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Julio jones

GG To both Teams 🤝 hope both have a great year


    thank u


    @Diego Perez… Another illiterate 49ers fan I see, smfh. FOH!

vIQtory Sports

Love seeing a healthy Emmanuel Sanders 💪🏽

    Rene Guedilla


    Matt Bradley

    c k chill

    Matt Bradley

    Hershiser is anó̱teros tru

    McClain gang Gang

    That boy is something else!

eroni tofi

Jimmy g is not the same but that’s only the first game we can’t talk until we see about 2 more games

    younged 510

    @stéphane A I remember that I was fooled too on thinking Cassell was gonna be a hell of a QB then he went south.. I remember telling everyone as a Raider fan to these Niner fan, how good Jimmy is but I warned them about Matt Cassell, as of now QB for Pat’s fits the Pat’s system if they go to another team it might not be the same..

    younged 510

    @Tikka 300 WSM I still think it didn’t matter bro.. especially for that 5-0 Jimmy did towards the end of that season. Your QB has to play the full season bro to really know how good or if he fits the system.. I’m not saying he’s a bad QB I’m just saying stop relying on that 5-0. Every season is different every game is different, things can change really fast in the NFL, and as a Raider fan, for me I am not gonna rely on Carr amazing 12 win season. That’s in the past just like Jimmy’s 5-0 start.

    Kyle Fish

    Jimmy G is not a good QB. He is going nowhere. Nick Mullens > Jimmy G

    Lance Evans

    That Football Guy actually he didn’t look like this “in the first three games”. He had a poor first game of the seasons, was a mix of good and bad in the second game, and he looked back to form in the third game of the season…


    People forget that Cassel went 10-6 with KC & took them to the playoffs. Then he faded away.

Michael Lattimer

Damn what took so long

Nick Nickell

People are sweating if they drafted Jimmy G in fantasy

    JTrillZ BooFed

    Ian Malcolm yea same but my first target is Pat Mahomes but for some reason I feel like he ain’t gone do that good this season

    The Man

    Bruh screw jimmy. Im sweating on Zeke and Melvin Gordon

    Mitchell Jacks

    He’s riding my bench all season if he plays like this

    TheLonelyWanderer 1

    @c k God dosent exist


    I didn’t even draft him last preseason.

Francisco J. Cobos

I’m only here to hopefully get a peak at Lindsay’s frow. And nothing more.

    Taylor Smith

    I’m only here so I won’t get fined…

That dude Joe

The best plays are always happening everytime they go to the interview cam. 😠

    EZ Shah

    IKR 😂

    Rene Guedilla


    4,999,999 Subscribers

    I noticed that!


    ESPN is a WASTE

    sons of liberty

    How about they put a little screen with sound of the interview and let us watch the game. Better yet, justthe sound. Better yet, let us watch the game with our home town commentators.
    When I say little, I mean like 4inch in top right of a 50in screen

Joseph Wells

49ers defense looking real good. Can’t wait to see Bosa and Ford tear it up.

    Burke J Minns


    Trenton Walker

    Broncos first string defense dangerous can’t wait to have Callahan, Davis and K-Jack back still dominated the niners offense

    Mathew Raio

    Yeah, the SF D looked real good. Either that or Denver’s O line is abysmal. Flaco looks real sharp. I think Denver has a good QB, but are they going to rack up 4 TDs like KC? Don’t think so. They might get a wild card spot if they can knock of Chargers, but that’s a bit of a stretch there too. Tough year for Denver. #PaddlingUpstream



Kevin Chow

49ers Kicker Mitch Wishnowsky said NO to Devontae Jackson. GO NINERS

    Joshua scott

    @EasyTonganSniper how many times y’all beat Broncos

    donald deluxe

    I really wish mitch said to Devontae: you wish


    ya rite wers that fukin highlite

    Mr Knowitall

    i think said ‘ah hell no’…lol


    lets goooo

They call me Jojo

Nick Mullens is my favorite Football anime protagonist

    Alex Faulkner

    They call me Jojo Such an underrated comment


    Not enough anime fans watch football


    Just needs some Spikey hair! 😃


    I like anime and football


    But the question is where is the reference? I’m looking for it lol.


And they said that a good 40 time on a punter was useless…


    Aussie punter says, hold my beer mate…

    Mario Ramirez

    Wh8t what’s a good 40 time?

Jay Ferrero

I like Mullens energy and confidence more than Garoppolo. They need to make wise decisions this year


    Jimmy G is the QB .. They will give him 3 games tops to knock the rust off.

    Burke J Minns

    @E C


    Very low iq take from a low iq 3rd world shitholer

    Asa Lee

    Yes I totally agree with you. He exudes much more confidence than Jimmy does. I’ve already predicted that there would be a quarterback controversy this year because I believe Jimmy is a bust.

    Raymond Laney

    Jimmy G has such a deel in headlights look. Had the same look last season before he got hurt. A little early to panic but my hand is a lot closer to the big red button. Mullens just has such confidence and zero fear!

Joshua Zalk

Damn, Raheem Mostert balled out tonight! Good for him! Might be the reason the Niners cut McKinnon!

    Joshua Zalk

    @Danny Vega Yes he has. 3 carries for -4 yards last preseason. Cannot stay healthy for the life of him. About to enter the second year of his contract and he still hasn’t had a positive impact, while 4 other RBs have already shows signs of production. His salary at that position is not worth a roster spot.

    Joshua Zalk

    @Demi God Breida will breakout this year. He has 3 other RBs to spell him so that durability won’t be an issue. He’s healthy and plays every game, he’s going to be an invaluable weapon

    Joshua Zalk

    @Burke J Minns 4 other RBs have done better already for a much cheaper cost though. I know cap space isn’t an issue, but you won’t be in cap hell if you get rid of a $7M contract that you don’t need.

    Joshua Zalk

    @Jose Velazquez Exactly how I would roll with things.

    Danny Vega

    @Joshua Zalk preseason is glorified practice. So I’ll wait till he gets meaningful reps in game. You may be right that he won’t work out but I don’t see the team cutting him before this season. If they do cut him I agree with you that the other guys can more than handle it

Sam Thelemarck

Flaco getting his groove back a little

mo shine

NINERS!!!! Now let’s get it done in the season yay area stand up


    You man – the gay area!


    mo shine not with that qb 😭😂

kwilson Eyes

Garrett Bowles doing what he does.. holding, ruining big plays.

    Nick j

    Plays wouldn’t happen if he didn’t hold. He gets beat damn near every play. I know that and I’m not even a broncos fan 🤦🏿‍♂️💀

    Rich Moore

    I pointed that out on a Broncos FB page. Love my team but I know this season I will cuss and complain about Bowles! Get rid of him please 🤨

    kwilson Eyes

    @Klaus Klaus *type his name

ImNotReal 22

Nick Mullens is gonna be the starter if Jimmy keeps playing like this


    @coolidge2010colts He went 5-0 on a last place team. That is SOMETHIING!


    @Chiefs-GOAT-Dynasty! I doubt chiefs fans were happy to lose a very good edge rusher, when your defense is worse then ours.

    #kane poe

    I’m ok with this


    @coolidge2010colts LOL! You’re ONLY looking at INTs. Jimmy G had a 113 QBR with the Patriots and 96 QBR and 1560 yards in the games you’ve mentioned (with a last place team!). Plus a 90 QBR in 2018. That’s what the 49ers saw when they signed him. You clearly know nothing about football.

Orbitz _

Imagine having three starting caliber running backs on your rosters

    brandon bagley

    9ers have 4 tbh

jay hank

Flacco might be what the Broncos needed to put then back in contention

    Eddie Andino

    As a Ravens fan, I’m gonna suggest you don’t hold your breath xD


    Dont count on it😂😂😂

George Panagiotou

My man Flacco is looking sharp! I miss him already suks we gave him up. I wish him the best in Denver #5 🥇

    Robert Hamilton

    Would you say that you’re whacko for Flacco?

    Eddie Andino

    It’s weird seeing him in a different uniform, but such is life lol. I prefer our chances with lamar though.

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