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Diart Musliu

How is the G.O.A.T out of the top 5 when he won the Super Bowl

    Jeremy Feeley

    Because he’s not even a good QB


    @Breesus H. Christ u are crazy to say that

James Grinstead

I don’t care what critics have to say about him, whether they say “he’s too old” or “Father Time is finally catching up to him,” he’s the true 🐐 of the NFL end of story!

    _speed demon_03

    James Grinstead well yeah Brady is a hard worker, winning the championship for the team is a team accomplishment…he wasn’t the same last year or years past but we all know we should put some respect to the GOAT, he’s that hard to hate on, he proves us wrong a lot.

    James Grinstead

    _speed demon_03 indeed

[MooN] VeXXum

Thank you for not putting Brady top 5, I’ll take whatever added motivation you’ll give us.

Patriots Nation and Tom Brady

    David Gonzalez

    [MooN] VeXXum don’t even start. Like one lower ranking is gonna give that much motivation to a guy who has 6 rings. He didn’t deserve to be top 5 off of last season but he got a ring so which one really matters at the end of the day. Btw definitely not a patriots fan


    Watch BRADY throw 40-50 Yes this year! Say what you want, but would it shock you? #TB12 #GoPats #StairwaytoSEVEN 🥇👊👊🏈🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🐐👍👍👊💪😎💪🏆

    Letts Plays

    MOtiVaTIoN. Seriously? He’s literally the 6th best player in the league with 1,664 people in it. That’s so good. But he slightly dropped off so it’s fair. So what if his defense won him that Super Bowl? It doesn’t matter


    @SuperGamer7 Haha hahahahaha hahahahaha hahahahaha hahahahaha haha he will be lucky to throw 30 he isnt that kind of player anymore just an overglorified gamemanager whos team won in spite of him playing like trash in the sb

Quameh Harper

#6? Really smh the man just won his 6th Super Bowl at 41 show some respect

    No Life

    Crex MM Massachusetts has some of the best schools in the us smh

    Lionel Sanchez

    Lol 6 is a satanic number and he just happened to win his 6 Superbowl and I bet there’s also another 6 acciated with him (666) wake up guys NFL evil asf

    Lionel Sanchez

    @Distracted JX2 13 is a Masonic number guys


I’m sorry but Brady finish the season better then brees.
This list b.s so far…

    Distracted JX2

    @NewEnglandSportsDynasty 38Titles&Counting either way, there were a few quarterbacks that performed better than him

    NewEnglandSportsDynasty 38Titles&Counting

    @Distracted JX2 None more clutch. Anyone being honest with themselves would swap their teams qb with Brady when it comes to a GWD. He has 57 the most history for a reason.

    Distracted JX2

    @NewEnglandSportsDynasty 38Titles&Counting I know that Bradys a clutch QB. But that’s just one drive. Other qbs performed way better the other 11 drives

    NewEnglandSportsDynasty 38Titles&Counting

    @Distracted JX2
    Brady had the most pass yds of any qb in the divisional round. Best cmp% by far 77.7%
    Brady had the most passing yards by far in the conf champ games. Only qb over 300. Best cmp% again 65%
    Brady had the most passing yards in the SB. Best cmp% again with 60%

    Funny this talk about Brady being done and sucking the postseason. Crap if that’s sucking not saying much for 31 other starters.

    Distracted JX2

    @NewEnglandSportsDynasty 38Titles&Counting Those are just two games out of 19. And yeah Brady was the better passer in the super bowl but that’s because Jared Goff played pretty bad, 60% completion isn’t great. Overall, Brady wasnt good in the super bowl

Walter White

Nothing scares me more than playoff Brady

    cj bb

    @kevin brown losing twice in the AFC championship at denver isn’t the worst stat to have I guess

    Brian Chua

    @kevin brown well you can’t win in every stadium lol

    Rene Junior

    kevin brown well broncos don’t make the playoffs every year like the pats. Takes them 4-6 years to get there. So 👍🏽

    titus inc

    Bruh 2 passing td’s 3 int’s, relying on his defense maybe when he was younger but now what people have to fear and shoulda been fearing all along is playoffs bellicheck

Michael Kitchens

Edelman on the sideline yelling at Tom #6! Tom- no #7 🙂

Sharath Chandra T

#6?? Nice work NFL. Now you pissed him off. #7 is coming.

    Kris Uy

    They really tryna make him more lonely at the top, #7 otw.

    Andy S

    If that happens, I will slit my wrists. Enough is enough. Go Broncos!


    Sharath Chandra T https://youtu.be/c1PnYYpodcU
    Kc got cheated vs pats look at this

Ross .B

Max Kellerman once he gets back on First Take is going to be like, first time in Brady career he’s not in the top 5 this indicates that he’s fallen off the cliff.

    Austin McPherson

    @The Flash 2019 you might be fast runner but you’re slow in the head😂

    The Flash 2019

    @Anh Tuan Luu he got suspended for cheating. Cheaters don’t belong in the top 100. What’s so hard to grasp

    Steven Lindsey

    @The Flash 2019 No he got suspended because he would not do as Goodell asked and blame two patriots equipment staff. Tom Brady was even willing to take a 1 million dollar fine but Goodell only wanted him to blame two of the equipment staff.


    @Kalinbuggs ! exactly

MM Productions

I feel like this is the NFL’s worst top 100 ranking of all TIME

    titus inc

    MM Productions burley gets hit way more than Brady

    Bradley Enn

    bladespn Lies! They truly know how good they are!!! They play AND watch!!!!!!!!!! Although I disagree, just submit to their experience

    Baddkidd 77

    U do realize that the PLAYERS make the list right?


    MM Productions https://youtu.be/c1PnYYpodcU

    Doc Holliday

    They put the number 1 CB in the entire NFL last year at 55 so yeah.

The Goat

Tom Brady :

41 years old
Lost Josh Gordon
WR Core : Dorsett, 7th Round QB Edelman, Chris Hogan and a hurt Gronkowski
Went into KC and won in OT
Won his 6th SB

Don’t ever disrespect this man like this again

    Tishaun James

    PeytTheGreat 33 you’re wrong

    Tishaun James

    PeytTheGreat 33 and you know you’re. Stop trying to justify that

    Tishaun James

    Aidan Kearns I disagree. I think they would’ve blew the rams out if he was there

    Savage King

    Tishaun James so if I’m wrong then that means Edelman is trash, gronk isn’t a top 5 TE, patriots line sucks and Bill isn’t the best coach in the league right ? Lmao ok.

Jeff Wairi

CTE really a major issue in the league if players think there’s 5 dudes better than the GOAT

    titus inc

    Jeff Wairi now lemme ask you a question. Are rings a solo achievement? Looks at his stats look at his coach, that Super Bowl win came from bellichecks defense more than Brady’s offense and the afc championship was in part because of that stupid roughing the passer call. I literally called the nfl top 100 list a seasonal reward not a life time achievement award and the first thing you respond with is his lifetime achievement award.

    Rob TouchDownSki

    @flamingobandit Shaun Alexander has an MVP, Barry Sanders doesn’t. Is Alexander a better running back than Sanders?

    Doc Holliday

    @titus inc Lmao I’m a dolphins fan so I have no bias toward Brady so let me just take a minute to laugh in your face. Brady beat Mahomes not once but twice last year. He beats Luck and Rivers like they owe him child support. Remember the colts losing like 45-0 in that playoff game? lmao. They got so mad they had to take a nuclear atomic measurement kit to the football to try and find an excuse. Remind me whens the last time rivers won a playoff game or did anything in the playoffs? A team that they tell us every year is going to the superbowl lmao. Wilson threw the game losing interception in the superbowl vs Brady. Brees is a Hall of famer but still not Brady.

    Stop playin.

Sean Conner

In case you’re wondering how Tom Brady will find motivation this season…

Mauro Juan

He won a Superbowl! And was downgraded five spots😮🤷‍♂️

    Em D

    Tom Brady is held to a higher standard than everyone else.

    Two out of the last three times he won the #1 spot he was the league MVP, and the other time was after the Super Bowl 51 and he had a ridiculous TD:Int ratio over 12 games.

    titus inc

    Look at his stats, look at how he played. He shoulda been ranked lower

    Sarang Shravan

    look at his numbers, regular and postseason. he shouldnt even be top 20

Nick Droege

If this man wins a 7th ring there’s going to be a petition to ban him from the NFL😂

    Golden Lich King

    xenteko ikr


    He wont win anymore Superbowls. I can promise you that

    Golden Lich King

    Daniel now you’re just being a hater and you don’t know that for sure and he can prove anyone wrong including you

    L V

    You look like a Democratic politician promising what you can’t control.

Mengo Fruit

NFL: Tom Brady is the top 6 player in the league

Me: Aw s!#%, here we go again another super run.🤦‍♂️

    Tyler Bedwell

    BeastMode 21 did he really?!?!?!?

    Xinping Deng

    “you r too old, you r too fcking old” I like how they start to fuel Brady even before season starts


    Everybody:Tom don’t this

    Michael Woodburn

    @Tyler Bedwell Yes he did. He didn’t even put brees on the list.




Thanos Brady is about to snap players 1-5 out of existence.

    Tonatiuh Nino

    Thanos Brady: I am inevitable.

Irvin Perea

He just won a sb and your gonna rank him 6 I’m done with this list

Fred Thompson

Should have put him in top 5 for the sake of mankind. They have just poked the bear.

Rob Mccauley

What ever he beat Mahomes twice last year and beat Donald in the superbowl still the best in my book . TB12 for life

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