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Max Kimmell

the nfl passing yards leader dropped from 18 to 44?

    Nicholas Flynn

    @MM Productions are u crazy bro, ben had antonio brown, santonio holmes, hines ward. How is that not the same situation as matt ryan

    bargain bob

    Max Kimmell cuz others played better than him.

    hello man

    @Max Kimmell He lost Antonio Brown and LeVon Bell, which is worth more than 30 TD a year. This is why he drop.

    N8 THE GR8

    Thanos well obviously that comes with passing yards, look at all the other greats in history…

Rell Facts

Here come the Steelers haters saying he won’t be good without AB or Bell. Phenomenal players but Ben was HOF quarterback before either of those guys hit the roster. Just saying.

    Jesus Delgado

    @Rell Facts failing to replace Shazier last season was part of the puzzle. The other overlooked part of Steelers missing playoffs that got drowned out with all the drama was that their newly signed place kicker went from being one of the best 2017 to worst statistically since 80’s. Drafting Bush is definitely good for defense, but they need to fix that missed field goal stat this year, then maybe Ben feels less pressured to force so many plays

    Kyle Tran

    Rell Facts if players get excuses for being good, then why did brown not get that same excuse ben did. I mean both are gonna be in the hof. But they only discredited brown, and thought he made all the drama when that wasn’t true at all so brown got the boot. If players do get leeway for their talent despite hostility then why did brown get traded but not ben? Also I don’t think we should’ve kept bell and brown over Ben. I thought we should’ve either kept them all or got rid of them all, and bring in young talent. As they are all getting old and we could’ve got some good picks for them.

    Kyle Tran

    Jesus Delgado how will ben feel less pressure. Sure we got bush but that’s one player. Sure Boswell will improve but that’s one players you forget that Ben still had 14 picks last year, with Boswell being a pro bowler and Shazier still on the field for most the season. So bush and boswells improvement won’t do anything for Ben. No pressure will be taken off for his throws, in fact more might be added. Because without brown, juju is going to be doubled making it harder for our offense putting us down late in games. Which will pressure Ben to make big throws.

    Justin angel

    Played better with mike Wallace then ab just gonna put that out there


Expect Big Ben to climb back up the list next year 💪

    Morgan C

    @Benjamin Hakel I just mean there are no career browns players that are substantial to team success. Odell is only 26, and garrett is only 23.
    I know veteran players start to decline over time, but the good ones provide valuable experience and consistency.
    The steelers have several players in their low 30s like the offensive line for example which is rated the 3rd best in the league

    Tom Witner

    @Benjamin Hakel

    It’s impossible for the Browns to ever embarrass the Steelers. Because the Cleveland Browns will always be the Cleveland Browns, and the Pittsburgh Steelers will always be the Pittsburgh Steelers.

    Jesus Delgado

    @Broken King Ben always helps shape receivers game. The real reason they missed playoffs that got drowned out from hyped drama is their kicker sucked last season and missed way too many field goals. There were times they refused to even try to kick and allowed Ben to try to make a play because kicking attempt would just lead to giving the ball to opponent wihout any points

    Matt M

    @Jesus Delgado the browns were penalized way worse for having a bad kicker than the steelers

    Jesus Delgado

    @Matt M just looked up the stats from 2018. The Browns made 76% of their fieldgoals attempted, which was 19 out of 25 attempted fieldgoals. The Steelers made 69.6% of their fieldgoals attempted, which was 16 out of 23. So as the Browns kicking may have been sub-par, the Steelers were actually worse, while winning 2 more games than the Browns, so goes to show the Steelers won a little more despite the kickers woes and 1 more made kick wouldve prevented their tie with the Browns or helped to win another close game, which they were 1 win from clinching division title and making playoffs. Stats are from Pro Football Reference


He’s great coming from a Bengals fan

    Broken King

    @The Sport Heat a 4th string back-up that was cut during preseason? WOOOOOW Im IMPRESSED 😑

    John Kim

    Go pats

    Kevin Prima

    I generally despise the Ravens and Bengals fanbases — but there are enough out there who respect the kind of damage that Big Ben can do to them


Give him a good protection & Ben will find you anytime. Cant wait for season to start. S/O from Serbia to #steelersnation! Let’s get it!

    Andrew 4

    404 NOT FOUND I think a boy that big can protect himself tbh😂

    Fat Joe

    Hes got a top3 o-line,what r u talking bout

Lord Chicken

over 5000 passing yards and he dropped like 30 spots? lmfao

    Jesus Delgado

    @Vedant Leva you obviously dont watch Steelers games. The real reason they lost games and missed playoffs was because their newly signed place kicker to big contract went from best 2017 to worst since 80’s. They couldve won at least 1 more game with one less missed fieldgoal, which they were 1 win out from clinching playoffs. On top of that, Steelers failed to replace their defensive qb Shazier in 2018, who was injured severely 2017. Ben has always ben part of solution for Steelers. No reason to believe Steelers dont do well this season


    Led the league in interceptions and didn’t make the playoffs might be a reason but idk maybe it was his leadership skills


    Tom Witner Emmanuel Sanders, James Harrison, HOF Hines Ward, and plenty more all said he was a Terrible leader so get ur facts right if ur going to talk.


    @Sports Productions drive 80 yards, threw the int in the end zone to end the game, then blame the wr for running the wrong route.

    Jesus Delgado

    @bashers31 James Harrison has never said Ben was a bad leader. And similar to Russell Wilsons early part of career with LOB and Lynch, there is no way Ben couldve been the leader in Steelers locker room loaded of leaders when he came into league. Ben def didnt do himself any favors by shooting himself in the foot with off the field issues, but on the field he mainly balled out over the course of his career, and still expected to moving forward


Alot of people will be mad about this one for a longtime. 18 to 44 damn !!!


    @Sinclair Sweet Science Don’t buy into the Days of Our Steelers hype the guy purposely misconstrues comments and will straight up make stories to push a narrative. He’s been banned from the Steelers subreddit and is blocked by the Steelers twitter because he’s constantly trolling and spamming.

    Martin Zuniga

    @Tom Witner still he handled their beef pretty carelessly. he went to talk on the radio and criticize his team in public instead of trying to fix it internally within the team. it’s not just about stats, it’s what a leader also does outside the game

    robert mcquiston

    This will just be more fuel for the steelers to destroy every team on sunday this season.


    @robert mcquiston Not my Patriots.


    @Diego Perez I didn’t say that Tony snell did u just replied to the wrong person😂😂😂😂how embarrassing!!!

Larry Legend is the GOAT

Captain Fatfuck: leader of men

(Tree fans will understand)


    @Bernard Johnson you don’t get it, do you?

    _speed demon_03

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) this week….

    On days of our Steelers

    David V

    Captain Fatfuck is a meanie mcpoopypants 😂

    _speed demon_03

    David V lols

    Kevin Prima

    Every Cheatriots fan would drop to they knees and suck off Big Ben to have them as their QB !!

Muhammad Barokah

Big Ben, “The Leader of Men” and the main actor of our beloved soap opera, “Days of our Steelers”

    wrestling is dead

    @The Masoko who’s that ??




    Had a pretty good Guest star appearance on Saxonville Abbey

    Kevin Prima

    Every Cheatriots fan would drop to they knees and suck off Big Ben to have them as their QB !!

    Joseph Armstrong

    @AwesomeBeast https://youtu.be/cp2TkF4uek4


Just needs to lower his interceptions his main flaw as a QB. As a Steelers fan I expect him to have a phenomenal year again. Looks like he still he has quite a bit left in the tank.

    Jesus Delgado

    @Kevin Prima if youve watched football long enough, youd know Ben was successful before AB, and AB in his early years was not the number 1 receiver on the team. Ben always helps tons in shaping all his receivers game and Steelers know how to draft the position. Business as usual in the Steel city. Dont fall into the hype and be surprised when the Steelers still look like the Steelers and push for a new championship

    Jesus Delgado

    @William Faulkerson Baker is a baller ! I can admit that. The Browns finally found their missing piece and should do plenty of good with him moving forward. He matched Mannings rookie record in 13 games, however, I dont recall Baker also matching Bens phenomenal 13-0 rookie record

    William Faulkerson

    @Jesus Delgado No just Manning and Wilson’s rookie TD record in 3 less games no less. He is a Baller already

    Jesus Delgado

    @William Faulkerson imagine if he tied Ben’s record too and Browns went undefeated to the AFC Championship game or even better his rookie year? That wouldve been cool af

John Adams

they better have david decastro on the top 100

    Corey Bolton

    Nope they said on Zack Martin’s video that he’s the only guard on the list

    OsoArrogant 1

    @Corey Bolton That’s honestly straight bull.

    Chandler Morillo

    …..nah DECASTRO has to be on this list.

    Corey Bolton

    @Chandler Morillo go to 0:54 of Zack Martin’s if you don’t believe me

kevin feola

Always respected Big Ben as member of the 04 class

    Jorge Gaytan

    kevin feola go chargers, respect..


    If steelers ended up with Rivers from that draft I wouldn’t be mad one bit. Both are great players.


    Honestly im not a Bolts fan Im a Steelers fan but I would love to see the 2004 first round top 3 QB’s all have a ring Rivers is the only one left

Seahawk777 GOATS

“Criticism for thee, but not for me”


    Seahawk777 GOATS

    @Joey Finch happy that the Steelers lost SB 45?

    Joey Finch

    @Seahawk777 GOATS happy no but my team would never throw on the 1 yard line to win the game. That will be Pete Carol’s defining moment. Russell Willsons greatest play.

    Joey Finch

    @Shortest SB Champion QB Yeah almost as dumb as doing that in a SB. Big Ben has thrown a game winner walk of TD in the SB. Hows Russell Wilson doin?

    Seahawk777 GOATS

    @Joey Finch didn’t U do that vs Denver last year? how was that like?

    Joey Finch

    @Seahawk777 GOATS felt like a regular season game. And it was not first and goal.

John McCaskill

Ben’s one of those consistent QB’s year after year with two Superbowl rings. I’ll hate to see him go when he does decide to hang it up.

    Matt M

    he’d probably be in the restroom with drugged up women tbh

angel calderon

If were all being honest for a second, his drop had to do more with his personality and off the field antics than his actual play

    Rell Facts

    Off the field antics? Personality? What are you talking about? Aaron Rodgers has been called a selfish player by a lot of his old teammates in the past but you don’t see him falling down the list. This was just because AB and Bell were salty and if Bell is on this list after sitting out the whole season it’s a travesty.

    Obinna Nwakwue

    @Rell Facts off the field antics? How about you watch some (or maybe all) of “Days of Our Steelers” and you’ll see


    Raiders_Rep_510 _ his defense was blowing games all year, they were up in Oakland and they blew it, up in Denver and Grimble fumbled on the goal line and the defense blew a lead. Defense never started against the chiefs, blew a lead to the chargers although the refs were busy apologizing to Tomlin for blown calls instead of actually calling them

    Jesus Delgado

    @Raiders_Rep_510 _ Steelers were 1 win out from clinching playoffs. Speaking of Brees, the Steelers were robbed in Louisiana against the Saints by refs calling 2 ghost defensive pass interferences both converting 3rd downs and led to points. Saints were getting handled. But the biggest reason they missed playoffs was because theyre kicker missed way too many field goals losing the close winnable games. Easily worst kicker in NFL last season

Dr. Z

Gets 5100 passing yards…

How is he only 44?

    Jaiden Thompson

    Dr. Z interceptions

    Juán Lemus

    Jaiden Thompson Don’t matter when every other of your stats out shine that

    Joe Stepp

    @Jaiden Thompson andrew luck had 15 soooo

    The Senate

    Jaiden Thompson he had only 2 more ints than last year? I don’t think 2 ints and 700 yards more can drop you 26 spots

Tom Witner

How do you go from 18 to 44 after having a way better season than the year before lol if AB doesn’t pretend that Ben was the reason he wanted to be traded then he would be ranked way higher.


There’s no way dak Prescott is ranked above Ben and deshaun

    Saul Loya

    Woah Ben is a beast this is not stats it’s player vote, not all minds are great or think the same. I bleed purple n black but damn if your boy doesn’t sink our hopes of the AFC championship every year. Ravens mission is to dominate the Steelers but it’s not that easy with Father Time controlling the pill

    Kevin Prima

    @Saul Loya — I hate the Ravens but I love the immense respect that Baltimore fans give a Hall of Famer like Big Ben — they know the damage he can do


    Dak isn’t top 100, period.

Evgeni Crosby

Ben will cut his ints in half, because he won’t be forcing the ball to Antonio.🤷🏽‍♂️

    Kevin Prima

    AB could beat double coverage — JuJu can’t — that’s the big problem for the Steelers in 2019

    Toasty Bread

    I will agree with you on that one lol


    Evgeni Crosby i agree alot

    Jesus Delgado

    @Kevin Prima careful saying what Juju cant do or what the Steelers offense cant do. It’s not like AB was the only talent on offense 2018. Steelers offense is stacked from the core OL on out. I predict theyll run the ball more than they did last year, while highlighting yet another of their recievers name

Jordan Henderson

2018 had 5000+ passing yards to lead the league, and actually drops to 44th makes no sense

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