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Emperor Palpatine

Finally a saints player

    Spinning Taco

    Thea are all higher


    Rowan Fernsler Saquon And Leonard are gonna be at-least 30 or lower

    Breesus H. Christ

    Don’t worry, we still got players from our O-Line, Kamara, Michael Thomas, and maybe Latimore, although he was better last year so maybe not.

    The Real KEN

    We gonna have more higher brees , kamara , thomas


I wanted to see him play in the superbowl so bad.

    Bullets don't work Jon

    Patriots made AD look like a rookie this clown would’ve been invisible lmao😂


    @Aidan Kearns We been moved on, you got this Eagles fan being a 🤡

    Angel M.

    @4dbzking AMD who did ya’ll loose to again. Refresh my memory wasn’t it the Saints…

    Daunta Batiste

    @4dbzking Tell Alshon that😂


Getting older but also getting better. Kind of underrated but is still great for his age

    Emmett Kahnert

    Kevin Kinkade Jesus don’t know football.

    Kevin Kinkade

    @Emmett Kahnert he know that it is full of idols.

    Kevin Anjuwon

    Yea he is underated


    Kevin Anjuwon he’s not very though because if you see von compared to him, yes von has about 20 or more sacks but von was drafted in the first round. He wasn’t a big sleeper so he isn’t too underrated

Adam Gardiner

Soo underrated! Just like every single other player on this list! Come on all these guys need to be much higher!

    Harry Porter

    Adam Gardiner Lol why does everybody on the list needs to be rank higher making the top 100 is pretty high already

    Xavier Fragoso

    Nfl top 2-100 are underrated. If theyre all not #1 theyve all been robbed


    Everyone can’t be 1

    Matthias Kirby

    Why do none of y’all realize that players vote for players not nfl

Drew Goddamn Brees

Should have been top 20 WHODAT

    Noah Robson

    @TroyLewis10 who’s your team then

    bargain bob

    TroyLewis10 who’s your team then then


    @TroyLewis10 rams


    Should have been top 20, WAIT WAT!, U joking rite?, smh. Jordan is not a top 15 pass rusher in the league.


    TroyLewis10 who’s your team? Mines the colts

Tim Michael

41… Something ain’t right. He had a better season this year, was ranked 1st team all-pro, and is lower than last year.

    Juscoastin Simple

    Timothy McClung happened to everybody dis year not right buh what can u do 🤦🏽‍♂️

    The InvictusSamaritan

    Timothy McClung eh, I would say stat wise he did worse this year, had less sacks, didn’t have a pick six but that’s because the Saints d-line got much better in 2018 but yeah I still think he is too low.

    Chiefs Lightning

    @Juscoastin Simple He was first team in 2017 and 2nd team in 2018

Micah DaCo

Most underrated defensive player in the NFL

    EG Baby

    Micah DaCo Every player is the most underrated player in the nfl according to the comment section of these videos

    Slim 803


    Chris Griffin

    @EG Babylol

Peter Otoshi

I can’t believe he’s not higher on the list 🤯

Vong Moua

He’s not that good, the great Mike Daniel didn’t talk about him. 😂

    Omni Pepper

    Do Du Then he goes to the lions. I really hope our line can hold off every team in the north

    Spider Man

    @Omni Pepper You have one of the better O lines calm down

    Omni Pepper

    Spider Man Yeah you are right. Still though. Facing Daniels, Griffin, and Mack twice year is gonna suck

    Spider Man

    @Omni Pepper true it’s a crazy good Division

The Dorchaidhe

One of my favorite Defenders since he came in the league. He is so versatile the only other people I really see this in his JJ Watt and his brother.

j p

Kamara should be ranked 15 on the list

Aditya Iyer

“Hiiii Matt, appreciate you” 😂😂😂 This dude is funny

    Nick Green

    Aditya Iyer dawg, his twitter is great

Savage Noah

Imagine putting Cameron Jordan at 41 out of 100 players and giving him a 91 ovr in Madden 20 sheeeeesh

    John Nob

    Madden and top 100 don’t work together

    josh Youngblood

    Snacks Harrison is a 96 overall and didn’t even make the list

    George Raflot

    @josh Youngblood he might be in the top 40

    BiGDdY T

    Savage Noah Richard Sherman a 93 and didn’t make the list. Says more about how bad madden is tho

Albert Lucero

#SACKLUNCH #WHODATNATION Hey Matt appreciate ya Hahaha Cam my guy GEAUX SAINTS!!!!!

Zäytoven 3

Only OGs’ know that Charles James was the original Mike Daniels


    Zäytoven 3 ike taylor


    Charles James has a career in broadcasting at this rate.

    Sweet Jones III

    OG’s as in 3 years ago ? Lol foh lame.

    Tayrohn Brown

    Charles James, Ike Taylor, Pat mcafee

Jeff Lo

No Kicker or Punter yet….what a year for special teams

Chris Edwards

And people wonder why the Falcons drafted a right tackle in the first round this year.


    Cameron can work both size

Dill Pickle

Matt Ryan checks under his bed for this guy.


Damn. I’m a falcons fan and this is harsh. Respect to him


D-Law >>> Cameron Jordan

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