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Escocivo 30 Reply

It’s great seeing Garroppolo playing great football again!

    Volcan899 gaming Reply

    @Takoda Freeman daaaaamn!

    Devorian Clark Reply

    @Springscare230 Ur comment makes no sense

    Brandon Ballesteros Reply

    dash4800 but the chiefs only had 10

Tushar Lanka Reply

Go NINERS! Unfortunate for colts fans, Andrew Luck has a great career wish him the best👍

    Sam L Reply

    @Whidbey Hiker lol


    Tushar Lanka it would be 42-17 during the reg season and I’m not even a chiefs fan lol. But I don’t think there woukd be a difference or scores from last time they played. An utter blowout


    Marco Mayorga Patrick Mahomes will win many Super Bowls for the chiefs and will turn out better than Montana in a matter of 3 years

Alex DeLisle Reply

Now that’s the Jimmy Garoppolo I know!

    Haddy Barghouti Reply

    #1 Jeffyfan dude this is preseason he ain’t trying to get injured again

    Yozef L Reply

    #1 Jeffyfan one time lmao

    Nhat Nguyen Reply

    Jeffyfan is salty cause his Chiefs lost to “one of the worst QB” in the preseason

    Haddy Barghouti Reply

    Nhat Nguyen jimmy g isn’t one of the worst QB though he was injured before his injury he was good

    Nhat Nguyen Reply

    Haddy Barghouti – I know, Im a niners fan. Im just pointing out how ignorant Jeffyfan is

Jonathan Mendrin Reply

Outrage when Jimmy G has a bad game and practice and now when he balls out you hear “it’s preseason” 🤷‍♂️

    Nemo 05 Reply

    @Brandon Daniels lol people just love to hate

    Donald Trump Jr. X Reply

    @Nemo 05 Because he has only played like 5 games

    Nemo 05 Reply

    @Donald Trump Jr. X …no matter what he does there always has to be a down side, just admit that he’s a legit QB

    Terri Gosnell Reply

    @Michael Huffman j

DJ Whitlock Reply

Never thought a pre season game could be so loud 🤷🏽‍♂️

    N1G Atractz Reply

    It’s the Chiefs stadium, of course it’s gonna be loud
    I’m a Panthers fan BTW

    Chris Piper Reply

    @Swoldemort500 No one pays attention to MLS lol…yeh that’s why they just built a 20k fan sized stadium and soccer is the biggest sport in the world, it dwarfs basketball, baseball and football all combined, stop talking silly

    Are you even in KC?

    Swoldemort500 Reply

    @Chris Piper Nope. Both my old college roommates live there, one and his sister are from KC. I’ve been to KC, hosted Arrowhead I watched tons of KC sports with him.

    Chris Piper Reply

    @Swoldemort500 Yep, figured you don’t live here.

    Worry about your teams bud

DZsquid Reply

As a seahawks fan, I’m genuinely scared of the Niners, Jimmy G shows so much potential, good luck to you guys. Chiefs looked great too. Both teams has much potential

    Ron Jeremy Reply

    HIGH VOLTAGE he’s not smart lol saying that won’t change his mind. The only way he will realize is when we sweep the NFC west this year

    Kevin J Reply

    @JustStoplol -_- lmao WHO? Like I said, I only person on offense worth mentioning is Kittle.

    adam lewis Reply

    Never forget…..

    Everybody: “Yo Russ you wanna be a back to back superbowl champ?”
    Russ: “Nahh I’ll pass”

    ………Never Forget

    Kevin J Reply

    @HIGH VOLTAGE he’s been injured 3 times since he was Drafted. They’ve been mostly minor injuries, but injuries nonetheless and that’s something you dont want to see with a Top 5 pick. He might play dominate in the regular season but dont be surprised when he’s injured and out for 3/4 of the season.

    Also why is it everytime someone brings up Bosa’s injuries every 49ers fans try coming to the rescue with “he had a 350lb lineman fall on him, think you can handle that?” Uh, I hate to break this to you but if he gets injured everytime a 350lb lineman falls on him, he’s going to be injured all season. Literally every defensive player has it happen almost every game, but just because Bosa cant take a hit doesn’t mean it’s an excuse for him being injured 24/7 in the offseason and preseason, alone.

    Alan Munson Reply

    @Siegfried von Vegesack Pete Carroll made the worst play call in NFL history. Lol no one cares about Pete. Ya lets throw it on the half yard line. He is the reason the team disbanded.

Smiley Cruz Reply

Garroppolo looks great im glad hes doing better alot more confident and solid passes ..mullins looking great as well ..cant wait for regular season ..GO NINERS ITS A EMPIRE NOT A NATION 💯

    Joshua scott Reply

    @Bat Cow I’m just saying 9ers going to have a good season

    Julian Vargas Reply

    He did good only thing is I feel like I seen to many lob passes the ball needs. To get there

    Bat Cow Reply

    Joshua scott Yeah I know anything is a step up from our past four seasons I was just wondering if you used some sort of algorithm 😂😂😂


    Smiley Cruz thats because kc cbs are trash

    Joshua scott Reply

    @Bat Cow yea

RK Belmont Reply

As a Niners fans, I’ll forever be thankful with the Chiefs for stealing Mahomes from the Cardinals. Glad that guy is far away from the division.

    Tahji Smith Reply

    @YG SK JR guess what he still has a couple rings. Not only that , He doesn’t fold under pressure. FACT 49ERS WILL WIN OUT THE DIVISION !!!!

    Tahji Smith Reply

    @yaka Woopx2 9ers Gang or no Gang !!!!! Blaaaaatttttttttt

    Tahji Smith Reply

    @xEryc aF took the words right out my mouth.

    Pacific Chief Reply

    Thank you for Alex Smith.

Arvin TheMan Reply

LETS GO BOYS!! Finally the 49ers are coming back together!! Proud to be a 49ers Fan 😁😁

    Kilo Wolf Reply

    @Kevkev_ 2007 stop. Just stop.

    -CHIEFZONE- Reply

    Yeah buddy lmfao WE weren’t playing nun of are good people just wait 30/40 bombs all day on the other teams

    Bay Biz Reply

    @Kevkev_ 2007 ona good team u dumbfucc yeahh


    @Brandon Ballesteros yeah and were winning with them in too, lol

    Superman A Reply

    Same here I’m super proud

Joe Dirt Reply

Die hard 9er fan here best of luck to Andrew Luck wish em the best

Max Schuman Reply

so can espn chill with the garoppolo panic now?

    youngarmyant Reply

    Big Factz! I like Mullen’s work too.

    awsomesprinkles Reply

    Nope, only irrational and polarizing opinions please

    First Bell Productions Reply

    I can see the headlines “Stephan A SHOCKED Jimmy g beat the chiefs can he be a starting caliber qb “lol

    Highwayanimatic674 Reply

    It is funny how the media seems to overreact when in reality there was nothing to be worried about.

    Daniel Andre Reply

    Oh you wont hear a damn thing about Jimmy G this week in the media. If there ain’t nothing BAD to say about him, THEY JUST DONT TALK ABOUT HIM.

Jesus Rangel Reply

Does anyone else feel that Matt Brieda could be our starter!!!

    Julien Forletta Reply

    @Mario Martinez mcckinons not even ellligle to play until week 9. It’s the Coleman and breida show

    Captain H Reply

    could be?

    Aero Reply

    CwellATL Coleman is actually really good, y’all just never gave him a chance to shine because you had freeman. Idk what the niners are gonna do with 4 pretty good backs tho

    CwellATL Reply

    @Aero no he’s not “really good” all he has is straight line speed, which makes his numbers look better than what he actually is. He’s a change of pace back not a starter, Freeman played 2 games last year, and Coleman was at the bottom of the league in yards after contact, which is why he didn’t get the huge payday in FA people originally thought. His vision is damn near Trent Richardson level, he has no balance and trips over his feet alot and doesn’t break tackles. Also, he has no agility to make people miss. Coleman untouched is a weapon, but you can’t count on him for tough yards or to make something out of nothing. FYI Coleman was the starter before Freeman his rookie year but Freeman took it because he was better

Thurston Heaggan Reply

I see the same problem I’ve seen the last 6 years, tackling. Come on fellas. You get paid for this

    Skip Bayless Reply

    Haha chiefs defence suck as usual ,
    Sony Michel 150 yards back to the Super Bowl we pats!!!

    Greedy Monki Reply

    Thurston Heaggan Ik on both teams, some just don’t wrap up smh

Roy Vice Reply

Man, Nick Mullens is the man!!! As a Niner fan, this is the first time I’ve ever liked a backup QB so much! Lol. And Garoppollo looks to be getting back in rhythm!

    Michael Francisco Reply

    Roy Vice bc it’s been a process for us ever since our lost to the ravens in the super bowl, but I’m happy for all of our guys!! Hope we have a great season this year!!

    xanderluv Reply

    @Killerican Damn right I said the same thing. Mullens is going to solid tho

    Josh C Reply

    Too late.. I hope we keep Mullens. But who would we be getting?? Im not familuar with colts roster.


    Too Late Beathard would be the one getting traded not Mullens.

    mdub2000 Reply

    You mean you didnt like steve bono or steve young when they were our backups?

David Williams Reply

I hope 49ers are start off 3-0 in the regular season

    Dan Bright Reply

    L first week against the Bucs…my Bucs hopefully 😉

    David Harris Reply

    Yes!!! I’m from cincinnati which means they would get the win here!!!… and it’s around my bday… I will be in attendance

    Apple Sucks Reply

    @Dan Bright you guys gave up 5 sacks against the browns, week 1 will have Buckner Bosa and Ford along with Solly and Armstead on the interior, your oline doesnt stand a chance. buccs arent beating the niners

    SlimKhalifa76 Reply

    Apple Sucks hopefully bosa is cleared to play tho. They said it’s 50-50 right now.

    Apple Sucks Reply

    @SlimKhalifa76 i saw, sounds like Ford is ready to go, just put Ford and Buckner out there and Buccs are screwed

john doe Reply

People doubting shanny’s opinion about Jimmy was funny. Tonight Jimmy got his confidence back at the same place he lost it.. good riddance Jimmy! 9ers looking tough! 9ers squad looking deep. Beware nfc west

stockjonebills Reply

Good game. KC’s offense is still electric. Good to see Grop doing well. Niner’s offense is much better.

Gabe Nasty Reply

Niners have awesome depth throughout the team. I’m looking forward to seeing all these weapons in action.

    Gold Blooded 808 Reply

    Thats probably the most positive thing Ive seen throughout this whole preseason. Hell even the backup QB, Mullens, is pretty damn capable.

Derek Davis Reply

3:44 Joe Staley laying that same block he gave for Alex Smith on that QB sweep against the Saints in the playoffs lol

    KTBx Reply

    Derek Davis he knows that block too well 👌

    Joey Mutts Reply

    Was just thinking the same thing when I watched this game. It works every time

    xanderluv Reply

    I said the same thing lol

Jay Dee Reply

As a Seahawks fan it’s clear to see the 9ers are going in the right direction. Jimmy G is going to provide niners nation with a lot of wins

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