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Jacob Wenninger

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extreme Lube

I like this kid because he bought me a drink at Paddy’s Pub.

    Prime Records

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    Tristan Wright

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Mr. Johnny Mays

Dude is the new and upgraded Jason Witten..he HOF bound if he keep it up


    @Ken Morris Honestly Eric Ebron was better he just was more of a threat. He wasn’t Luck’s saftey Blanket unlike Ertz. Ertz wouldn’t be racking up as many catches if Foles was the QB. Foles shares the waelth and Wentz legit statisically throws to Ertz significantly more then any other Reciver on the team

    Ken Morris

    @TheRam517 “Safety Blanket” is hell of a compliment for any WR/TE/RB, and Ebron couldn’t possibly get open as much to be considered that. Maybe he could, but he doesn’t.

    Ken Morris

    @TheRam517 And Foles literally only throws deep balls and is just as prone to stare down 1 reciever. (Jackson, Jeffery) Jags will find that out soon. He did his thang, and as a Philly fan, I love him for it, but he’s got some of the same flaws as Wentz. Maybe even more injury-prone, depending on how u feel about concussion history.


    @Ken Morris Yeah but as of recently Wentz is the most injury prone QB in the league. An I still don’t think he’ll make it 16 games.


He breaks an NFL record for most receptions by a TE, logged 1,100+ yards, 8 TDs, and he’s ONLY the 40th best player on this list???

    Ken Morris

    @Boss Balloon False, they use him as a “big receiver” more than TE. He’s not bad at blocking, He’s just a much better reciever.

    XxPro_GAMERxX 98

    @CW Mossburg facts

    HyperDragon X

    He should be at least above George Kittle

    amare Logan

    @Boss Balloon what u said made 0 sense all of the best tight ends put up WR like numbers

    Mel Magallon

    Agreed. Too Low

Fullmetal Keyblade

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For the last 30 players y’all been saying, “Easily top 25” stfu it’s annoying now lmao

    New Era

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Michael Roche

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Loyal Philly fan

I remember when ertz was the number 2 te behind celek and he was foles favorite option his 27-2 year. Ertz has came a long way.


    Tbh it’s cus Celek wasn’t a bum and it would’ve been disrespectful not to use him.


    aR0ttenBANANA96 I don’t think he meant it as he was a bum or anything, it was just Celek was the respected veteran and Ertz was the up and coming TE. He won me some games last yr on FF, I’m just happy he’s on my team….

Loyal Philly fan

Not top 20 at least? This dude broke the receptions in a season record for TE’s

    HyperDragon X

    @BB Clover 2010 no it’s because George Kittle has been playing for a while saquon Barkley Pat Mahomes and Baker Mayfield r emerging superstars but George Kittle is a veteran tight end who has only had one good season

    BB Clover 2010

    HyperDragon X “veteran” you’re so sped


    He not top 20 worthy. He was wentz favorite target every single game and it actually cost them some games as well

Juicy Joey

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    The Abstract

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Eli King Tautalatasi

George Kittle better be on this top 100 😳

    JustStoplol -_-

    @Pierre yards is always gonna be better than receptions dude


    ma bad he’s here

    HyperDragon X

    I’m pretty sure he’s number 32

    Eli King Tautalatasi

    @HyperDragon X hes number 29

Bent Ice

Its kinda bittersweet how vernon admits that his time in the NFL is coming to a close.


    Well when you brother retires at half time it’s probably on your mind all off season lol


    Was looking for this comment. End of an era


The village idiots in the Eagles fan base: WeNtz THrOwS to ErtZ tOo MuCH!
Facts: Wentz targeted Ertz on 26.4% of his throws. Foles targeted Ertz on 25.6% of his throws.

Champagne Papi_96

Top TE’s in my opinion (no order)

Zach Ertz
Travis Kelce
George Kittle

Can’t go wrong with either of them.

Drake Eyer

Hes definitely top 20 in the league. Not the quickest but runs great routes, breaks tackles, strong as hell and isnt afraid to take a hit. Plus hes a great teamate. And his girls bad lol. Top 20 fashooo

Tory Langley

yo the NFL be disrespecting us EAGLES fans and players. wtf man. 40??? are you serious

Tony Williams

Yeah i love Zach. Plays hard..throwback TE.

anthony sanchez

As a cowboy fan I’m sick of Ertz guy is always open no matter who covers him. But as a football fan , hes the new GOAT

Joe Boyd

Ertz was definitely better than Kelce and was the best te this year. This is a low spot smh

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