year.

    Charlie _

    Sean Vang the other packers fans are all blind af it’s basically and insult to his pas self if u think he had his best season

    db paragon

    @Charlie _ The players vote dude.

    Charlie _

    db paragon Ik but all these packers fans in the comments saying he deserves this spot he obliviously doesn’t

Lexington Vazquez

I thought the same but 4400+yds 25 TDS 2int are solid lol

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