49ers vs. Rams Week 6 Highlights | NFL 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

49ers vs. Rams Week 6 Highlights | NFL 2019

The San Francisco 49ers take on the Los Angeles Rams during Week 6 of the 2019 NFL season.

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erick dunn Reply

I love this defense coordinator he’s really passionate about his defense and he should be #GoNiners

    Savage Killer Reply

    Yeah I love 49ers #GoNiners

    Philip Tucker Reply

    He’s a fantastic DC. He reminds me of Dennis Allen, the Saints DC. Both of them have a brilliant defensive mind!

    Swagner17 Reply

    erick dunn players want to play for a coach like that. It’s awesome

    Alberto Atilano Reply

    I’m a big Patriots fan. But GOD DAMB!!! what a great freaking game!!! 49ers showed that they are in control of the NFC!

James F Reply

Wasn’t this a Rams home game or did 49ers fans just buy every ticket. All I see is red in the crowd.

    THE KING Reply

    @Steve Cardoso You want people to not go to games?? Raiders bring nothing but gang violence and fights 🤣

    THE KING Reply

    @My precious one 2/11/15 The niners don’t care about you

    THE KING Reply

    @Brian Andrade i bet you won’t wear a 49ers jersey at Dodger stadium 😂

    Steve Cardoso Reply

    @THE KING lol well if we are at a home game we dont want u there if you root for the opposing team lol

    ionebp Reply

    @NCR 78 So normally, the majority of the stadium isn’t Ram season ticket holders?

Andrew Reply

Rams fans: we are gunna clap them 49er cheeks

49ers: *beat the rams*

Rams fans: did you guys see that Aaron Donald sack?

    PrimeAnarchy Reply

    The Beat Kid dont forget mcglinchey and spoon(although moseley has been AMAZING)

    MikeTheKoopaWarrior Reply


    Rwcniner 29 Reply

    Niners don’t have gurley eithers so we even

    Khalil Y Reply

    Shronk they had a better run game then they’ve had since week 1 . Rams just aren’t that amazing


    Rams fans: We didn’t have gurley
    49ers Fans: We didn’t have our two starting tackles staley or mcglinchey or jalen hurd or trent taylor or ahkello witherspoon or jason verett or kyle jusczyk

jesus sosa Reply

Pretty good for some “pretenders”

    C.J. THA DON Reply

    Thank ya jesus

    The Beat Kid Reply

    I’ll take it. It’s hard pretending we suck. Last year we was nice but we had to fake it one more year

thurant pnh Reply

0:42 Can we take a second to appreciate this slick slight of hand.

    iihyperz FN Reply

    thurant pnh that was nasty

Brian Cheng Reply

That crowd is literally all red and they’re in LA lol

    Dariusthelakerfan Reply

    Davonte S yes we do. They are playing in the coliseum which is where USC Trojans play. So of course the seats are red.

    Jillian Tay Reply

    Nah the seats aren’t misleading. I was there and there were mainly 49er fans. 😊


    All the esays are mad lol

    Greyson Wayne Reply

    True but not really far

Trump4prison2020 Reply

Media tomorrow: I’ve been saying all off season keep an eye out for the niners defense.
SF fan’s: wtf you say!!

Cisco Castro Reply

That funny moment when you realize that the rams were the one playing home

    julio guzman Reply

    Now I’m a 49ers fan

    Philip Tucker Reply

    That’s because all the bandwagon Rams fans went back to being Seattle fans now that the Seahawks are winning 🤣

Donae Blackmon Reply

Damn i read everything and still haven’t seen any lambs fans hating now

    Sojo R Reply

    9ers suck that was luck

    Kyle Harrison Reply


LatinSpice Reply

Remember when Goff was an “MVP contender” last year? 😂

    Tyler G Reply

    LatinSpice he never was. And intelligent people always knew that. You clearly weren’t one of them, bud.

    TheHuskyK9 Reply

    @Tyler G
    Except he was and apparently you just proven that you aren’t “intelligent” to know that the original comment was a jab at Goff. How ironic

    Kaw Shin Reply

    @TheHuskyK9 Goff is trash. He been getting exposed this year

    Gorditaz Reply

    LatinSpice don’t tell me he’s a mvp contender this year?? 😂🤣

    Swagner17 Reply

    LatinSpice Goff is literally terrible. He is just surrounded by talent

Alejandro Maldonado Reply

Haters: Play a Real Team, gonna loose against rams
49ers: win
HATERS: yr gonna loose against panthers 🤣🤣🤣

    Finley Jeanbatiste Reply

    To all of you 49ers fans i wish you the best of luck next sunday when you go aginst my Panthers

    Jairo Mendoza Reply

    Finley Jeanbatiste not next week in two weeks

    Finley Jeanbatiste Reply

    @Jairo Mendoza really

    Ksl850 Nbawhiteboy Reply

    Alejandro Maldonado u guys are gonna lose against the panthers

    Jairo Mendoza Reply

    Ksl850 Nbawhiteboy Lmao you prolly the same person who said we were gonna lose to the rams….. L

Nikhil Reply

1st quarter: *ENDS*
Rams: Aiite imma head out

    Edward Gaines Reply

    The 49ers might just make it to the Super Bowl!

    Jesus Parra Reply

    They really did start leaving midway through the 4th lol

    Philip Tucker Reply

    More like;
    “First Rams Drive Ends”
    Rams – “Aight, Imma head out”.

    Philip Tucker Reply

    Edward Gaines they still haven’t played any Super Bowl contenders yet.

    Major King Quan Reply

    Nikhil 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Derek Hall Reply

big shout out to all of the “analysts” and commentators that doubted us before the season

    Puerto Rican Mapper_4 Reply

    Now watch it end like the Falcons, started 5-0 then goes 8-8

    Derek Hall Reply

    Clayton C. i gave us a good 10-6 but i’m talking about those who gave is 3-13 and below

    Derek Hall Reply

    Puerto Rican Mapper_4 …ok bro


    FACTS I SAID WE WOULD GO 13-3 AND RAMS WOULDN’T MAKE THE PLAYOFFS.for everyone thinking i’m crazy, How does that look now?

    Derek Hall Reply

    BOSA IS A BEAST right!

LOS E. Reply

49ers Win Super Bowl

Media: They still haven’t played a legit team.

    LOS E. Reply

    @TheCeds96 and u never know until u know

    Mr.SoloDolo Reply

    @TheCeds96 the Chiefs who have lost 2 in a row…..the Chiefs who have a horrible defense……the 49ers would wreck the Chiefs. They wouldn’t score more than 13 points against the 49ers top 2 defense look what the freaking Colts defense did to them….

    iihyperz FN Reply

    TheCeds96 chiefs are solved and will barely make wild card, they should be 3-3

    I say shotgun, you say wedding Reply

    @Erik Lerström Bucs, Bengals, Steelers, Browns…Now, the Rams,
    With next up, the Skins. The Niners have had an easy schedule, thus far, yet, having said that, I truly hope they make the Bowl and beat ts out of the Patriots, if the Pats even make it. To add, Bridgewater is carrying the Saints to Drew’s recovery, which is something few expected. Who knows?!

Brian Ritzpatrick Reply

“Niners havent played anyone good yet, we are gonna have to see who they really are when they play the redskins”

    David Wiland Reply

    Lol this comment is underrated

    DJaySplitSecond Reply

    Lmao they big mad or no? Why they just can’t give them thier props



Gabe Kloberdanz Reply

2nd quarter shows up:

*Rams offense has left the chat*

    Ian Wagner Reply



    2nd quarter shows up: 9ers defense has cloned the chat

    Major King Quan Reply

    Gabe Kloberdanz 🤣🤣🤣🤣

The Tonesss Reply

ESPN tmrw: The Rams offense was bad because Clay Matthews was hurt…

    ARWknight Reply

    Clay Matthews is a DEFENSIVE player

    sydbrankay Reply

    @ARWknight he was being sarcastic

    Jairo Mendoza Reply

    ARWknight Rwoooshhhhhhhhh

    The Tonesss Reply

    ARWknight Tell that to ESPN!!! 🤯

Bill Kind Reply

NFL Pundits tomorrow: “Well, turns out the Rams aren’t a good team either, so you’ve still not played a good team”

    Christopher DeLaCruz Reply

    *beats the Patriots In the superbowl*

    “Brady isint even in the hall of fame, they aren’t a real team”

    gabriel rolon Reply

    This is exactly what I heard today. But i like the hate

The Automated Era Reply

Still waiting to see who the “real teams” are cuz all I see is the “real teams” getting their cheeks clapped. 😂

    TheWakeup011 Reply

    Cheeks clapped?

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