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QuEsT X. BoXiNg

It’s getting real obvious this kid’s mouth wrote checks his game cant cash !

    Jason C.

    @QuEsT X. BoXiNg, exactly right. He can’t back up the talk.

    Keesha W

    Very obvious…Cleveland drafted their Johnny Manziel 2.0

    Jefty Andrada

    Reddoberman 03 the offensive line is a joke, not Baker 💀, if you’re really gonna say he’s terrible, well it’s not his fault he can’t even get one second of time to even throw the ball before he even has to start scrambling so stfu cuz it was obvious, he was pressured every snap 💀, y’all are so delusional to even realize it

    Keesha W

    Jefty Andrada Why is it ALL the O-lines fault? Maybe the opposing defense was just that much better. Speaking of defense what did the Browns do to keep the 49ers from scoring? There’s enough blame to go around…

    Jefty Andrada

    Keesha W uhm, the Browns didn’t have 4 of their starting players on defense and 2 of their starting players on offense, so stfu, do your research 💀💀💀, this is what I get into, stupid people trynna argue with me

Yohei Mito

Baker baking some turnovers .

He’s on pace to dethrone his idol Brett Favre in the most interception category 😂

    Nicholas Lewis

    At least farve could actually win games for his team


    He’s coaching by “kitchen “

    Dc5 Vtec

    Remember before the season, browns fans were saying he gonna be MVP. Lol typical browns fan, feel bad for them


    You try playing behind that OL. They are badddd… I still don’t see how this is on Baker…


Making Odell look like a scrub smh

    Steve Iverson

    OBJ the best qb on their roster😂😂😂


    Baker is making Odell look like a scrub

    Casual Viewer

    monearthe$ odell was talking w Jimmy. Not confirming it but I heard a “I’m coming here” at the end of the conversation. What kinda hints me to it is when Jimmy said,” I know.” 🤷‍♂️ (This was after the game at the center of the field)

    J A

    Bakers pass protection looks bad.

    Kevin Anderson

    I laughed so hard when he fumbled

Michael Vu

1:40 impressive speed there Sherman. He still got it!

    Dandre Johnson

    Michael Vu he’s not that old though

    Mac-10 Murdaz

    He still in his prime what u mean he still got it

    #Trivia Number1



I hope baker “Keeps that same energy”

    Salvador Bribiesca

    I yelled “I woke up Feeling Dangerous” so many times tonight it was hilarious! Browns fans were like 😑😑😑

    Keesha W

    Buns Loco But it’s not just this one game…we going on week 6. Browns need to put up or shut up.

    Jefty Andrada

    Keesha W ok


    He will they need work on the offensive line, they trade away their offensive line man to the Giants, and now they suffering.

Shortest SB Champion QB

No woman has ever given Colin Cowherd the same pleasure he got from watching Baker Mayfield this game.

    Marie Chery

    I’m a woman and you are funny LoL 😂👍

    Jason C.

    Baker Mayfield is the most overhyped NFL player since Brian Bosworth 🙊

    Larry Legend is a GOAT

    @Jason C. he had a great rookie year and then suddenly people started acting like he was a top 5 QB

    joseph Ard


    Travis Peterson



Can defensive highlights actually be a trend. Thanks.


Good Lord, those bosa’s and watt’s can play some MF football!!


    That’s Big10 football right there!

    HipHopR&BLover Jon

    What about the Matthews family?

    Honolu Western

    Also the gronks arent too bad

    perfect stranger

    the Hanson bros 🏃_. were fun to watch

    Nicholas Garcia

    Sharpe’s were pretty good too!

Kankoro Bakoro

Nick Bosa is a Monsterrrrr!!!


Niners played like a team that was sick of hearing that they didn’t play anyone even though they can’t control who is on the schedule.

    Jon Collins

    Based off who the browns are, we played a good game. Look at the scoreboard and the stats, we crushed them. Put us up against a top 5 team and it’ll be a back and forth good game.

    49er Faithfull

    They are still saying that the media this morning will not talk about how good the 49ers but how bad the browns played

    Fred Jr

    @49er Faithfull thats ok. Love the underdog. We dont need all the hype. We stay humble babay

    Marie Kondo

    gor9027 yeah that’s funny considering all the shitty teams the patriots are playing

    49er Faithfull

    @theocratickingdom30 and the Patriots have played who,?? You idiot

rAndoM doGma

can we get a highlight reel of everything bosa did this game? dude was nuts

    Yaz Ibrahim

    rAndoM doGma yeah FR that was a masterful performance. He needs a highlight reel of this game just alone


    Fax that would be great

    Kevin Anderson

    Monster by imagine dragons would fit perfectly


Brown’s offensive line, TEs, and RBs:

“Aight imma head out.”

    Mac-10 Murdaz

    Basically the browns whole offense

    Dexter Dog

    Naw Baker is trash

    Anthony Hernandez

    Chubb was decent

    Is This Rain?

    Someone made a video a couple of days ago about Baker being too sensitive in the pocket and you could see it. Granted, he was playing the best D-Line in the NFL, there were many plays where he was rushing to get out of the pocket despite his line having good protection.

Hello There

I woke up feeling dangerous!

49ers defense: hold my interceptions

Rob Rusia

Nfl Defense highlight that is amazing


This just shows you how important the offensive line is on any football team! Always value & appreciate your offensive line! They’re extremely important.

Daniel Plascencia

Damn this defense gives me 2011 vibes


Niners finally got their top pick right on Bosa unlike wasted 1st round picks that turned out busts in Soloman Thomas and Rueben Foster. There were lot of folks who wanted Niners to select Quinnen Williams. Bosa playing like rookie of the year AND pro bowl selection.

Morales Matthew

Next on the menu: LA Lamb Chops

Hector Rodriguez

“I’m the best corner in the game don’t you ever talk to me like that”
-Richard Sherman with Seattle

49ersForever #48

Bruh I almost broke my neck on a freshly mopped floor when brieda broke free on the first play of the drive! 😂

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