49ers vs. Bengals Week 2 Highlights | NFL 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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ASAP Donkey Reply

Put some respect on the niners🔥🔥

    Christian Norrington Reply

    Mad respek!

    JoshuaM Reply

    Haha Bengals suck

JC Reply


    Pat Moore Reply

    Good grief calm down children

    sky shouter 2000 Reply


    sky shouter 2000 Reply

    Road too 10k subs no vids not one dislike good job Faithful!!

    Hauntedechos84 Reply

    Hell yes

XO OVO Reply

The 49ers are looking scary!

    joseph D Reply

    @Phyuck Yiu true. But the 49ers were 0-8 on the road. Travling back to back weeks is tough

    El Hombre Negro Reply

    No realemente, sólo mejor

    Heyitzj0sh Reply

    Phyuck Yiu everyone picked the bengals to win and now the narrative changes lmao stfu neck

    Issachar Reply

    XO OVO against the bucs and bengals lol 😂

    DailysStuff Reply

    I thought id never see the day where i say the 49ers are a good team.

EternalCreator Reply

Bengals fans were talking a lot about how they “almost beat” the Seahawks this week and how they were about to dominate the 49ers. Boy oh boy did they get a reality check

    #kane poe Reply

    Ain’t goin lie seeing how Andy put up over 400 passing yards I was worried, up until the 14-7 mark of the first quarter.

    Eddie Morales Reply

    @TechDove you have been playing sucky teams

    Spam Buckler Reply

    Anyone saying that the bengals would do good ain’t a true fan, is real fans know we’re gonna fail at contending but fail at tanking all at once. Just wait we’ll have a poor season but win just not enough in typical fashion.

    AyMuAMM OsMiOM Reply

    We need to have a good linebacker like Vontaze Burfict and stop with the penalties. Andy Dalton played well today. I’m a Cowboys fan but I got love for the Cincinnati Bengals/Cleveland Browns. I can put up with the Washington Redskins too.

    Cesoe Felony Reply

    I’m a Ninet fan to the grave Bengals still looked good with out AJ,And it’s only week 2 Bengals be alright

WolfToonsYT Reply

Why did I feel exhausted after this game????????

Maybe cause the d is garbage

– Sad Bengals Fan

    Zack The Exception Reply

    Itzahk Pearlman no, only medically

    Itzahk Pearlman Reply

    @Zack The Exception
    Take this clip to your doctor, tell him your anguish and maybe he’ll write a prescription.
    This is brutal…

    Andy Puefua Reply

    Don’t worry they’ll come around bro👍🏾👍🏾

    Edward Gaines Reply

    Is Hue Jackson still on the Cincy payroll?

Arrancaria Reply

Probably the most complete 49ers win in a long time!!

    Notch Johnson Reply

    Nfc west is looking stacked.

    Ahmad Turner Reply

    This game showed me 3 things, the 49ers are a pretty good football team, the Bengals are going in the wrong direction, and John Ross and Marquise Goodwin are really fast!

    E Clouston Reply

    Ottley he was a monster in this game…absolute truck.

    E Clouston Reply

    Long Live Rhodesia nope….niners don’t have a secondary that can prevent against a quality team.

Scottie Pippen Carried Me In My Career Reply

NFL been disrespecting the 49ers for a long time now. Glad they played great today.

    Nintendude Gaming Reply

    @King Markbarry Lol yep. Only a LeBron fanboy would say something so incredibly stupid. That’s like saying Wade and Kyrie carried LeBron.

    Swirvin' Birds Reply

    @Oh yeah Yeah naw buddy. The following years clearly showed which team belonged at the bowl and it sure wasnt the 9ers…

    Sebastian., Reply

    TheAz1atic LMAOO they sone clowns

    Jason Shelton Reply

    The hate is real. Even when we were good with Harbaugh, they dogged us at every opportunity and only gave us credit when they absolutely had to.

    pyrovania Reply

    @PH4NTVM Firing Harbaugh was self-inflicted, and that is why they were bad for six years.

longbeach225 Reply

49ers gave the Bengals an absolute beat down. No joke!

    samuel honable Reply

    I love it

    Mr. Lightskin Reply


    #kane poe Reply

    Beat em like an Andy Dalton step child

    jacob bell Reply

    David Rodriguez umm you realize the bengals have the worse oline in the league, right? they sat out a retired RT for a LG they cut right before the season — they were the LT that played all game. then consider how we have two rejects playing our right side and a 4th rounder at LG… yeah this is a historically bad oline, probably worse ever by any team. andy dalton woold be putting up massive numbers this year if he had a line yhat vould pass block

Marcuzzz Reply

I really hope the niners keep this up and not disappoint me later on

    sky shouter 2000 Reply

    Have faith Brother.

    ray ray Reply

    Marcuzzz your niners will lose man playing against bad teams early on lets see them against quality teams

    ArlanKels Reply

    They’re looking solid against low and middle tier teams, but against the Beefy Steroid abusing high end teams that are like twice their physique? right now they definitely are in the top 15.

    J Z Reply

    @Lane Splitter yeah

    Mediocre Tryhard Reply


ggsnubs Reply

John Ross garbage time got me the W in fantasy!!

    Jar of Smegma Reply

    And, that’s why fantasy football is a losers’ interest.

    Ahmad Turner Reply

    He and Marquise are real fast!

    シン Reply

    I am so glad he becomes damm good now

    chenzy4200 Reply

    He probably just shows up on garbage time

    Luke Sanchez Reply

    @The Journey did he predict the score correctly? Still confused here

Matt From Wii Sports Reply

The last time we started of with 2 road wins we went to the super bowl. The last time we started 2-0 at all, we also went to the super bowl, that’s crazy.

    Christopher DeLaCruz Reply

    I heard you are a great boxer

    MusicProductionsVP Reply


    Faiz Khan Reply

    Matt from Proofesure is a Niners Fan :0

    Omar Figueroa Reply

    Two road wins to start the season ain’t no joke. However, hopefully it isn’t a fluke.

    Aaries Harris Reply

    Julian Ruvalcaba “last time we started 2-0” 🤦🏾‍♂️

WEE Radio Reply

BENGALS D WEEK1: We the best defense in the league

BENGALS D WEEK 2: Aight Ima head out

    Stormy Redhawk Reply

    dasun13, that’s a big W for u sir!!! 😂

    Dallas Cowboys Number One Fan Reply

    WEE Radio True

    El Hombre Negro Reply

    @Chesscom Support sí el Nueva Inglaterra Patriot es el más mejor equipo en NFL fútbol Americano


Go Niners!!! 2-0 on the road!! First time since 1989!!!

    Arron/ B Reply

    tchill83 I think niners won 41-10

    Chaos gaming Reply

    NoNameTerin only difference is we are a west coast team that won 2 east coast away games pretty tough to do

    Chaos gaming Reply

    Edward Gaines bengals never won a sb but the Niners destroyed them

    Ryan Blaze Reply

    Jimmy and Sherman. (;

    Isixh Reply

    I like your energy man but we hit 2-0 in 2012 but we going to be so good!!

Adriel Jeremiah Green #GreenAsInGo #18 Reply

Good to see my bengals are already in mid season form😂 gg 9ers, y’all are gonna be good this year

    Jaydub 27 Reply

    @Dallas Cowboys Number One Fan yes cuz I like there jerseys and aj green, that’s it. Quit being so judgy, my opinion is my opinion I’m not just gonna hate every team except for the Niners, I don’t like doing that.

    Jaydub 27 Reply


    haseab alokozai Reply

    Golden Brush we haven’t had jimmy g for a full 16 game season and before that he wasn’t a starter so you can’t say that, he’s 9-2 as a starter

    RK Belmont Reply

    I honestly was impressed by the Bengals performance at Centurylink, one of the hardest places to play. But yeah you need an OL and secondary to have any chance.

    chenzy4200 Reply

    @JJ 650 frfr 😂😂😂

Gseric47 Reply

Jimmy looking a lot better in the pocket. Building some momentum 💪.

    Son[LEER] Donkey Reply

    you cant count that because it was against my Bengals

    dkdon2844 Reply

    @Son[LEER] Donkey true but not true at the same time

    Bomac94 Reply

    Son[LEER] Donkey all I heard ur d-line is dangerous all week lol

    Son[LEER] Donkey Reply

    @Bomac94 they can but this game they were trashy

Carlos Cortez Reply

Let’s go San Francisco 49ers Quest 4 Six!

    KING #1 Reply

    Not this year you mad fool

    Maurice Tom Reply

    KING #1 😂dam

    Andrew Peralta Reply

    @KING #1 dont be salty 🤣

    jigga594 Reply

    NFC West is going to be a tight race.

Cormac Stu Reply

Where you at 49er fans!🙋‍♂️💪

    Jeffery Bradley Reply

    Cormac Stu right here Go Niners !!!! ❤️💛❤️💛❤️

    Niner Gaming Reply

    I’m right here

    Mr. Lightskin Reply

    Right here 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Cesoe Felony Reply

    Been here since day one,Threw the good the bad and the ugly

Eric Reyes Reply

Bruh if we keep playing like this all season we going to the playoffs

    Chaos gaming Reply

    theexdopexking bro that’s not a good thing LMFAO.

    Chaos gaming Reply

    Issachar and we have always been considered one yet we blew them out. And we won 2 away games on the east coast as a west coast team that is very hard to do

    Dylan Williams Reply

    @Chaos gaming what you mean

    Chaos gaming Reply

    Dylan Williams nvm

Dave Bautista Reply

Its seems like frank gore navarro bowman patrick willis aldon smith justin smith are back with niners

    Xgent Reply

    Don’t forget Kap and Davis

    The Journey Reply

    Xgent big facts kap don’t get enough credit Davis a legend and shoutout to Alex Smith, crabtree, Miller and brooks too let’s not forget them bangers Goldson and whittner damn really miss that old team future looks promising tho 💯

    boofy Reply

    Don’t remind me

    trap fiend Reply

    Dream team

    Cesoe Felony Reply

    Gore still playing

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