8/26 LIVE: Practice Report | Dallas Cowboys – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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That was fun

Perry Davis

Go cowboys

Vincent Sample

Way too Early Cowboy Depth Chart ( 4 / 1 / 19 )

24 on Offense:

2 Quarterbacks:
Dak, Rush
White (ps)

4 Runningbacks:
Zek, Jackson, Pollard(wr), Olawale(fb)
Weber (ps)

6 Wide Outs:
Cooper, Gallup, Cobb, Wilson, Austin, ( Smith, Brown or Johnson )
Guyton (ps)

3-4 Tightends:
Witten, Jarwin, Shultz, Rico
McElroy (ps)

9 O-Line:
Smith / Flemming (st)
Williams / McGovern (g/c)
Freddrick / (Looney) (c/g)
Martin / Sua’Fila
Collins / Williams (t/g)

Mitch Hyatt (ps)
Brandon Knight. Now…(IR)

    Vincent Sample

    Defensive Depth Chart: 26

    5 Defensive Tackle:
    (1-Tec) Covington / Woods
    (3-Tec) Crawford / Collins / Hill (1/3)
    Wise and Walker (ps)

    5 Defensive End:
    (LE) Lawrence / Hyder / Armstrong or Jackson
    (RE) Quinn / Taco / [ Gregory ] (sp)
    Jelk and Jackson (2 ps)

    6 Linebackers:
    Smith, LVE, Lee, Thomas, J-M-L, Covington,
    FA (ps)

    6 Cornerbacks:
    Awusie, Jones, Brown, Lewis, MJ, Olumba

    4 Safties:
    Woods, Heath, Wilson, Thompson

    Vincent Sample

    Way Too Early 2020 Draft:

    1st Round Pick 32) DL Nick Coe 6’5 290 Auburn
    Tyrone Crawford or Malek Collins replacement

    2nd Round Pick 64) OT Lucas Jiang 6’6 325 TCU
    La’el Collins or Flemming replacement

    3rd Round Pick 96) SLB Curtis Weaver 6’3 260 Boisie St
    Sean Lee replacement

    4th Round Pick 128) CB Lamar Jackson 6’3 215 Nebraska
    < Trade Down to pick up 6th >
    Anthony Brown replacement

    5th Round Pick 185) QB Felipie Franks 6’6 240 Florida
    Rush, White competition

    6th Round Pick 225) DL Javon Kinlaw 6’6 305 S. Carolina
    Fight fight fight for practice squad

    7th Round Pick 245) TE Tyrone Weatley 6’6 265 Stoney Brook
    Fight fight fight for Wittens backfill on practice squad.


    Lol you said Rico. Someone doesn’t follow the cowboys but acting like it 😂😂


    tsarg96 well to be fair, the date says 4/1/19

jeremy x

Good show
Great job Brian & Lynds

Neil McCauley

What in Tacos history indicates he used to take plays off for leg injuries?


Nice audio! Lindsey sounds like she’s yelling down an echo chamber.

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