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Fluorescent Turtle

Very messy and Flag filled game. 49ers defense carried them to victory though

    Jose Fernandes

    I agree

    curtis rodriguez

    @Meniacal Jedi The defense scored 2 touchdowns (with extra points 14 points) and gave up 10. I’ll take the win anytime our defense scores more points than the other team’s offense.

    Robbie Tummel

    @Killa KEV GO NINERS!!!

    Robbie Tummel

    @John blaze GO NINERS!!!

    Hank Brewer

    @49er Faithfull Bro, he is coming back from an acl injury. He didnt play much in the preseason. I thought he played very well considering. He had 3 TDs called back for penalties. He will get right. The D was great. Bosa and Ford were collapsing the Bucs O Line all day.

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Sherman shows he still has it

    Ignatius Pryor

    Who’s side are you on

    Tom Cat

    No post-game tirade on the insult of playing against lesser talents? He’s slipping. Nice interception. Winston hit him in the numbers with it. Jameis is becoming fameis for his poor decisions. How many years ago is it now that he should have been traded, cut, or demoted to a job in the concession stand?

    Formerly Known

    He never lost it. The numbers he was declining in Seattle is because QBs avoid throwing his direction. It’s rare seeing him involved in the play. Sure the play was easy but that doesn’t take away from Richard’s ability and career. #StillShutdown

    Tom Cat

    @Formerly Known Hard to believe anyone takes the time to defend him, or is it cover for him? Ironic, ain’t it, that he needs underlings, civic safeties to drift his way in a scheme? Are you his P.R. man or just heady from sniffing his jock? Next, you’ll trot out his academic career to prove he’s not just another highly paid and highly insecure athlete. Yes, it seems he went to class at Stanford. It’s too bad he doesn’t have any.

    Formerly Known

    I am NOT sorry for shitting in your corn flakes. 🤣


Kittle will have a record for TDs called back due to offensive fouls!

    Reed Bowden

    I know, had him on my fantasy team this week. 😡


    Mike Post refs are refs both teams had tough calls and all had the could of should of would of plays, Jamies Winston made a lot of mistakes and 49ers defense was able to capitalize on those mistakes that’s the story of the game not the penalties

    EzMoNeYy 559

    TX Made Niner I agree they were holding Dee Ford every down he was in

    Renaldy Calixte

    It sucks cuz he’s on my fantasy team.

Levi Vansi

I haven’t seen my defense play like this for a long time since harbaugh left!! defense wins games

    Arnav Mathur

    phxbird602 stfu idiot

    Kenneth Galdamez

    phxbird602 triggered much?

    Ailín Sparkr

    @phxbird602 you have no friends


    Lol the QB threw it straight to the defender 4 times 😂 no WR in sight

David Wiland

The first time i was glat that richard sherman got a pick six

    Renaldy Calixte

    😂😂😂 I feel the same way about AB84.

    Makeup Minion

    @Juan Garcia Why so the 49ers can be the team they were before Sherman? Some 49ers fan you are .

    Mason Sousa

    He definitely fumbled it before the goal line



Matthew Miller

The three Florida teams all played home games today. They all lost.

    Marky Mark

    Yeah, Winston gotta go

    Beavis Scott

    & lost by a combine of 77 points 🤦🏾‍♂️
    #Hurricane dorian style 😂

    Deif Lopez

    The NFC South teams that played today all lost.

    Freddy Mendoza

    At least yall made it close or a game untill 4th half the team wants to leave the Dolphins

    Jonathan D.

    Every Florida NFL team will have a losing record this season


As a 49er fan, it’s been a rough 6 years. Hopefully this team will breakthrough and be a powerhouse this season, like in 2011. Today was a good start.

    urawa boy

    Nick Garcia SPED , not everyone sticks to one state in sports

    Tee Gee

    I’m a niner too and it’s a win but nothing to brag about. I’m seeing possibly 7-9 or 8-8


    @Tee Gee Honestly I would be okay with just a winning season. Making the playoffs would be great though.

    Tee Gee

    Agreed bro.

Incredible Jake

Joe Staley happy at 11:26 makes me happy.
I can’t recall the time I’ve seen him so happy like that.

    Alfredo Gonzalez

    I thought the same bro…

steve littiken

wow winston throws 3 TD passes ! guess he really has gotten better !
oh ? two of them were for the other team.

    Berryz Bridge



Now that’s how you start the 2019 NFL season. LETS GOOOO!!!!.

Maurice W

Winston needs to open a bakery, he makes so many turnovers.

    Freddy Mendoza

    Your Freaking hilarious Budd👍🤣


    49ers defense can make them now! Jameis just needed to give us the recipe!!

    Todd Williams

    I lol’ed.

    This game had more flags than the UN property. Both teams will struggle if they don’t clean that part up.

    Johnathan Haley

    Agreed coming from a Bucs fan

Julian Ruvalcaba

Niners could’ve easily won this game like 55-17

    Anthony Scaringella

    Julian Ruvalcaba there were 19 pentalties in the game and missed opportunity’s by the Bucs. Cam Brate also got two touchdowns called back. Also if Jamies Winston wasn’t the worst qb in the league Bucs would have easily won that game

    Julian Ruvalcaba

    @Anthony Scaringella 49ers d line made it difficult for Winston . Credit goes to Niners D all day. Not the poor play of Winston

    Anthony Scaringella

    Julian Ruvalcaba did you see that last pass by Winston with 2 min left…. AWFUL no matter what the pressure is like any decent an throws that ball away not right to a defender to end the game

    Julian Ruvalcaba

    @Anthony Scaringella still great positioning by the Defense

    Julian Ruvalcaba

    @Anthony Scaringella great defenses capitalize . This defense is on its way to be great

Shamya Ashley

Winston is still on a highschool level, We cant win with him,,,,, TRASHHHHHHHHH!

    D'Tywuan Davis

    Big facts 💯💯💯

    Aren T. Shelton. ENT

    Super facts

The King

Nice I’m telling y’all Niners gettin yo playoffs Go Niners

Greg Rubin

There are three certainties in life: death, taxes, and Winston choking in the NFL.

    Isiah Williams

    @Timothy Waugh Winston stats career wise are better. Mariota had more ints than tds in a season before.

    Timothy Waugh

    Your way wrong dude please get off Winston’s nuts he’s a bust I’d rather have Tim tebow and that’s saying alot

    William Schwab

    Yeah man Winston is a bust. I can’t believe this Stan in the comments defending his horrible play

    098 098

    @Timothy Waugh yeah a fake fan

    Elijah Bacani

    Greg Rubin 9o o

Marky Mark

Winston SUCKS!!! TIME BUCS FOCUS TO DRAFT TUA, Fromm, Herbert!!!..Winston gotta go

Marky Mark

Even Byron Leftwich was far better than Winston 😅😂🤣

    Terrance Williams

    Never broke records

    Robert Lumley

    Aren’t they the same guy long lost cousins?

Sean ?????

Winston is garbage.He cant do stuff right. He cant play football he cant even shoplift right.

Mr. Pink17

49ers need to work on those flags man, could’ve had 3 TD’s. That defense pulled it out and they’re only going to get better.

    Keshaun PipeDown

    Mr. Pink17 its 1st game they got alot to improve like the Cleveland browns

    Mr. Pink17

    Keshaun PipeDown true

Arpan Dave

49ers had two major clutch stops in the 4th quarter in the redzone. Very impressive

    Fast Or Flight Racing

    Remember who you were playing garbage Winston. Not to take away from yall its just he’s trash. He gave y’all the win..

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