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ETC Mob.

So glad this will be his last season.


These guys don’t have a clue

Robert Bennett

I was sorry he ever headed down this ego ridden trip down this road.
The ghostly example of BARBER’s and MURRAY’s mistakes are taking Zeke down with em.
But the most heartrending part is I feel like Zeke REALLY didn’t want this in the beginning. He’s got so much left and can ultimately sit on top of the world, whether he’s disrespected or not. That disrespect is NOT from JJ either. It’s from the press and this is exactly what the media loves about guys like Zeke.
QUIT EATIN THE CHEESE, ZEKE! Parcells knew how to turn a phrase. You think Gurley will EVER see his FAKE MONEY?!? Aw , HELL NO!! You still have time for your rightly deserved pay. Jerrah has cut you a whole buncha slack and DEFENDED YOU, even up to his comments in the season- opening team press conference a couple months ago.
WAKE UP ZEKE !!! ZEKE!! ZEKE!! 👋 This is your TEAM … wake up, dude. Fire the damn lawyer!
I hope this team will STOP TRYING TO STASH MIKE WEBER TOO!!! If you’re gonna “hard line” Zeke, you damn sure better not expose this talent to everyone. That’d be absolutely DUMBASS move. I’m hoping they been saving him for this last PS game to SHOW why they drafted the kid. He’s the perfect compliment to Tony too BTW!!
What about Jordan Chunn ??? The guy is money for short yardage which he hasn’t been able to showcase yet. Behind our first line, he’s gonna be money in the bank. JS!!!

Donna Blanton

I would rather lose games with a team of faithful players versus having this man who does not have the best interest of his team in mind. If he weren’t such a jerk off the field, he could count on endorsements to make up the money. Jerry bent over for this guy and now Zeke is taking full advantage from behind. I wouldn’t guarantee anything for Zeke; he hasn’t earned it. If he showed up and worked with his teammates, I MIGHT have a different view, but he isn’t even working his current contract! What’s to say what he will do if he has a guaranteed one? He can’t be trusted. MOVE ON!

Atoyia M Blackshear

GO COWBOYS!!!!!💯💯💯🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

da Star

Well I’m disappointed in the organization because we need Zeke. Sign the man and lets get this thing.

    Brilliant Hooligans

    Why aren’t you disappointed in Zeke not honoring his CONTRACT.. THAT HE SIGNED!!!

Chris Graham

Marshall the Hata Faulk is in Zeke s ear, might as well get a first round pick for him

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