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Paula Deen

Predictions for top 4?

For me Nathan Peterman is top 3 easily but I hope he squeaks into top 2.


    What are you talking about!! He’s going to be number 1!!

    SwagPopTart 01

    Larry Fitzgerald

    Noah Films

    Paula Deen he’s number 1 obviously 🙄 who matches up to him

    Smack Ish

    U forgot Brandon weeden

    nomar manuel-munoz

    They robbed him


Alright we got mahomes, Donald, brees, And mack no order

    2 lll

    David Pered Angulo true but Mahomes was better this year


    *nathan peterman

    c j

    @ThanosButthole you acting like brees dont deserve it he right behind mahomes in stats

Emperor Palpatine

He’s a great player and a great dude.

    Volaly Vosauce

    @Show Genius hold this L

    Show Genius

    Volaly Vosauce cj Anderson was the best back on the team in the playoffs😕

    Volaly Vosauce

    @Show Genius Keep that same energy this season. He’s had this “arthritic component” everyone keeps talking about since 2015, when he won Rookie of the Year. His knees are fine. Just look at Rams Twitter.

    Sean McVay is shrewd, he doesn’t want to run Gurley into the ground like he did all season long in 18′, and then be forced to bring in a CJ Anderson, for the playoffs. That’s why he drafted Darrell Henderson.

    The media will start asking questions like “Should Henderson start in front of Todd Gurley?” during this upcoming season. However, come playoff time, everybody will have had tape of Darrell Henderson, but what they’ll get is a fresh legged, 100% healthy Gurley.

    Load management is something McVay is gonna make popular in the NFL. Taking tips from the NBA. #ThisCommentWillAgeLikeAFineWine

    Show Genius

    Volaly Vosauce we’ll see, I don’t doubt he’ll have a good reg season like usual lol

    Volaly Vosauce

    @Show Genius he won’t Darrell Henderson will. Gurley will have a good postseason, but if you’re doing fantasy football, avoid Gurley like the plague. Draft Barkley, Zeke, Kamara, Bell, and Henderson (in that order).


Stay healthy this season my guy ✊🏾


    He has arthritis in his knee. Im sorry man but hes done


ayo i’ve been in a coma since 2016, how’s my boy nathan peterman been doing?

    Willard Peck

    As if you didn’t know he was no. 1 😂😂

    Cool Camera


    Glen Malec


So Hog Beats

“Ol’ Gurley running lookin’ boy” is now a compliment.

    Kush Rao

    So Hog Beats lol


Petermeme better get number 1 (ik who understands the name)


4. Patrick Mahomes
3. Drew Brees
2. Khalil Mack
1. Aaron Donald
EDIT: to everyone trying to correct me or say I cheated, was just my personal guess when I saw Brady at 6 and Gurley’s rating here. Just saw the top 5 and Brees over Mack?? I would say that’s a stretch, but glad Brees is getting respect.

    Aidan Kearns

    @Quentin Trussell mahomes didn’t just win MVP, he did what only 3 QBs have done in history. 50 tds and 5000 yds and he did it in his first season as a starter.

    Quentin Trussell

    Aidan Kearns and what did Aaron Donald do to him when they played? 2 sacks 2 forced fumbles both led to touchdowns.

    Aidan Kearns

    @Quentin Trussell and mahomes had 6 tds. I know Aaron Donald is great but I think he should have been number 2.

    Quentin Trussell

    Aidan Kearns and 5 turnovers 😵 that’s not a great ratio 😅😂

    Aidan Kearns

    @Quentin Trussell 2 of his picks were in the last 3 minutes of the game and he was just chucking it up there. Goff also got stripped for a chiefs TD

Alberto Esperanza

This mf must be a magician cause he disappeared without a trace in the Superbowl

    Albus Severus Potter

    Realdeal628 cause he missed the last 2 games didn’t play multiple 4th quarters 🤣 and zeke only won by like 100 more yards sad asf

    John Hen

    Matthew Murphy mvp ? Dafuccc u smokin

    Show Genius

    Nathan McDonald didn’t help his team at all when it mattered

    Michael Garrett

    @NLMB Zoldyck ummm 21 tds and 1800 scrimmage yards lol hush little boy. The adults are talking

    NLMB Zoldyck

    @Michael Garrett try 35 yards my son

Mr Q Ceaz

17 TDs I understand why he’s top 5 this man scores that rock & he’s the coal that keeps the Rams offensive train goin

    Mr Q Ceaz

    @chronic tonic exactly & 19 total last year 40 total TDs in 2 seasons those are great numbers

    Broken King

    Be prepared to see a dip in his production.
    McVay is moving the Offense to be more Pass heavy and centered around Goff, especially after the postseason drama last year.

    Mr Q Ceaz

    @Broken King if this is true then espect the Rams to decline because Gurleys absence showed in the Superbowl

    Broken King

    @Mr Q Ceaz Correct. Seattle will reign this year.

    Mr Q Ceaz

    @Broken King I never count them out as long as they have Carroll, Wilson & Wagner

Killian Krummel

Gurley and the Rams are proof how cancerous Jeff Fisher was to an NFL offense

    The Journey

    edupbeat did I say he was a shitty coach? No I said a horrible HEAD coach that can NOT be debated he was a HORRIBLE head coach with the rams I’m just stating facts sorry bud 🤷🏻‍♂️

    Giovanni Herrera


Zakarias De Leon

So we’re just gonna forget the excellent season by Josh Rosen


    Luke McCullough



I respect tf outta him for naming all his teammates as the reason he’s so great. You don’t hear that too often 🤞🏽

    Byron Phillips

    @Garrett Wayne football is entertainment, nothing wrong if a player want to celebrate it not life or death

    No Name

    @Jacob Kaplan Keenan Allen?


    Every nfl player says that Lol..

James F

Aaron Donald definitely #1.

    Michael Garrett

    If you actually watch his film youll notice refs just didnt wanna call fouls on him this year. I saw plenty of hands to the face and roughing the passer playa by him all year and they dont call it.

    I understand donald is great, but the nfl wants to sell the “amazing story” of donald being unstoppable and it does sell. So they try to inflate it by letting him run rampant for ratings. Announcers are on board too

can't think of a name

What happened to this guy he disappeared before the superbowl

Don’t hate obviously he is a top 4 running back

    Justus Stanford

    @buckeyesfan2222 um because it’s but about the future it was the ranking on the year


    Zeke could possibly not play..kamara has to be the main horse and saquon has no help. But please keep bringing up the knee..lol..

    can't think of a name

    This is my top 5 for next season
    Gurley would be 4 if his knee isn’t a problem but as of right now hes like 7 until he proves the knee injury doesn’t affect him


    @can’t think of a name for next year
    Bell Gurley saquon Kamara zeke will probably not play till he gets paid…

Clash Of The Horns

Theres one thing rams do well and thats ther taste in running backs

    Rom Matautia

    Jerome bettis played with the rams as well

    DaQuan Porzel

    Nuke Playzz Ingram and bush can’t be compared to the rams. Not a ram fan but that’s facts, kamara on the way though

    Giovanni Herrera

    No offense to kamara but he’s a poor mans faulk

    Gerardo Rodriguez

    Eric Canfield Cowboys has Tony Dorsett, Emmit Smith, and Ezekiel Elliot

Chauncey Edwards

Been my favorite running back since his days at Georgia 🔥💯💯

    Webby Sports

    Chauncey Edwards yepppp go dawgs baby!


When Adrian Peterson says you’re the best, then you’re the freaking BEST!

    Rico Aguilar

    From 2018 alone. Barkley the better back

    Alex Vaciloto

    He did say the same about barkley, but it’s true Barkley is better

hehe saucy

geez bro you should’ve seen the rams in madden 19 before the patch

Jason Sutherland

“What do you think about top 100 ?”
“I love it. You don’t like it make the list. It’s your fault”

Gotta love it


    The realest thing anyone said out of all the videos lol

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