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Ring Ring Reply

He had a great season tho but I feel like Dhop should have been higher

    Carlos Rodriguez Reply

    Ya crazy af bro

    SasukeXX007 Reply

    Thank you!!!

    DarKshine DaKid Reply

    @Goose Wayne nah

    DarKshine DaKid Reply

    AB is Better than Hop

    Lowkeybronhater 23 Reply

    Lmaoo how could you honestly feel like you have any opinion in this your not on the field playing against these guys and the guys that are vote who they think is the bet and you want to challenge that? Sit down bro

Emperor Palpatine Reply

Guys don’t worry six more spots for the GOAT Nathan Peterman to get in

    Mrsuperpuppy Daboss Reply

    And Blake Bortles

    risky fap Reply

    Bro Nathan Memerman is such a leader of men he united the entire league by being so good that all the players decided to troll him by not voting for him.

    Awkward Frank Reply

    I love this meme.

    Raider AL916 Reply


Silva701 Reply

The only player the raiders got on the list and he didn’t even play for them that season

    Omari Bailey Reply

    Why you hating bro.

    Triforcefartstain Darth Vader Reply

    It’s ok we’ll prove something this next year… hopefully???

    Raiders75 Reply

    Jared Cook and Rodney Hudson both got snubbed

    the42monarch _ Reply

    Well Khalil mack

DaraunTheMonk Reply

Ight when we raiding NFL headquarters

    Crex MM Reply

    DaraunTheMonk Are you to oblivious to the fact the players vote not the nfl?

    DaraunTheMonk Reply

    @Crex MM lmao are you too stupid to use the right form of too and realize it’s a joke.

    Thanos Reply

    Let’s do it after we raid area 51

    Joseph Perez Reply

    Woah woah… let’s raid Area 51 first

Ryan Gerovitz Reply

How is no one talking about how badly Quenton Nelson, Brandin Cooks, Chris Harris Jr., And Denzel Ward got snubbed from the list

    Nikola Ilic Reply

    Ryan Kerrigan

    donmon808 Reply

    OL gets snubbed period. They should have a separate OL list cause it’s kind of bullshit.

    360 Lozz Reply


    Tiyale Whitehurst Reply

    @Xxlaholliday81 XX definitely decastro

    Ken Aye Reply

    Lavonte David not making the list is disrespectful

Tarrell Davison Reply

AB wasn’t better than Julio or Hopkins this year.

    Wesley Newman Reply

    Just cuz your a hater doesnt make your statement right but you know what does STATS CHECK EM

    JW Julian Reply

    Matter of opinion, no use arguing whether he was or wasn’t I agree though.

    XAlreadyKnowX Reply

    But he was though. Just a crappy QB.

    Koran Weston Reply

    He clearly was

    JW Julian Reply

    Those of you arguing in this section come off as no lives. Everyone has opinions just accept that and move on.

GoatestShuckler Reply

AB had a good season, but he isn’t better than dhop.

    Shawn Whitter Reply

    @Andrea Medina That’s not entirely true. Catches and yds setup TD’s. If Julio gets a 50yd catch and is downed at the 1yd line and Devonte Freeman scores the next play. Touchdowns are nice but it’s not everything

    Andrea Medina Reply

    @Shawn Whitter but I would rather have TDs then yards

    Shawn Whitter Reply

    @Andrea Medina So would you rather have 2 rec 28yds 1TD or 13 rec 174yds 0TD’s

    cortezmauricio56 Reply

    both are better then odell

    modetallah Reply

    @Sekou Vellis In what way is AB more consistent and more durable than Hopkins? If you even tried to argue that point you’d quickly realize how big of a lie that is. Hopkins produces no matter who’s throwing him the ball and he never misses games.

Hector Rodriguez Reply

As a Packers we could’ve got AB to Green Bay, but I think AB looks great in Silver and Black

    AUNBOMB Reply

    @StupidCamel he had ab and ju ju plus a reliable o-line

    StupidCamel Reply

    AUNBOMB yes Ben has a good o line, a lot of quarterbacks succeed with one. Play of a wide receiver doesn’t determine a quarterback as much though. Ben is one of the best deep passers we’ve seen in the league, he even made sammie Coates look good for a while. You need a good qb to thrive, and that’s why a lot of wide receivers careers die or never go anywhere

    Alittle Sauce Reply

    We all can agree that aj green should come like my man is suffering in Cincinnati

illtrollurmom Reply

just imagine the kind of production he’s gonna have this season with a real QB like nathan peterman

    Uzi Solis Reply

    @LOWKEY STUDIOS sarcasm of how bad he is

    sean dent Reply

    To be fair, a good chunk of Petermans INTs were from tipped passes. Factor that in and he’s your average NFL QB. I think the Raiders seen him as a good back up and it shows, they definitely kept him on the roster.

    whynot Reply

    “They had us in the first have not going to lie”

    Legend__ 21 Reply


    Mikhail Washington Reply


ChicagoDefense Reply


    Raiders75 Reply

    Shitty football, but I’m still excited

    SuperGamer7 Reply

    Nah, I’m getting married this month, I’m good. I can wait for Sep. 8th!

    MoneySign Gaming Reply

    Naw cuz Julio not playing pre-season so naw

    ChicagoDefense Reply

    SuperGamer7 congrats bro

    The NERO Reply

    @SuperGamer7 Dude congrats

Owen Noel Reply

How is he higher than julio and hopkins

    Drew Trate Reply

    Because the players know AB is the best in the game. Simple

    J430 Reply

    15 TDs in 15 games

    Hank Hill Reply

    Julio has never been better than him. Hopkins was a little better last year

    MT NENO Reply

    15 TDs

    1766584 Reply


NvR Mail Reply

I know this may be debatable but I swear JuJu had more of an impact last season… lowkey Michael Thomas should be before AB for this season

    Flex Aldophe Reply

    @DaQuan why shouldn’t he? He led the league in touchdowns…

    Zachary McCall Reply

    @StupidCamel fumbled away their playoffs bruh

    Harold Speakman Reply

    NvR Mail an impact which he fumbled and cost the to lose in the playoffs

    _ DkTooPaid _ Reply

    Juju still ballin

    cortezmauricio56 Reply

    both are better then juju and odell

Andrew Kim Reply

NFL puts AB and Rodgers in top 10
Everyone: 🗿

    Just Adab Reply

    @Junior Z sure buddy

    cortezmauricio56 Reply

    rodgers is overrated tho

    Deadpan Dan Reply

    NFL players: are the ones who make the lists


Beama Reply

ab + Nathan Peterman = hell for the whole league

deslo _1 Reply

Much respect to JUJU after all the BS that happened between them he still came and spoke on behalf of AB….

    YEAH IGHT Reply

    This is happening during the season

    Paul The Creator Reply

    SilkyGames no it’s not cause saquon said “Odell isn’t with us anymore but he’s still a brother”

    alex matthews Reply

    fyukfy oh before the playoffs? Now that makes sense as how Todd Gurley is ranked higher than Brady

    Clay Wandei Reply

    fyukfy That’s not true because Saquon was talkin about how Odell went to the Browns and wishes the best for him in the top 100

    Noosie Krueger Reply

    i was gonna say the same thing

Avash B Reply

nfl tryna explain how deandre is the highest overall in madden but not the best receiver on top 100

    SAUCY KING Reply

    Its not about Madden ratings, should David bahkiatri be #4, no he should the video game is irrelevant to this

    SasukeXX007 Reply

    THANK YOU!!!!

    DarKshine DaKid Reply

    2 different organizations..duuurrr

    MT NENO Reply

    CW Mossburg east 15 TDs

BackseatDriver_ Reply

Guys quit complaining. The NFL didn’t make this list. The PLAYERS did. Go yell at Mike Daniels or something

    R J Reply

    How dare you
    Mike Daniels is our lord and savior

    -Z3us - Reply

    R J , BackseatDriver_ will be used for sacrificing.

    BetterThanThe Lions Reply

    How do you speak the lord Mike Daniels in vein like that!

    Classified Files Reply

    BackseatDriver_ 😂

    denzel jackson Reply

    They too busy praising him

iTz Rj Reply

Julio was better and is better on and off the field.

    That 804 Guy Reply

    Off the field situations have nothing to do with skills and production on the field; AB’s 15 TDs say otherwise.

    iTz Rj Reply

    That 804 Guy AB was benched for not coming to practice and messed up his connection with his teammates like Ben and Juju resulting in the Steelers play getting worse, Now for stats Julio has more Yards,Catches,YPG,Less Targets, and less downs played but sure 7 more touchdowns are better than 400 yards and 10 more catches on less targets You DEFINITELY know football, Clown.

    yeahyeahyeah what Reply

    Julio doesnt get touchdowns

    parkour master Reply

    iTz Rj Lol off the field doesn’t matter it’s all about on the field moron

    cortezmauricio56 Reply

    both are better then odell

Jot Jolt Reply

Mike Daniels was released because he been doing interviews on top 100 and not showing up to practice😂

    Mikhail Washington Reply

    Oh so that’s why makes so much sense now

Cristo Solis Reply

much respect to AB, but I don’t think I’d put him above Julio Jones

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