5 Ways to Score a Touchdown in Miami | Memorable Moments – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Israel Bound

Y’all im a CHIEF’S/ PATS fan respectively

    Joseph Savoie

    I hereby banish you from ever commenting on a Patriots video.

    Zach Gilbert

    You’re using “respectively” wrong.

Vincent Vaughan

I hope the PATS wins at miami because I hope AB is playing.

    Aaron williams

    Makes a lot of sense

    dark light

    dumb reason, but whatever

dark light

5 things, snap, throw, catch, run, dodge TOUCHDOWN!!!

James Grinstead

That game was also Tom Brady’s 100th regular season win!

Charly Gr. v.L.

Let’ s go to Miami – Good Luck
All of us are with you 👍👍

Bacon Le Skiiwalker

Does anybody else cringe when they saw Chad Henne as the Fin’s QB

    Michael Murphy

    Can you believe he is still in the NFL?

Luis Newton

its gonna be a slaughter

Tosh T

Video shows five clips but only 4 TDs. Instead of the blocked punt, there should be a clip of the rushing TD by the law firm of BenJarvus Green-Ellis.

Joseph Savoie

AB got his new jersey #. It’s 17. Breaking that curse. It was his father’s # when he was in the Arena Football League

rich ernest

Most unforgettable moment is the next one when the bus driver starts the engine and yells mercy.

Bell Iron Fist

Do this this weekend and we’ll be good

couture apples

It dont matter we have AB now


If the Dolphins play like they did against the Ravens the score could be even more lopsided.

Austin Ahern

Nice!!! Let’s go Patriots!!!

Kevin B

We should be able to break to Miami curse this week. I dont know why they have given us soo much trouble at home in recent past!

Diesel Johnson

Was this the Monday night game when Brady threw for like 520 yards? And had the 99 yarder to Welker

Michael Murphy

How is Chad Henne still in the NFL?

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