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Jarmin Reed

Pay zek

    Rue Glock

    @Wiz Bud the one thing I disagree with is that zeke will make everyone walk. For 1, cooper is the one who has all the leverage. We were 3-5 with zeke and dak last year before cooper got integrated. If anyone could hold out and have real leverage it’s cooper.


    He needs to show up 1st…2 years left on his contract and he’s acting a fool!!

    Robert Ward

    Zeke is the best RB in the game imo. But at the same time, RB just doesn’t have the value it once did. We got a ton of guys that we are going to need to pay, and zeke is going to either accept that or leave. I really hope they work it out

Atoyia M Blackshear

GO COWBOYS!!!!!!!!

Land Lord

22:58 when Coach Clap comes out 😩

    Rue Glock

    You do know he claps for a reason right?

Lava LifeGuard

Pay the guys in front of zeke first

David Sanders

Make any new contracts to anyone extremely incentive based on high goals and performance!

Nicholas Sommer

Trade Zeke.

Michael Buchanan

Dude you let’s fans in the war room you better check that room at the end for any bugs like mics you never know who’s out there


Zeke has a bounty out on Pollard



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