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Top 5 RB in the league no doubt, plus he is a fantasy football machine

    George Harry

    Iraq Lobster exactly โ€œyouโ€™re 14โ€ and fantasy football is gay. I did it one season when I was in high school and had free time. Impossible to keep up with all the injuries and watch the games with a full time job. Barely have time to watch YouTube

    Brooks Orlando

    @Papa Juncie Are people forgetting Le’veon Bell exists? He’s 27 after having a year off to heal his body. He’s top 4 with Saquon, Zeke, Gurley. Imo Kamara 5 and McCaffrey 6. Then you have guys like Fournette, Melvin Gordon

    Adam West

    @darragh O LOL, this guy said min/max the stats fam, look for those little teeny tiny stat differences to see who’s better. If they’re in the top ten in the league in stats, they’re all about as good as each other. It’s hard to say who’s better when they’re all on different teams, with different teammates, different playbooks, and most importantly, different opponents throughout a 16 game season. But who even cares dude? This is why humans haven’t figured out space travel yet. We’re too busy arguing over who can run with a football in their hands better.

    darragh O

    @Adam West but see we have figured this out to a much higher level. Like certain positions ie rbs production is based largely off someone’s oline according to the numbers. Or you can have statistical anomolies like trubisky last season who had one of the highest turnover worthy throw rates last year but defenders couldn’t hang onto the balls so his stats look good. See the people at pff do the hard work grading all the plays and they are qualified there former head qb grader played for the Patriots for a few seasons and is now the Rams qb coach… I think the better question is why am I trying to teach people in YouTube comments.
    PS id be no help in getting to the Moon but I love football so I can do good work at that find people arguing in science videos and we’ll be on Mars in no time ๐Ÿ˜Š

    E4mafia for life

    @sugarcoin72 you’re a fool boy. Only RB to have more recieving yards than McCaffrey was Gurley. Go jump off a cliff

Malkin x71

How to get likes: Way underrated, should be top 25 at least

    Anoop Pillai

    @Muk spell that backwards That’s what I just did lol Joe Mixon should stay off of the injury list first. All top RBs have the best attribute of availability.

    Stixk Gvng

    Quan Honson I don’t even need to see it to tell u he deserves to be top 25

    Slim 803


    Adrian Barnes

    @Quan Honson yes he

    Adrian Barnes

    @Slim 803 exactly

Calvin Calvin

They should retape all the interviews with Mike Daniels now

    Carl Schiller

    He was in the Bahktiari one


    Just make him the host of the show and rename it “The NFL Top 100 presented by Mike Daniels”. Lol

    Thalonius P. Funk

    @TheAlfrulz is he paying you fuckboy?


CMC shouldn’t be this low, I’m a Giant fan but still… Top 20 at least

    Panthers Fan

    @Santa So I hate kamara fans that come here to hate on the better rb

    Adrian Barnes

    @Dc214 nah top 20

    Adrian Barnes

    @Spinning Taco factsssss

    Adrian Barnes

    @Dc214 obviously you didn’t watch him he had a better there than Alvin kamara

    Adrian Barnes

    @Spinning Taco where’s the facts


Mccaffrey is the most dangerous mismatch opponent on the field. Nobody had more snaps at his position hope he gets a few kickoffs and punts like he did in college๐Ÿ™

    jugg finesse

    @Donald Trump Jr. X yea wilson throws the ball way better than Cam thats not even the argument I’m just saying Cam ain’t trash and he only throws check downs to CMC because he has to because nobody else is open at least Russ has a few playmakers to throw to

    Donald Trump Jr. X

    @jugg finesse Like I think I said in a comment before, trash was a bad choice of wording, he isn’t as good as some QBs like him, yet he is more popular and hyped than them which pisses me off.

    Papa Juncie

    @BuT wEโ€™rE 3-0 wOu And Alvin Kamara did it splitting Carrie’s with Mark Ingram. Or are we just gonna not mention that?

    Panthers Fan

    @Papa Juncie hope he dies in a car crash lmao

    Freddie Mativo

    Donald Trump Jr. X no the defense fell apart after donte went out cam didnโ€™t suck ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿฝโ€โ™‚๏ธ

Malachi Nicholson

This man broke the record fo r most catches by a rb and carried the whole panthers offense pretty much


    Dave Wolf he was hurt the second half the year

    N A

    Dave Wolf obviously he didnโ€™t have a lot good wr who u gonna throw it to

    Smack Ish

    @Dave Wolf shut up david

N1G Atractz

Injury rating in Madden finna be 99
Like he be taking big hits and doesnโ€™t get injured, true RB right there



    Kevin Kinkade

    @Cruzinthruspace Do you want to spend forever burning in the Lake of Fire? Ask for forgiveness to Jesus. REPENT and obey him. If you need help ask Jesus.

    Derric Kennemer

    @Kevin Kinkade Jesus Christ man, come into the new century. Following a team, and your favorite player, is not bowing and worshipping a false idol. If you think so, you should get off YouTube, because its the same thing.

    N1G Atractz

    Tastyquicksand – Daily NFL Videos heโ€™s not getting injured ever in his career

Sean Kidd

Lavonte David look like a skinnier ASAP ferg ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

    Cuzo Quan

    Maaan i said that on a earlier one i knew i werent the only one that thought that lmfaoo


Doug Baldwin, Stanford Graduate ๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿพโ€โ™‚๏ธ, still funny tho ๐Ÿ˜‚

    Lorenzo Hendrickson

    Bellthebeast7235 we know what he meant

T Byrd

Hurts to see both Thomas Davis and devin on different teams ๐Ÿ˜”

    southpark 981

    TD yes.. Funchess hell no. Glad him and Kelvin are gone

    Kevin Kinkade

    @southpark 981 please turn away from this idolatry

    southpark 981

    @Kevin Kinkade LoL..

    Jonathan Graves

    @Kevin Kinkade Man just let people argue about football Hail Satan


I know you see this on every NFLs top 100 about how someone needs to be higher. But Iโ€™m a 100% die hard Pats fan, and he needs to be a lot higher up this list. FACTS

Naichi Zarina

Trai Turner is fastest OL in the league!


    @Sweet Jones III I agree about Terron Armstead, Lane Johnson is up there as well.

    Open Minded

    Got that momentum going and no one was stepping in his way

    Brian Maduku

    Terron armsted and Trent Williams said “hold their beer” ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

    Adam West

    Ryan Kalil was like that in his heyday. Man, I’m gonna miss that guy…


    Running with a DB that was crazy

Daniel Beachy

Where my Panthers fans at??!!! #keeppounding #22

That Nigga GHOST

McCaffrey and Kamara are my two favorite running backs

    Johnny Randall

    Used to be able to get them both on a fantasy team but not anymore lol

    Connor Maloney

    Johnny Randall I won the championship this year in a 10 team league being carried by them ๐Ÿ˜‚

    The Bull Gator

    They both are great for sure

Amazing Renegade

He plays so many snaps because heโ€™s so productive at everything he does. Heโ€™s the panthers slot wr, inside rb, outside rb, can play some special teams. Dude has it all.

    Kevin Kinkade

    Everyone turn to Jesus and REPENT of your sins. please, turn away from this idolatry


    @Kevin Kinkade sorry I think about football more than I think about religion

    Kevin Kinkade

    @Knifiac Jesus never said to follow a religion but, to only follow him.

Jonathan Muldrow

Homie got jacked in the offseason. I hope that don’t slow him down. We gotta win some damn division games especially vs Atlanta and we’ll see what happens.


Let’s Go!


the disrespect, can’t even spell his name right. go home NFL, you’re drunk.

    Travis Cervantes


    Thiago Henriquecoelhodesouza


    Aidan Kearns

    McCafferey ๐Ÿ˜‚


I thought this was a list for players not entire offenses?

Jordan Johnson

Thomas Davis slipped and said “we”.. Your a charger now bruh lol

    Jay Money

    You do realize they do these interviews right after season over way before free agency starts right?

ImToo Tired

Straight up disrespectful! Almost 2000 all purpose yards! Definitely deserves to be top 20 atleast

    Grant Fudge

    Got disrespected by not winning the Heisman too.

    Joe Doe

    He should be above every RB except Elliot and Barkley

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