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LethalDog 53

“The Blind Side” man for Rodgers



    Tropic Mix

    @Jake Mitchell imo I think Martin is better

    Sweet Jones III

    Witworth and Costanzo would like to speak with you.

    Mako Moss

    CAL VIN Trent Williams

    Jon Anderson

    @Michael Zannis he gave up 0 sacks because he was called for holding 7 times

    Jon Anderson

    @Mako Moss played in 3 less games than bakhtiari did and had more penalties and same amount of sacks allowed

Adam Gardiner

This is just downright disrespectful!

Space Treez

#1 Offensive tackle in the league at #43?! Who put this countdown together maaan!!

    Jon Anderson

    @Scott Mayfield peters played in 3 less games than bak last year and commited more penalties and gave up more sacks sorry

    Scott Mayfield

    @Jon Anderson lol, Peters is far superior

    Jon Anderson

    @Scott Mayfield statistics dont care about your opinion facts are facts and peters gets beat more often thats a fact

    Scott Mayfield

    @Jon Anderson Bak, gets away with a lot of holds, and the NFL is talking about this now, if BAK can’t hold his career is done

    Jon Anderson

    @Scott Mayfield sure he does keep grasping at straws because youre wrong god I hate casuals

Benjamin Farias

Davante Adams: that’s the most important guy on the team.
Aaron Rodgers: Alrighty then. **Crosses off Adams’ name on receivers he throws to**

    Walter Diaz

    He was talking about protecting Aaron

    Slim Vickins

    @Jake Mitchell Allison will have breakout season. I always saw him running wide open. Albeit as the #3 because they still had Cobb. But hes a big receiver with some speed. They also drafted a few receivers last year with alot of potential. St Brown and Valdez Scantling both have size and are very athletic. Saw them both make some nice catches in very limited roles as rookies. They just used a 3rd Rd pick on a nice tight end. And Jimmy Graham at 6’7″ is still ungaurdable in the red zone. Quit acting like he has nobody.

    Jake Mitchell

    Slim Vickins I agree on the potential part, but Rodgers hasn’t been in the mood to bring along young guys as of late. Valdez-Scantling had some really nice plays last year though

    Andrew Reynoldson

    I bet Rodgers would agree with Davante…

    B e

    You can run w/o a qb, you can pass w/o a rb, but you cant do either w/o the offensive line🤔


Huh… #43? 2019 1st team all-pro LT at #43? Best LT in the game at #43? 2nd most important pos on Off at #43?

    Jon Anderson

    @Original6Productions bakhtiari better and the blocking stats show it tyron commited 7 holds last year thats very bad

    Kyle Theune

    @Jon Anderson there is no point of arguing. Most of the people here couldnt read a stat sheet if their life depended on it


    Jon Anderson 7 holds last year lmaooo dude most of those holds are questionable at best and do you know how many offensive snaps occur over the course of a entire game? Much less a full 16 game season? Bro just stop talking

    Jon Anderson

    @Original6Productions keep making excuses because the stats are against you, bakhtiari played all 16 games unlike smith and got called for holding TWICE and was all pro, stats just like science dont care about you opinion they are set in stone gbye

Tre'von Green

I seen a false start and a holding penalty

    Justin Renaud

    Tre’von Green You can see holding on almost every play in the history of football. How do you think blocking works?

    Isaak The Creator

    the one against the lions?


    It’s the Packers. They always get away with holding.

    Jon Anderson

    That wasnt a false start he didn’t move before the ball he just moved faster than the rest of the line during the snap

SuperCD 7478

Probably one of the most, if not the most, underrated players in the NFL. Casual fans don’t even know who he is and yet he is one of the most dominant Offensive Linemen in the NFL.


    Brezzy 1815 D Bak stands him up the entire time. Bulaga gets pushed back by Mack who completely collapses the pocket. WTF are you seeing.

    Brezzy 1815

    X_Online I think u need to rewatch he got a half of sack to arookie ur LT not that good bears LT is way better as a matter of fact everything about the bears is better even our city the packers suck Arron suck there LT suck there city suck

    Jon Anderson

    @Brezzy 1815 you are mentally challenged wtf are you talking about the clip you posted is of mack getting a sack vs jason spriggs our backup RT bakhtiari stonewalled his man in that clip as he does every play

    Jeremy Duran

    @Brezzy 1815 on 13 snaps 1v1 against Mack, Bakhtiari allowed zero sacks, zero pressures, zero tackles.

Champloo Bebop

You know its true when mike daniels dont even make no jokes

    rockspace 3

    Champloo Bebop god damn Ima miss him

    Kevin Kinkade

    Everyone turn to Jesus and REPENT of your sins. Turn away from this idolatry.


    Kevin Kinkade can you not

Khoi Le

petition to have pancakes added to an O line’s stat sheet.

    Cornell Green

    Khoi Le Gotta give those O-linemen their propers.


    DAYUM straight!

Acc Ount

So we just gonna ignore Jamaal Williams sleeping? Alright then.

    Real Cheesy

    Looks like he is texting, you can see is arm moving

    Billy Bob Joe

    Real Cheesy beating meat 🤡

    Keaden Wheeler

    @Billy Bob Joe u sound dumb🤦‍♂️🤣🤣

    Bryce Burnett

    Acc Ount 😂

    Thalonius P. Funk

    @Bryce Burnett Rre funay😂😂😂😂

Aiden Zhuo

Legendary beer chugger too. If there was a list for that he’d be #1

    nathan hensn

    He should’ve walked over and chugged Rodger’s beer too. Rodger’s chugs beer like a lactose intolerant paraplegic man chugging milk.

    Cornell Green

    Aiden Zhuo Drink Wisconsinably!

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1:00 Number 55 just be helplessly flailing like a child being held back by his pops

Tarantula Guy

He’s the best OT in the NFL, should be at least Top 25.

    Brezzy 1815

    Jack St. Myer at least we made it what about the packers

    Jack St. Myer

    Brezzy 1815 not even a packers fan bud

    Jon Anderson

    @Pellacan and that half sack was when rodgers got hit by someone else and mack just jumped on the pile not like he ran by bak he got stonewalled

    Katie Caddle

    @Jon Anderson mack didnt get stonewalled lol

    Jon Anderson

    @Katie Caddle he did against bakhtiari might wanna watch the film lady he beat bulaga not bak

Andrew Fischbach

Best LT gets #43?? Lmao he should be top 20

    Katie Caddle

    hes not even the best player for the packers lol you take rodgers out and packers are a 0-16 team well they do have their new franchise QB in kiser so yea lol

Carl Rodenberg

Aaron Jones: I love getting that toss play…
Jamaal Williams: *Asleep*

    Jack Trippin777

    @Kevin Kinkade luke ch10 vs 21-22 Christ isn’t God the Father but God the Son or the Son of the living God , but men or anything else isn’t to be worshipped

    Carl Rodenberg

    @Kevin Kinkade I’ll pass

    Kevin Kinkade

    @Carl Rodenberg Why, do you want to spend forever burning in the Lake of Fire? REPENT of your sins or you will go their. Follow Jesus.

    Max Davidson

    @Kevin Kinkade there is no god

    Carl Rodenberg

    @Kevin Kinkade Not even Jesus can help your shitty grammar

abizit gill

Also an infinitely better beer chugger than the man he protects

Dominic Villegas

I think Blake Martinez should be on the top 100 tho fo real


    Dominic Villegas they keep sleeping 😪

Rebecca Trejo

LMAO 43!?!?!? hes the best blind side protector in the league

Tony Williams

O line men in top 50. What alternative Universe am I in LOL. About time tho.

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