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KennyT-757 Reply

Cowboys!!Getting number 6 this year

    First Name Last Name Reply

    KennyT-757 yes sir but we need to pay Zeke

    Kenneth Banks Reply

    Hope so but I’ll wait

KennyT-757 Reply

No Nerds saying First this time!!!🤣🤣🤣

    Lava LifeGuard Reply

    Just wait, that azzhole “Mister” will show up claiming second! LOL

    William Cabell Reply

    KennyT-757 what the hell does that mean. I know I am not the sharpest tool in the box, but man that was just a bit obtuse.

Kay Reeves Reply

I cant wait for the season

Ricardo Hotboy Reply

Kellen moore the 🐐

sefriendlyguy Reply

why is the video, stopping and starting?? nice to see football again!

Jeremy Ledbetter Reply

Bring back Dave! Dave has more sense and knowledge than you other knuckle heads

eric cornelius Reply

☆’Merica’s Team☆

bret hull Reply

I’m only half way through the vid. But it seems like I’m seeing a lot of fga’s on offense for the 1’s. Looks like the beginning of last year lol.

GoldenNinja88393 Reply

Glad to find out that the video is garbage, and not my phone

jake maine Reply


The Squad Reactions and Challenges Reply

Ffwd to the 15 min mark for the action, thank me later lol

Yolanda Smith Reply


Priest Rodriguez Reply

49:21 jaylon got home

William Sprake Reply

Still holding the ball too long!

used 2be Reply

I’m sick of u guys saying that we can judge off of camp practices. Uh yo clowns, that’s exactly what camp is for
Stop giving dak a pass.

Rizzo Aristotle Reply

Defense is looking really good

Raul Plata Reply

Vamos Cowboys Tony Pollard es el futuro

J Bad Reply

Starts at 15:40 Your welcome Go Cowboys!!!

Ryan R Reply

Zeke better get his spoiled butt back to camp, Pollard hungry for that job


14:45 thank me my liking this

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